Mark III™ Cocobolo Grips - Ambidextrous

Mark III™ Cocobolo Grips - Ambidextrous
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Cocobolo grips for Ruger Mark III™ pistols only. Does not fit Mark I, Mark II™ or 22/45™ pistols. Lower half of panels checkered.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Be Informed - Not As Expected 10/20/2016
While these are a functional set of grips, they were not as expected from the description. First, theyre made of laminated, not solid, wood that appears to be Cocobolo. The laminations are thin and show through on the radius edges. Their appearance is less appealing than those pictured on, considerably so in my opinion. Secondly, the checkering appears to be laser cut as it has that burnt toast appearance. Certainly not like the bright checkering pictured through which wood grain can be seen. I may be incorrect in assuming that they’re laser cut, but the checkering is dark brown-mottled in appearance nonetheless. Laminated wood has its benefits and this is what a buyer may want. I found the Detailed Description on lacking in not stating that they’re laminated, implying instead that they’re solid wood stating simply the word Cocobolo. The product image can also mislead by showing a bright checkering field and prominent wood grain, even allowing that wood is a natural product and grain differs largely from on item to another. To be fair, these are well made grips that could warrant a 5 star if those are the features desired. My preference is for solid wood and checkering similar to that pictured, and I wouldn’t have purchased them if either the description or image fairly represented what’s being sold on
- Lou, WA
Best buy 7/7/2016
These grips will also fit the MKII if you dont mind the very small cut out on the underside for the MKIII mag release. They look awesome on my blue MKII 4 inch - clean and classic style for a clean and classic firearm.
Aron S.
Absolutely Beautiful Grips 10/25/2015
After I bought my Mark III Hunter, I immediately ordered a pair of these for my beloved Mark III 6 7/8 Tapered Stainless Target Model, and yes they fit perfectly. The only place that they do not mate perfectly to the frame is the small cutaway for the Mark IIIs 1911 style mag Release, which is barely noticeable, but I made sure to get a macro shot in one of my pictures of it, for anyone who is interested. They actually feel much better than the stock black plastic grips as well, and have turned out to be a lot more damage resistant than I would have guessed that they would be. You can see my pictures in my ArfCom post link below.
- Jefferson Brumfield, LA
Worked also on my Mark I 8/12/2015
As long as you upgrade the Hammer Pivot Pin to the Mark II/III type, you should have no problem. Otherwise the left grips cutout will allow during shooting, the old pivot pin to back-out, disabling the guns hammer. I know it happened to me. These grips look striking on my Mark I blued finish. And the price is better than most off brands. Buy them you will not be sorry!
Nice Grips 9/2/2014
These are the grips to get for your pistol. They fit the frame perfect, un-like some of the other aftermarket grips fom other companies that are too short. They look great on blued or stainless guns.
Cocobolo Grips for MK III on a MK-II 5/23/2014
I bought a set of these beautifully-made grips for my MK-II standard 4-1/2 barrel with blued finish. These grips fit my MK-II with no problem, feel much better than the stock plastic grips and their rich color really look great with the deep blue finish. I recommend these grips to anyone for shooting comfort or just to dress-up their MK-II or MK-III
- Dan Vincent, FL