LCR® & LCRx® Hogue® 3" Tamer™ Grip - Black

LCR® & LCRx® Hogue® 3
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Black rubber grip for the LCRx™ 3" revolver. Grips fits all models of LCR®'s. One screw included. Made by Hogue®.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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better accuracy - less recoil 10/10/2016
I put this grip on my Ruger LCR .38. The original grips and the laser grips have too much snap recoil for me. This grip reduced this recoil by about 50%. This also resulted in more accuracy because the follow up shots are not pulled waiting for too much recoil.
What a difference! 9/27/2015
Sold my LCR .38+P because although loving the trigger, the recoil was too painful for me, even in basic .38 cartridges. Figured the slightly heavier .357 LCR might make recoil tolerable for me. So I picked up the .357 BUT before I even shot it - I added the 3 grips. Happy to say I now have a centerfire LCR that is comfortable to shoot as a CCW in .38 and 38+P. Fired three .357 rounds and that was enough. Will never be a range gun - but the LCR has semi-auto accuracy in rapid fire, but with benefits of a revolver. I attribute the control and comfort largely to the 3 grips.
A big improvement over the normal grips 9/17/2015
Put these on my 9mm and tried them out at the range. What a difference from the standard LCR grips. Fills the hand much better and increases control. Outstanding if you have larger hands
- Steve, FL