Mark IV™ 22/45™ Hogue® Rubber Grip w/Finger Grooves - Flat Dark Earth

Mark IV™ 22/45™ Hogue® Rubber Grip w/Finger Grooves - Flat Dark Earth
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Expected on : 2/29/2024

Detailed Description

These wraparound rubber grips are a great choice for shooters looking for a sleek grip that is both attractive and functional for their Mark IV™ 22/45™. This grip is manufactured from a soft durable rubber and features a lightweight, synthetic Skeleton insert that makes up the rigid interior of the grip. The synthetic insert is chemically bonded to the exterior rubber grip insuring that the grip won't delaminate or come apart. The cobblestone (stippled) surface of this grip replaces traditional checkering and provides good grip control. The material is solvent and oil resistant and will not deteriorate or dissolve due to cleaning your firearm. Grip screws not included. Made by Hogue Grips.

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Great grip 7/29/2021
I really enjoy the Hogue grips and this is no exception. A huge improvement over the stock grip, and with color options it looks nice too.
- Shaun Lehman, HI
happy purchase 11/30/2020
I bought this Hogue finger grip shortly after my purchase of a Mark IV, 22/45 Target and quiet happy with it. Very comfortable and no issue with the installation as some have noted. My only disappointment was the color choice was limited to either Black or Dark Earth. Would have preferred more color options.
First dissapointment by Ruger 10/25/2020
Im a very loyal Ruger customer owning double digit firearms with this brand including one purchase dating back to 1965. I recently purchased a 22/45 mark iv with a bull barrel and very pretty wood grips. As with most of my tools I plan to use this gun and it will not require a pretty look. I then ordered some Hogue grips item 19865. The lower mounting holes for the screws do not match the metal holes. So I went back to the web site and found item 19863 and in the blown up pictures it shows the lower holes different on both sides which is what this gun requires but the write up says does not fit 22/45 WTF. Im going to send the original puchased one back and give the 19863 a try. I cant believe that a big company like this can not get either advertising or the sales dept to get this right. Ive read some other comments in reviews that indicate other customers have gone through this as well. My advice is to keep buying Ruger stuff but if you are ordering grips look at the pictures and if your gun has offset lower holes you need to match the grips to your choice of weapon.
Joe Forish