LCP® II & LCP® .380 Loader

LCP® II & LCP® .380 Loader
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Fits caliber .380. Made in the USA by HKS Products. DOES NOT FIT THE Ruger® LC380® or Ruger® LCP® 7 Round Extended Magazine (item 90405).

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Best Ever 3/24/2016
The HKS magazine loader is a great buy. I have several in different calibers. They save my thumb! Be aware the mag loaders come in different calibers and different sizes. I bought one that said .380, but it was for a double stack magazine. It didnt work with the LCP mag. But the 9mm/380 works beautifully.
- Jeffrey B, WI
Save your money 3/18/2015
Youre better off buying a $2.00 had gripper and strengthening your thumb. This is the first thing that I have seen or bought from Ruger that is definitely not worthy of the name. Clumsey and very hard to use.
Does not work with LCP 7 round magazine 9/4/2014
This loader works great with the LCP 6 round magazine. It does not work with the LCP 7 round magazine. The extra plastic sticking out the back of the 7 round prevents the loader from grabbing the bottom edge.
- Charlie, PA