LCP® II 10-Round 22 LR Magazine Value 2-Pack

LCP® II 10-Round 22 LR Magazine Value 2-Pack
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These blued steel, 10-round, 22 LR Auto Genuine Ruger® Factory Magazines are compatible with the LCP® II pistol chambered in .22 LR only. These magazines come with extended floorplates only. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Seems to work fine, but... 3/23/2024
I just purchased the LCP® II and called the factory to pick up a 10-Round 22 LR Magazine Value 2-Pack for my first time out. Mags seemed to be fine...not sure if they were the problem...however I had a number of jams and mis-feeds with the new gun (using all 3 mags). I put an entire 325 box of Federal semi-auto round nose through the gun. I hope it does better next trip with a cleaning and different ammo. It would be helpful if the factory made ammo recommendations.
- Ed Rigsbee, CA
Update to my previous review 4/10/2022
This is an update to my previous review. A customer service representative called me concerning the issues I had with the previous two magazines I had purchased and apologized for the malfunction and sent me out two new replacement magazines. I've since tried both and they work great! Thanks Ruger for backing your products! I've also purchased the Lcp Max and love it!
- Richard Bowens, IN
LCP II 22 LR Value Pack 3/13/2022
I purchased the 2-pack and had issues with both not inserting the round correctly into the chamber, which caused the gun to jam. However, if I loaded the magazine that came with the pistol I had no issues.
- Richard Bowens, IN
Lcp ll 10 round magazine 1/2/2022
Bought a twin pack put 200 rounds through them works perfectly wish you would make a larger capacity magazine it would help not having to reload as often and also help with the grip since its such a small pistol
- joel rodriguez, NY
Great Mags! 9/2/2021
Picked up two of these mags and they work flawlessly if matched with the right ammo CCi mini-mag I use this pistol for carrying concealed if wanting maximum concealability, and lightest weight. If you use CCI Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Points it is a very effective self-defense load.
- Charles Ford, AZ
Love the gun but lcp 2 22lr 4/28/2020
When I received my two pack of lcp 2 22lr in the mail.... One mag was already rusted. Still works... Just wonder if ruger can do something to help me out.... I know hoppys can fix ot up but... Thats not the point. Thanks love my rugers
- Shawn Leightley, PA
Had to tweak 4/19/2020
Bought 2 of the 2-packs. When I went to test them out, 3 of them would only load 8 or 9 rounds. Even with these mags, feeding was fine for the most part. After I got home, I started to examine the magazines. I took the base plate off of one of them and could not find the issue. I did notice before disassembly that the base plate was loose. It would shift it back and forth slightly. In the other magazines that held all 10 rounds, the base plate seemed more secure. I took apart one of the mags that had been working fine and could not see a difference. After reassembling the good mag, it would only load 8-9 rounds and then its base plate was loose. I figured out that the lip of the back end of the bottom plastic retainer has to go over the flat of the bottom of the magazine itself. After I did that, all of the magazines would take all 10 rounds and fed by hand anyway fine. This also allows the base plate to lock in better and now it is as secure as the others.
As Advertises 3/11/2020
As usual Ruger has done its homework on its products. Im not sure if Ruger makes these mags themselves or farms them out to someone like Pro-mag but who ever makes them, WAY TO GO. I enjoyed shooting my LCP II 22 before and now I can shoot 30 rounds in one setting. The LCPII 22 is the most fun Ive had with a ultra compact pistol in a long time, and with these extra mags, its just great.
- Mitch, TX
Great mags for my 22lr 2/7/2020
Same as factory and fit my 22lr with no problems. Little pricey so I got mine at same mags better price.
- Richard Donavan, FL