M4/15 Carbine Length Drop-in Quad Rail System

M4/15 Carbine Length Drop-in Quad Rail System
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Fits carbine length model 4/15 rifle with standard delta ring assembly, barrel nut and round front handguard cap. Features top rail extending to upper receiver for continuous mounting platform; includes top and bottom covers with 18 slots on top rail, 17 on bottom, 16 on each side; lightweight profile for most positive handling; precision machined from aircraft aluminum with black anodizing; installation instructions included. Easy installation; no gunsmithing or firearm modification required. Fits the AR-556® rifle.

Note: Does not fit the AR-556® Pistol.

Made in the USA by Leapers®, Inc..

Installation Instructions

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Drop in quad rail handguard 4/27/2022
It was very easy to install. The rubber rail caps you have to click on from side of rail in the spots you want them, they don't slide all the way down the rail.
Could be better. 4/10/2022
So installing the rails was pretty simple. Had a slight issue of getting it lined up correctly but still wasnt difficult. Now the rail covers that come with it are terrible. Maybe its just a bad batch but i can not get a single cover to slide on completely.
- Robert Babin, LA
Precision part,Read the installation instructions or waste 30 minutes 5/15/2021
Positives. This is a high quality part. Its a 2 piece installation so you dont need to unpin the gas tube. Negative. It is significantly more heavy than the plastic barrel shroud. Conclusion. I think the additional weight is justified because of the ability to add accessories like a hand grip. The top rail behind the front sight is wasted weight it should be smooth. You dont mount anything right behind the front sight. READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS! I didnt... I thought, Id figure it out...Ive built guns... How hard could it be? READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS!
- Stephen Carmona, VA
Love the quad rail! 5/28/2020
At first I was having the same problems as everybody else on here was saying I couldnt get the screws to meet because it wasnt seated right you just have to get it to seat right soon as you get it to the point where you can start your screws then tighten your Delta ring up halfway not all the way then tighten down all your screws when youre finished tightening your screws then tighten your Delta ring the rest of the way up. you definitely have to make sure the grooves go into the barrel nut if they dont align with the barrel nut its not going to work you may need a barrel nut wrench to adjust. You must know the top from the bottom the screws enter in from the top. For the people on the other reviews they gave up dont give up so hard get that thing back out just try again till you get it its not that hard. PS there is YouTube videos on how to install if you need help.
- D.J. K, MD
Great addition to the ar-556 10/8/2019
Took me a minute to properly align but once I did it fit perfectly and works like a dream.
Great accessory, unclear instructions! 7/5/2019
To start, the instructions seem to have you seating it closest to the end of the barrel at the A4 sight. This is actually inaccurate, start with the top and slide the beveled edge down towards the Delta ring. You should feel it solidly click into place in the toothed bit around the barrel nut. You will also see that the gas tube is straight down the center and the end of the hand guard is about 1/4” from the end of thehand guard cap. Once you see this alignment, you should be able to seat the bottom against the top in the same manor. I started with the rear screws due to a minor gap, but they tightened down nicely after starting all 4 screws. Hope this helps all who had a challenge with the installation and gives insight into what I did in 30 minutes and can now do in 5 minutes!
- Neil McCormick, FL
Looks good on my shelf. 5/27/2019
I bought this to replace the factory forearm because I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I tried for a couple hours to put this on my AR-556. I could get any three screws I wanted started but could never get the fourth one started so I could finish installing it. So the hand guard is sitting on the shelf and the AR-556 is sitting in the safe.
- Dan, MN
Screw fittings broke after 3 months 5/12/2019
Pros: All the rail space you need + pads. Sleek, stylish. Not that heavy. Grip comfort. Cons: Durability - metal fittings for two of my screws broke while trying to tighten the quadrail after ~3 months so the upper and lower pieces are connected to the rifle by only 2 screws now. Wish I would have gone with another cheaper alternative for my Ruger ar-556.
Matt T
Awesome 12/26/2018
I read the reviews and was a bit concerned this piece would be a huge pain to install. However if you are anyone who’s handled a couple guns in their lifetime then this will be a breeze. Took me no more than 5 minutes to remove the old hand guards and install this rail. 100% love them
Perfect Hand Guard Replacement 8/19/2018
I had a little trouble at first getting everything aligned, but everything went together perfectly on my Ruger AR-556. Very pleased with my purchase!
AR-15 Quad Rail 7/19/2018
Amazing product, amazing price, simple and easy to install. Took longer to open the box than to install. Heavy duty and secures nicely.
- Aaron Gaus, FL
M4/15 Carbine Rail 6/28/2018
After 2 hours of frustration. Hit the bottom rail with a rubber hammer to secure the rail. Rail must cut into teeth of round gear in order to fit. This rail is a UTG product, not made by Ruger. Which you can by any where for $20 dollars. Ruger does not make this product or they wouldnt have sent me a UTG product.
- Robert Slaughter, TX
Very nice, but a little heavy 6/13/2018
This rail system is certainly quality, it looks cool, and fits great on the ar-556. Its very sturdy, but it put alot more weight onto the barrel than I expected. If that doesnt concern you, then I would highly recommend it, but if it does I would look elsewhere.
An absolute must!! 4/27/2018
Just installed my quad rail and i love it. Install was super easy, took 8 mins, no problem at all. Very well made and makes the gun look complete. Highly recommended if you own a Ruger Ar 556, you wont be disappointed.
- Lee, MI
Lovin it. 2/26/2018
Just got it put on. Looks awesome! Cant wait to put grips and light on. Make sure to read reviews on installation. They were a big help! Took maybe 15 min tops. Kept dropping screws. Lol
- Matt, OH
Just recived my handguard in the mail 1/8/2018
Really happy with the purchase of this hand guard took longer to open the box then to install it I recommend it to others who want to got rid of the plastic one but dont want to spend the extra cash on free floating ones an replacing factory parts with aftermarket ones thanks ruger
Awesome 12/21/2017
Worked great for my AR556.
- Dan, MO
High quality 12/19/2017
Took me longer to install than I thought it would. I just started over and it went right together. Nice addition to my AR556. Im very happy
- Trent Mahler, ND
M4/M15 Quad Rail System 12/14/2017
I absolutely love this system. Easy install, this is awesome!
- David Chrisman, MO
Troubled installation. 12/8/2017
I bought this forearm to put on my AR-556. After about 3 hours of trying to get all four screws to line up and tighten. The only thing that I can think of is that the screws werent long enough. I gave 3 stars because I mightve done something wrong during the attempt to install it.
Great Product 11/15/2017
Glad I was able to read the reviews before installing it...Took about 5 minutes. Definitely like the look now versus the original hand guard. Cant recommend this one enough....
Michael J
bottom does not fit 10/18/2017
top of the handguard fits great but the bottom does not line up with it and it is off centered cant fix it so im sending it back. TAKE IT OUT OF 5.56 ACCESSORIES.
Perfect fit 9/15/2017
No extra tools needed. Unscrewed the D ring all of the way and removed the stock hand guard. Placed the top piece in and aligned the tapered portions. Placed the bottom piece the same as the top, aligning the tapered portions and the bolt holes. Screwed the D ring half way up until snug. Install 4 allen screws and finish screwing in the D ring. 10 minutes start to finish, perfect fit!
- Aaron, WA
No Quick Detach sling mounts? Try Troy. 7/27/2017
I found this to be better for my needs for the AR-556 since it gives you sling mounts: https://troyind.com/products/drop-enhanced-7-blk To be fair, having sling mounts does throw off the available Picatinny mount points on the sides, so your mileage may vary. No offense to Ruger, just helping the AR-556 community.
Great rail system overall 7/11/2017
I bought this rail system as well as the Express grip to put on my new AR-556. First off, hats off to Ruger for their delta ring design. This rail didnt install 100% smoothly as I imagined because the bottom half was initially off-center. This was remedied with a tap with a small rubber mallet on the advice of my father, which of course made me extremely nervous about damaging the rifle, but that wasnt the case at all. Thankfully it worked since I thought I may have to return it thinking that there was some sort of manufacturing defect. Admittedly, I am a little wet behind the ears with working with modifying weapons to any extent, so it may very well be that this is the norm. Either way, Im very happy to have made this purchase and would certainly recommend it to anyone in the market for a quad-rail.
- Brandon, KY
Quad rail fits perfectly, but theres a trick to installing it. 4/11/2017
From the instructions that come with the quad rail, it says to use the hand guard removal tool to pull down the D ring to remove the existing hand guard. Please ignore all of this. The AR556 D ring will unscrew all the way back to remove the existing hand guard. A good tip is with the D ring unscrewed, place a couple of drips of gun oil on the threads. This helps the D ring to screw back smoothly on the threads. Separate the two pieces of the quad rail and install the top cover first. When it is aligned with the tapered end inside the D ring, screw the D ring back up about half way on the threads. Now drop in the bottom cover tapered end into the D ring and align the bottom cover with the top cover to ensure the screw holes line up. Screw the D ring up until it is secure but not too tight. Drop in the 4 Allen screws and tighten them with the Allen wrench. Then hand tighten the D ring as tight as you can get it.
- Bryan, SC
Easy as 556 4/8/2017
The quality and fit of this quad rail is head and shoulders above any other out there. The total install time start to finish without instruction was six minutes on my Ruger AR 5.56. Highly recommended!!!!!!
- Loyd Sowder, VA
I ALSO needed to read directions 3/28/2017
Frustrated, I decided to read the reviews. Well it slipped together beautifully. Can not say enough about this accessory. SWEET is one way, AWESOME may be another. Looks and function are great. Lets go shooting.
- David Rhoads, PA
Sweet Quad Rail 11/22/2016
A huge difference between the stock ar556. Looks great, way better quality. The rail covers simply snap on over the rails. Very pleased with this product.
- Bennett K., NM
Excellent fit after I ignored the PDF instructions :- 9/22/2016
After an hour of frustration and cursing, I was ready to fold. I had dropped in the top rail front first, and then the bottom rail front first, THAN I read the instructions which say TOP rail first. Nothing had fit right until I put the bottom rail in BOTTOM first with the delta ring fully spun down. The top followed flawlessly bottom first, at the delta ring. I tightened the ring, added the bolts, and PRESTO! Perfection! Solid, handsom, functional.
Joshua James
Perfect fit 9/18/2016
Searched for a while before finding this. Fits perfect and gives me the options that I was wanting to add to my ar 556.
Fits the AR556 perfectly!! 8/16/2016
This is a great addition to the Ruger AR556. It doesnt require any modifications to fit.

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