LCP® MAX 12-Round .380 Auto Magazine

LCP® MAX 12-Round .380 Auto Magazine
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This blued steel, 12-round, .380 Auto Genuine Ruger® Factory Magazine is compatible with the LCP® MAX. This magazine comes with a flush-fit floorplate installed. NOTE: We recommend the use of the LCP Max Load Assist Device included with each handgun to make it easier to load all twelve rounds in this magazine. Additionally, the magazine becomes easier to load with use.

View our Tech Tip Video for loading recommendations.

12-round magazines are not available in all states and locales. Ruger cannot bill to or ship 12-round magazines to the following states and cities: California; Boulder, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii; Cook County, Highland Park, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington State, Washington DC. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Not impressed 3/27/2024
Both of the 12-round magazines I have acquired for my LCP Max are disappointing. The follower is flimsy and often fails to engage the slide stop. The baseplate protrudes forward, causing the pistol to point downward. I use the 10-round mags only.
- David B, WI
12 round mag advice 3/1/2024
These mags are great, doubling the capacity of the LCP II and adding 2 to the Max mag. I have 4 of these 12 rnd mags. Get an UPLula and stop griping about the last round. After 300 rounds of break-in (do that on ALL new pistols), my Max feeds most reliably with 1st rnd loaded from open slide and 11 more in the mag. Your results may vary, but the most important thing for a carry gun is RELIABILITY!! I carry an extra 12 rnd mag in a belt pouch and one more in an AmmoArmor in a coat pocket. 36 rounds beats 10 or 12.
- Pete, ID
Ruger lcp max thoughts 2/8/2024
Been buying and relying on Ruger since 1971. Pistols, revolvers, semi-auto and bolt action rifles. Have purchased over 15. Always impressed with functionality, workmanship, price/performance and reliability. The LCP Max was my 1st disappointment. The mags suck. Definitely not up to my experience with Ruger quality standards. Way over priced and ridiculous to load. Subject to cause misdfeeds. The gun itself shoots great but needs trigger upgrade. Hurts to shoot. Index Finger bite and blister.Have problem loading? Check the magazine base plate and follower make sure they are installed correctly.
David Porta
Disappointed…. 2/5/2024
So not being good price built a better product on the first try jam jam jam not happening with 10 magazine where do you get your money back RUGER
Vincenzo Delle Donne
Lcpmax 12rnd mags 10/17/2023
Buy a MagLula and stop griping about how hard it is to load the 12 rnd mag. I have found my lcpmax works best if I start with the slide open, load the mag, release the slide and go with 11 in the mag and one in the chamber. Also. BREAK THE GUN IN WITH 200 ROUNDS!
- Pete H, ID
Excellent Addition to Max 5/16/2023
Bought a couple of these. Tight on the 12 round insertion but being a man, I just used a little extra push and no problem. It appears to be easier the more I break them in. If you don't have strength or patience, I suggest use the loader that came with the gun... Or have your wife load the clip.
- Robert, FL
It's Ruger, what can one say... 12/23/2022
These are great additions to the factory parts for their LCP Max. A word of caution, all the magazines for this model are a challenge to load. Even with the included loading module. I just fill 5 ten round magazines in the event of an issue and would have someone to just keep loading them. I've owned three generations of Ruger's LCP and wouldn't change for love nor money.
- Robert Steiner, FL
Expected better 9/8/2022
I have not fired this 12 round mag yet. But after straining my thumb to get 11 rounds in it, why do they call it a 12 round mag?
- James M, AR
11 Rounds maybe 12 7/1/2022
this mag is more like 11 rounds and not 12. the last more is extremely difficult to load into the mag. More difficult than any other mag I have load and it is hard to push the mag in the fire when loaded with 12 rounds
12th rd does fit. 6/23/2022
I bought 2 and they both function properly.Push a little harder if you cant fit the 12th rd.Slide locks open as it should.Pricey but good product.
Don't Buy These 4/27/2022
The capacity is 11 not 12, the construction is flimsy and the fit is sloppy, and they are prone to malfunction. But I do like my LCP MAX.
- Steve M, FL
magazine does not lock 3/26/2022
the 12th round hard to load, finaly goes in and does not fit, will not go in with 12 .11 fits fine?????
Won't rack properly 1/24/2022
EVERY time I rack the LCP Max with the 12 round magazine, it malfunctions and you can see the round get hung up not seating in the chamber properly. Granted, it's not officially 'broke in', with only about a hundred rounds thru it. LOVE this gun, but I must say a Glock doesn't have these issues. The standard issued mag seems to work properly. There is a TON of play with both mags. It is most definitely not 'flush'.
First impression 1/23/2022
Day 1. Bought the lcp max and installed the extended base plate on the 10 round magazine. It comes down to the middle of my "pinky" finger. Day 2. I buy the 12 round magazine, put it in the comes to exactly the same place on my finger. Now the logical solution would be to install the extended base plate from the 10 round magazine and put it on the 12 round magazine, right?...WRONG! They are NOT interchangeable! I would expect a lot better from Ruger. I am hopeful that they will rectify this oversight, but as of now I'm highly disappointed.
- Jason, OH
First impression part 2 1/23/2022
I just realized that the 12 round magazine is just a 10 round magazine with a "deep well" base plate. Ruger could have easily made this a 14 round version and it would have been a great fit in the hand.
- Jason, OH
Nice Mag 12/19/2021
No problems with this mag so far. Gives you a much better grip on the pistol.
Nice Mag 12/19/2021
No problems with this mag so far. Gives you a much better grip on the pistol. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the cost. There’s no reason this should cost $39.
Worked well 12/15/2021
Fired four fully loaded magazines through the pistol with no problems. The only difficulties were getting the twelfth round loaded one time . The magazine is kind of hard to seat into the pistol when fully loaded with the breach closed. Kind of odd to me adding capacity by extending the end cap. Feels flimsy but it works.
- Christopher, LA
pure garbage! 11/11/2021
Bought 2 12 round and 1 10 round magazines to supplement what came with the firearm. The 12 rounders were the worst OEM magazines I have ever used. Both 12 round magazines fail to lock the slide to the rear on the last round fired and cause multiple fail to feed on each use. The springs are very weak and the follower of one magazine pushes out of the top of the magazine pointing at the sky. The 10 rounders work great.
Awesome 12 Rd mags but... 9/20/2021
Ordered 2, One mag was fine and the other keep locking my slide back when I racked it empty and I couldnt release the slide without taking the mag out .. found out the follower was backwards.... I fixed it but it should have come correct.
- Richard, GA