LCR® LaserMax Laser

LCR® LaserMax Laser
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CF-LCR Laser Max is custom designed to fit the Ruger® LCR® and LCRx™. This laser mounts to the frame without changing out parts; sits just under the bore for the highest accuracy and prevents blockage of the beam. Features include a red laser with constant beam, controlled Activation™, user installed in minutes, weight of .5 ounces, wavelength of 650 nm (Red), 1/3 N lithium battery with a life of over 5 hours, factory aligned at 10 yards, user adjustable for windage and elevation, and a 1 year warranty. Ruger cannot bill to or ship to Chicago, Cicero, Thornton, IL. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations. Ruger cannot bill to or ship to Chicago, Cicero, Thornton, IL. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.

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Sight will no adjust left or right 9/4/2023
No movement when trying to adjust windage. Either the threads are stripped or the spring is the wrong tension. The adjusting screw moves freely but seems to have no capability to hold any position. Elevation adjustment works fine.
Works Great 8/5/2023
Have one on my 38 and 22LR. Good resolution. Piece of cake to install. Makes shot placement spot on the X in the 10 ring at 10-15 yards. Not bad for a 1 7/8” barrel. I’m very happy with both.
Great Laser 10/8/2019
I have had my Ruger LCR, with the Laser, for several years. I have never had a problem with it. I would highly recommend it.
stop battery from accidentally turning on. 11/17/2018
I also read reviews and the DiSantes mini scabbard was recommended . The exact holster I got when I bought my LCR 9mm. I rubbed the inside with saddle soap, put the LCR in an old sock and jammed it in for 24 hours. It has never come on unless I put it on. No more buying batteries.
Great Laser 7/5/2018
I got my wife one of these for Mothers Day. It is fantastic. She loves it ! Sight it in and it is right on. I have one other laser sight on a Ruger lc9s. It is also Great.
- Dennis, AZ
Love the location on the gun 7/6/2016
I am the oddball on this one. I love the placement of the laser. I do not like it in the grip. Mine does turn on if my holster is too tight but since I use a thigh holster with skirts most of the time, I do not have that issue. When I use a stiffer holster for IWB or pocket carry, it is more likely to turn on.
- Lori, PA
Buttons need to be filed down. 5/11/2015
I read the reviews on Amazon. A reviewer mentioned filing the buttons down, which I did. Actually, I dremeled them with a sandpaper tube attachment. Not something some could do, as it is fine work. Now, my LCR cannot accidentally switch on. This laser is affordable. If you can sand down the switch buttons, you will have a good setup, depending on your type of holster. A soft holster might allow the switches to activate. My holster is a stiff nylon pocket type.
- RJ, AK
Got the right model but it does not fit my LCRX 3/1/2015
I bought this a while ago and just went to install it yesterday and there is no way it will fit on my LCRX 38. Now I have wasted $130. for nothing.
- Emerald, MA
Sgt 8/30/2014
My wife bought this laser for me on my birthday 08-16. After a week the laser was dead and now I need a new battrey. I would love to keep it but I cant keep buying batterys every week I work. The laser would come on anytime something would hit my boot. I love the gun and laser but I wish the laser had some kind of way not to come on so easy and die.
- Brandon Posey, NC