LCP®, LCP® Custom, LCP® II & LCP® MAX DeSantis Ammo Nemesis® Pocket

LCP®, LCP® Custom, LCP® II & LCP® MAX DeSantis Ammo Nemesis® Pocket
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The Ammo Nemesis® is made from a special viscous material that sticks to the user's pocket and prevents the holster from moving out of position in the front pocket. The inside is made of a slick pack cloth for a low friction draw, and the core is just the right amount of foam to break up the outline of the gun. Available in black only. The Ammo Nemesis is fitted with an additional compartment for a spare magazine. Includes the Ruger "Eagle" logo on a sewn-in tag. Fits the LCP®, LCP® Custom, LCP® II & LCP® MAX. DOES NOT fit LCP® II equipped with laser. Made in the USA by DeSantis Gunhide®.

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Not Suitable for LCPMAX or LCPII RACK LITE 3/23/2022
Spare Magazine does not fit for either the 380 or 22LR 10 round mags for these pistols without interfering with the butt of the pistol and restricting the draw. The holster moves in the pocket after a draw and frequently does not catch and comes out of the pocket with the pistol on the draw. I have other Nemesis pocket holsters for revolvers and pistols that are excellent. This one is terrible, and more expensive . I think DeSantis messed this design up with that ammo gimmick. I am thinking about returning it to Ruger.
- Bob Papaleo, PA