Mark IV™ & Mark III™ 22 LR 10-Round Magazine

Mark IV™ & Mark III™ 22 LR 10-Round Magazine
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E-nickel, 10-round, .22 caliber magazine fits Ruger® Mark IV™ and Mark III™ pistols.

Design is subject to change without notice. This magazine does not fit any of the Ruger® 22/45™ models.

*Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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They stick, but you can fix them. 3/9/2022
Yes, they hang up and are a pain to get out. I almost beat my MKIV with a sledgehammer and sent it back to Ruger….but I took a deep breath to figure it out. They eject fine now. Here’s what I did. I removed the barrel and sat in front of the tv for about an hour loading the mag until it clicked in, then ejecting the Mag by pressing the mag release button and pushing the mag from the top and wiggling the baseplate to get it to eject. Doing this over and over eventually worn down the sticking parts of the mag so it wouldn’t stick anymore. I had to do this with two mags. Gradually they will start to eject like they are supposed to. Hope this helps you guys out. I know it was super frustrating for me, but now all is well.
Mags will not drop free 1/7/2022
I bought 3 mags that were supposed to fit in my MK3. My original mags worked flawlessly, but these don't seem to index well with the mag catch and will not drop free.
- Oak, WI
Very difficult to insert and remove. 7/18/2020
I have a Mark III that I have been using for about 15 years. Thousands of rounds through it. Never had a problem. Decided to pick up a few extra mags. I bought the 2-pack and both magazines bind terribly when trying to insert/remove from gun.
- Tom M., ME
MKIII 10 rd mag 2/20/2020
I just wonder how many people that are having trouble with these mags, have actually tried some decent ammo. My MKIII has had the mag disconnect removed, a new hammer, and hand lapping of the bolt and receiver. It shoots fantastic. But, put the wrong ammo in it, and its a jam o matic. And the way it jams makes the mags look bad. Make sure to at least try something like CCI Mini Mags before you blame the magazines. By wrong ammo, I mean something like Federal Spitfires.
sticking mag. 7/7/2018
Bought the mark iv standard,came with the two mags.,work flawless,purchased extra mag from gun shop,Ruger,not after market. Sticks when inserting,returned,got replacement ,does the same.
- Bob, NJ
Mark 4 Mags 2/10/2018
I purchased an additional 2 pack of mags from Ruger for my new Mark 4, they will not fully insert in gun unless mag release button is depressed. The two that came with the gun slide right in. Will be returning additional mags to Ruger
- richard ward, TX
Magazine Failure 7/17/2017
Same problem as Mark R. and Barry. Bought 4 magazines for my Mark III and every one has jamming issues. Different ammo manufacturers seem to make no difference in magazine performance. Have not successfully fired this gun beyond 2 rounds without jamming.
Robert Klingberg
Flawless !! 11/10/2016
Although the Mark Iv came with two mags, I always like more as a back up. I purchased two more, just so I wouldnt have to stop to reload as often. Both the mags that came with the gun, and the extras I purchased, work flawlessly. The first time on the range, I rapid fired all four magazines one after the other, and reloaded as fast as possible. I did not have a single misfire/jam. The only thing I did to the mags, just prior to loading them by hand was I exercised the spring several times before loading. It seemed to loosen the mechanism a bit. I just wish all the mags for all my guns fed this smoothly.
- Joel C., LA
Great Magazines 11/6/2016
I bought three of these for my new MkIV and they, and the two that came with the gun, have worked flawlessly whether loaded to capacity or partially. I dont know if the MkIII has problems with them but my MkIV certainly doesnt.
- Dave, PA
Same mag issues 8/26/2016
Im experiencing the exact same magazine issues as Mark R. See his review. Very unfortunate. And disappointing.
One star is twice as much as my purchase deserves. 6/12/2016
I purchased two of these expensive magazines from your website and both fail to maintain spring pressure in order to feed properly with more than 3 to 4 rounds loaded. The spring followers bind preventing proper operation. The first 2 to 3 rounds will fail to feed or when not in the weapon, actually fall out while the remaining become lodged in the magazine. Ive exercised and lubricated both to no avail. 5 different ammo manufacturers made no difference. I cant bring myself to throw them away, but can not use them. Please note that all my experience with the original magazines would get a 5 star rating.
- Mark R Brosch, MN
outstanding magazine 12/21/2015
Great magazine for great pistol 1/29/2015
I have 9 mags and want a couple more so I can run through a 100 round course without reloading mags. These work well, I have no complaints. The Mark III is a great pistol and I enjoy shooting my Hunter.
- Gene Henriksen, VA
Love my Mark3!! 1/16/2015
unfair to give 1 star based on your desire to change a product, wish these were a little less pricey but quality costs real money and the price point is fair. my Mark III has never EVER failed to fire and the clip feeds properly is easy to view ammunition left and knock debris out of. please keep up the good work and your support on the back end is phenominal, I not only feel confident buying a new rifle, I feel confident purchasing a used one.
- Daryl DeMoor, SC

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