LCR® Hogue® Bantam Boot Grip - Black

LCR® Hogue® Bantam Boot Grip - Black
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The LCR® Boot grip is smaller and lighter than the standard grip by 1/2 ounce. Features include smooth side panels, a smooth bottom contour, a speedloader cutout, and both the front of the grip and the backstrap are over the Tamer insert and are overmolded in soft rubber for effective control. Includes one screw. Made by Hogue®. This grip does not fit the LCRx®.

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Hogue. Bantam boot grip 1/6/2023
This grip is a 5 star grip, but try to remove it after it's on the gun. Hogue told me to spray Windex down the inside of the back of the grip. With a lot of effort it will come off.
Perfection 5/13/2018
Got this for my LCR 357 - to the other reviewer, it sure as heck DOES fit. And quite easily, too... - and it is, as the title suggests, perfect... Doesnt grip your clothing, easier to grab securely under stress, ESPECIALLY if you have larger hands. Happy to buy direct from Ruger n get a branded product rather than the generic Hogue from Amazon or direct from Hogue.
Better Grip 7/26/2017
This grip better suits several carry positions including inside belt and in the pocket options!
- Boyd Whitfield, GA
easy conceal, comfortable 2/21/2017
Chances are your buying this revolver grip for conceal carry, if so this is the only one I like for that purpose. Its a little smaller with smooth sides, plastic, and rubber textured front with no finger indents and a better shaped rear strap with a softer portion right at the web of your thumb. I dont like all the texture on the sides of the stock grip, it contorts your hand, and I like my fingers to go where they land, not in a chosen spot by the grip design. Conceals anywhere on your body, and the soft cushion at the thumb web is really nice, shoot all day.
Doesnt fit 11/19/2016
Won t slide on my LCR .357, I think I will retun it.
- Kenv, VA
Appendix Carry 9/4/2015
I carry this appendix in a modified nylon uncle Mikes and the smooth edges help the gun to really disappear even with form fitting clothes..also handles full house 357s just fine
Great for smaller calibers, maybe others 12/31/2014
I have an LCR in .22LR thats my utility gun. I throw it in my bag for camping, slip into a jacket pocket as a backup, etc. The regular Hogue grip is not only overkill for such a small caliber, but its large, sticky, and angular enough to make several of these tasks more difficult than they should be. The Bantam Boot Grip solves all those issues in two minutes! I am not sure I would want the firmer, reduced grip on a .357, but it might be OK.
- G M, TX
Great product 10/9/2014
Replaced my stock grip with this boot grip for back pocket carry, really made a difference as far as concealability;smaller dimensions and smooth rubber make for great cc. recoil not bad at all with +p ammo,highly recommend
- Al, AZ
Make the Tamer Grip Like This!!!! 9/23/2014
The Tamer grip is great but grabs my shirt and prints. Please add the smooth panels of this design to the Tamer grip and you will have a home run!!! This boot grip is good and concealable, but the Tamer grip gives more control of the gun.
LCRx 9/3/2014
Please make for the LCRx. There needs to be a cutout in the grip for the hammer. This grip aids in concealment for pocket carry.
- Tom, MO
Perfect fit for a deeper concealed carry 5/30/2014
I bought this grip to make my LCR more invisible. Now I can easily carry it in my front pocket, or go in an IWB in a pair of shorts and t-shirt for summer carry as well. This grip doesnt grab clothes and print under a t-shirt. Shooting the gun isnt as hard with this little grip as one would think either.