Large Frame, Single-Action Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4-5/8" Barrel

Large Frame, Single-Action Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4-5/8
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Leather holster for large frame single-action 4-5/8" barrel revolver. Ruger logo stamped on front. Walnut oil finish. Fits Ruger® Blackhawk® , Ruger Vaquero® , Ruger New Vaquero® , Bird's Head Vaquero, or Super Blackhawk® revolvers. Does not fit Bisley™ Revolvers. Fits belts up to 1-1/2" to 2". Right-handed only. Made in USA by Triple K.

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Holster 4/25/2022
This holster fits my New Vaquero 357 (4-5/8”) perfectly and looks great. Thumb break was difficult to snap together because it is not oriented correctly for the pistol but I used a sharp knife to trim a notch in the strap that goes over the pistol hammer and it works fine.
Awesome for a New Model Blackhawk 4/20/2022
Excellent experience - ordering, tracking, quick delivery, and most of all - GREAT holster. Quality leather with tight, even stitching with no loose ends. Did take a minute or two to close snap first time. After a couple of days = no problem.
- Richard, MA
Skin that smoke wagon!! 5/9/2021
Very good fit, color and feel. The color goes amazingly well with my case hardened, ivory gripped vaquero. For conceal it rides a bit low but definitely with a church jacket is doable. Love the matching logos on the holster and grip. The retaining clip definitely needs two hands to close, but I would think with time it will get better. For the price is an incredible deal. Gives great protection to the full gun.
- Jorge, FL
A Little Tight, Super Blackhawk 4/4/2020
I second that the snap barely closes, partly because the strap lines up naturally with the hammer spur and has to be pulled back slightly to get around it. Once it is snapped, the thumb-break side is bent over slightly, so it requires 2 motions to get a draw grip on the gun - one toward the body with the thumb to open the snap, and another to reposition the hand. The thumb-breaks I used in the service worked with almost a straight down motion, and your hand was right where it needed to be the whole time. Nice quality otherwise. Snap holds well and breaks open easily.
- Mike, OK
first generation Vaquero 3/28/2020
My Vaquero is a first generation stainless steel 4 5/8 inch 44 mag., as it wasnt listed on the drop down menu I ordered the large frame holster in the 4 5/8 barrel length and the fit is perfect.. I have never been a fan of tang loop retention so the thumb break is great , quick, and secure , I also like the covered trigger guard , no more getting twigs and brush hung up in the trigger guard , all in all a great holster at a very reasonable price . Thanks triple K for a great product and thanks RUGER for offering it.
- Don Finnegan, AZ
Buy this Holster 8/30/2019
Bought for a New Moder Blackhawk flatop. .44 Special. Just fits perfect. Really superior quality
- John, TX
Like a glove! 7/17/2019
I purchased this holster for a Ruger New Vaquero. The holster is simply gorgeous and well made. The walnut finish is beautiful. This is the perfect home for your Ruger Single Action Revolver. Buy one now. You won’t be disappointed.
- Brent, TN
Perfect Fit for Blackhawk 11/4/2018
I received this holster for a Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8 .45 Colt today and it is just perfect. It is well made, and the oiled walnut finish is beautiful. The fit was a bit too snug at first and the thumb break wouldnt even come close to closing. However, I put the gun in a plastic bag and then inserted it into the holster. While it was settling in, I also worked the thumb break back and forth. Within a 1/2 hour the leather stretched enough to close the snaps. I left the gun in the plastic bag in the holster overnight and now it is an absolutely perfect fit for the Blackhawk. Classy looking holster for a classy revolver.
- Sam, PA
Buy one! 1/22/2018
Quality much higher than expected. Perfect blend of classic cowboy and thumbbreak.
Ryan 9/12/2017
Purchased for 4.5 New Model Blackhawk in 45 colt. Perfect fit.
44 mag superblackhawk 4/10/2017
Just received my holster. I love the color and the fit was perfect. Great quality and great service that Ive grown to expect from Ruger. I highly recommend this product.
Kevin Ellis
Beautiful well made leather holster 12/23/2016
This holster is very beautiful and fits perfect on my Ruger New Model Blackhawk. I highly recommend it.
- Johnathan, AZ
Ruger Vaquero 45acp with birdshead grips 7/14/2016
Excellent made holster that supports rugers vaquero 45acp with a 3.5 inch barrel.
- Dave, WI
Great holster 5/2/2016
I just received my holster last week, and it is perfect for my 4 5/8 barrel, Ruger Vaquero. Its rare when I cant be critical about something, but this is exactly what I was hoping Id receive. Quality item and it fits like it was custom made for my pistol. Very pleased.
Mr Gary Hill 3/25/2016
I looked far and wide for a holster for my .357 Ruger Vaquero. This holster is exactly what I was looking for. It is a quality item with excellent workmanship. Fit and finish is perfect. Love the Ruger logo stamped into the holster as well as on the hammer strap/snap. Great value and quality.
- Gary Hill, OH
Large Frame Holster 3/19/2016
Great holster makes a good looking outfit.
- Boyd Wilson, NC
Nice holster 10/1/2015
Fit my .45 Colt Blackhawk like a glove. Thumb break is quick releasing and draw is pretty clean. Leather quality is excellent.
- Plowboy, AL
Best holster ever!!! 2/28/2015
This is the highest quality holster for the money i have ever seen.It fits like a glove is strong and well made.This is just perfect with the ruger emblem inbedded and the thickness of the leather.All i can say is THANKS FOR THIS HOLSTER AND THE MOST RESONABLY PRICED ITEM EVER !
- Roger Colvin JR, TN
Better than expected... 12/11/2014
The holster fits my .41 Magnum 3-Screw Blackhawk perfectly. The color is great and the leather is thick and well shaped.
- Terry C, MO
Home for a .45 Vaquero 7/16/2014
Perfect fit, high quality, looks impressive!
- David Whitworth, SC