LCR® HiViz® Green Fiber Optic Front Sight

LCR® HiViz® Green Fiber Optic Front Sight
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HiViz® front sight. Fits the LCR® .38/.357 models. Professional installation recommended. When mounted on the LCR® .22 LR, .327 Fed. Mag. and 9mm models, however, the point of impact will shift down as much as 5 inches when fired at a 15 yard target. Also available in red-12002. Made by by HiViz® Shooting Systems.

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Works for 9mm LCR, too! 11/30/2022
Several years ago, I installed the green Hi-Viz sight on my 9mm LCR. I primarily shoot 124gr. 9mm ammo, and much of it either NATO or +P. I found that there is little practical disparity in POA/POI with this sight on this revolver. I certainly didn’t experience a 5” drop mentioned in the product description. A comfortable, useable sight picture places the sight dot bisected by the rear sight notch -YYMV. But even carefully aligning the top of the front sight with the top of the fixed rear notch didn’t produce significant drop in POI. This is a great addition to any LCR revolver. Installation tip -use a properly-sized roll pin punch for pin removal and re-installation. AND RE-USE the “factory” roll pin that came with your LCR’s OEM sight. The replacement pin in the Hi-Viz sight package is made of softer metal and will “broom” when struck with a punch. The Ruger pin is entirely re-useable, and “fit like a glove” on my LCR. The pin is tapered on one end. That’s the end that you start into the body of the sight. Tap carefully with the roll pin punch, and use a pin holder punch to get the pin started if your punch set has one. You aren’t driving a stake into Dracula!!! I didn’t find it necessary to use locking compound on my sight - the fit was sufficiently tight to prevent “front-to-back” rocking of the sight body. Again - YYMV.
- David M., NY
Great Sight! 1/23/2015
I installed one of these on my LCR .357 and it works great.This is the brightest sight there is even in low light areas.It is not a night sight though and should not be used as one but it will gather any avaiable light and show up as a bright green or red dot that cant be missed.Instellation can be done with care but I would recommend a gunsmith if you are not handy with punches and the like.This is a great product that will improve your shooting scores and make sighting this little cannon a snap.-FS
Floyd Smith