LCR® Pachmayr® Diamond Pro Grip

LCR® Pachmayr® Diamond Pro Grip
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This Pachmayr® grip for the LCR® is designed to fill the hand comfortably, with natural feel and point. The unique shape includes finger grooves and is covered with a diamond plate checkering texture to provide rugged good looks and absolute control of the revolver, even under the heaviest recoil. The covered back strap provides comfort and protection. The grip is formulated from specially blended rubber compounds to provide long lasting, soft feel and improved recoil reduction. Made by Lyman®.

This product is not currently available for sale to California customers due to requirements associated with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65). For more information go to

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Perfect if you have larger hands 4/2/2023
I bought this grip for my LCRx 38Spl+P. I love Hogue grips but the hogue tamer was too small for me. I like pachmayr grips as well as I have them on some handguns. The palm swell and finger grooves give you ultimate control and comfort when shooting hot loads. The point is very natural and I was hitting targets at 50 yards with my 3” LCRx with this grip. The grip does its job and gives you full purchase and control for follow up shots.
- Brandon Howell, WV
Better grip for LCR 8/14/2019
The stock Hogue on the LCR is nice but no place to grip with three fingers...your little finger was always left hanging. The Pachmayr provides a firm 3-finger grip without adding much length so concealed carry is not compromised. Makes for much easier follow-up shots, especially with .38 ammo out of a 13.5 oz. LCR.
Great LCR grip 12/12/2018
I have 4 LCRs really like this little revolver. Bought the 9mm version last it has advantages of inexpensive ammo and lots of variety. Its more powerful than 38 spl. too. It does however recoil more than 38. I got this Pachmyr grip for it and although its longer and less concealable it really gives you more to hang onto. They improved my control of the revolver dramatically. Great grips!!
Great grips 9/6/2017
I have large hands - extra large glove size - and still I really like the standard grips that come on the LCR. I tried these grips on a whim and liked them so much I put them on my LCR, My SP101 and my GP100. They really instill confidence and control, especially with shooting magnum loads.