LCP®, LCP® II & LCP® MAX Pocket Holster

LCP®, LCP® II & LCP® MAX Pocket Holster
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This Pocket Holster was designed for convenient concealed pocket carry. The ambidextrous, open-top design features a rubberized black exterior band designed to grab the pants pocket and keep the holster in place on the draw. The body of the holster is made from black, brushed cotton with a polyurethane coating to resist moisture and repel dirt. The cloth lining allows for a smooth draw while the interior foam padding protects the pistol finish and minimizes printing. Includes Ruger branded cloth tag. Fits the LCP® (including Model 3752 with the factory-equipped Viridian laser); the LCP® Custom; the LCP® II (including Model 3758 with the factory-equipped Viridian laser) & LCP® MAX. DOES NOT fit LCP or LCP® II pistols equipped with aftermarket lasers or lights.

Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Had my holster for over 5 years just now developed 2 little holes where the side of the tip of the barrel rubs the holster. The rubber material that holds the holster in the pocket is worn away. I feel I got more than my money's worth. I am ordering another one. I love it. !
- Bill - K, FL
I Added a magnet for my Viridian Green Laser 3/17/2023
This is my second Ruger LCP 2 pocket Holster. Item#61554. I had to cut a little stitching to make room for the added bulk of my Viridian Green Laser. Also I super glued a 1/16" + thick 1/2" Dia magnet under the 1" vinyl strip that goes around the holster. The magnet is what turns the laser light off when you put the pistol in the holster & it comes on instantly when you pull the pistol out of the holster. I love this holster. It's thin, lite, compact. It fits in my pocket or inside my pants behind my belt. It's fast, Pull it out point & shoot. I've looked at a ton of more expensive holsters. This works the best for the Viridian instant On Laser.
- Roger O., IA
Great pocket holster for the LCP II. Nice price too. 2/4/2023
I've been using this Ruger LCP II Pocket Holster pretty much daily since May of 2018, when I purchased the firearm. Although it has some slight, normal wear, the materials and stitching are still in great shape and securely holds my LCP II.
- Brett Montgomery, AZ
Doesn't hold up 12/19/2022
1st off I am a huge fan of Ruger I even named my Lynx hybrid Ruger, but I'm shocked at the lacking of quality in this holster. I received this holster with my LCP MAX. It was in the box and I was like "awesome" until I realized it doesn't hold its shape. I loved the idea that it came with the pocket holster and it fits into it snug, but it is a spongy neoprene-feeling material and even the rear site will deform it.
- Eric Patterson, NC
Fits perfectly, still using it! 6/19/2021
I pocket carry my LCP daily. It goes wherever I go and Ive been using this pocket holster for several years now, over 4 yrs. at least. Its the perfect pocket holster for my needs. Its conformed to the pocket carry AND holds the gun in place until I choose to draw it. Though the holsters external coatings getting a bit checked the leather strap and the holsters border trim are all in good shape and have molded to the gun. I love this holster. When I draw the LCP from my pocket all I have to do is very lightly push my thumb down against the top inside border trim and pull the gun out via its handgrip, all in one seamless motion. When this holster wears out if it does Ill be buying another one of these.
- D H, WA
You Dont Need any Other Holster 2/6/2021
This is the holster that comes with the LCP II, and it is perfect. No need to buy other holsters. Save your money for ammo.
A little tight with the Crimson Trace 1/8/2021
It came with the LCP2. A little tight with the Crimson Trace at first. Ill see if it loosens up with time. Too bad its made in China.
Been using it for years! 9/3/2020
I have been using this holster for years. Its a perfect holster for my everyday carry LCP .380. Its comfortable, non-descript, simple to deploy the weapon from and provides adequate protection re: holster wear on the pistol. My holster came with my LCP when I bought it. I conceal carry daily and will continue using this combination.
- Dennis H, WA
Ruger lcp 2 pocket holster 2/24/2020
Great little holster works well in pocket with ruger lcp2
- Jeff Robertson, IN
XLNT minimalist holster! 8/17/2019
Wasnt so sure about this thing at first but after giving it a chance, it has me sold on the usefulness of a soft pocket holster. Carried in the rear pocket of jeans for months before trying it inside the waistband and it fits several small .380 and 9mm handguns, holding them IWB very securely and comfortably.
- TT, TN
How to get the gun to come out of your pocket without the holster. 4/19/2019
Just bought the LCP2 and it came with this holster. The gun sticks tight in the holster and the always came out of my pocket with the holster still on it. I found that breaking the first few stiches on the holster where the trigger guard catches solved the problem.
I love this holster! 8/11/2018
I have learned that having the right pocket depth and pocket size is the way to carry this weapon. once you find out what works for you, it is lighting quick!
- Jeffrey, IA
Fair 5/12/2018
Compared to my other desantis nemasis this holster was only fair. pistol sits far into it so thats good but the outside of holster doesnt stick to pocket and tends to come out with gun. Bottom is closed so that adds a little bit of length but keeps out debris.
- j r, OK
Works Perfect 1/20/2018
I love this for conceal carry. It fits nice in my front pants pocket. The little hook on the bottom lets you pull the pistol from your pocket without the holster coming out.
- Ryan, OH
LCP® II & LCP® POCKET HOLSTER Fits my LPC 380 AUTO C Beautifully 8/18/2017
I carry my LPC Custom in this pocket holster every day. Its so comfortable and concealable i forget its there. Cant beat that combo for CC!
- K Jackson, NC
A little tight for LCP Custom Maybe it will loosen up after use