Mark IV™ Mark III™ Triple K Sight Track Belt Holster, RH, 6-7/8" Barrel

Mark IV™ Mark III™ Triple K Sight Track Belt Holster, RH, 6-7/8
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Leather holster with walnut finish and sight track features Ruger logo stamped on front. This holster fits the Mark IV™ and Mark III™ Hunter. Made by Triple K in the USA. Right-handed only.

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TimH 4/18/2019
This holster fit my Mark IV competition perfect! Looks like they have put a hole on the back of holster so it will not press the mag release button anymore. Works great for me with no problems.
- Tim Hemphill, MS
It does fit the MK4 Hunter 2/26/2019
I was skeptical about ordering this holster after reading the reviews of those who said it would hit the magazine release and dump the magazine when used.. well I have great news for you! I ordered this holster for mine with the intention of just cutting out the section that comes in contact with the magazine release, however that wasnt even necessary! I ordered it just recently and it came in the mail last Friday on 2-22-19 APPARENTLY TRIPLE K FIXED THIS ISSUE! They redesigned the holster and added a cutout slightly larger than the magazine release button itself. It doesnt come in contact with the magazine release anymore! I wish I could post photos!
greatest 2/19/2019
I bought this holster even after reading reviews that mentioned a bad fit and the problem with the magazine release. Because I trusted that Ruger had the problems fixed and boy o boy was I right. My Mark IV Hunter fits perfectly and they cut a hole in the holster where the mag. release sits in the holster. It is beautifully sewn, colored, and stamper with the Eagle. The retaining strap has a very quality snap as well. I will highly recommend this holster!
Ruger MK IV Hunter Moder #40118 issues with this holster 8/29/2017
This is a nice tight fitting holster but it depresses the magazine eject button, so you can only holster the pistol without a magazine. I plan to cut a hole for the eject button. This is a fine leather holster. It is a shame to have to cut it up for the magazine eject button.
- Douglas Dean, ID
Perfect Holster for Ruger MK IV Hunter Moder #40118 8/3/2017
Thank You Ruger Store Customer Service Rep. for guarantee that this is the correct Holster. The holster fits perfect and it is beautiful ..the quality is wonderful. I recommend this holster for this model Ruger without question .
Flawed 4/18/2017
Does not work for Mark IV as the magazine release button is depressed when placing the gun in the holster causing the magazine to fly out. It is also a very tight fit and would need time to loosen up. May be thats good in the long run, but had to place holster on a table while exerting a lot of pressure to get the gun in. Ill be sending it back.
- Carlos, AZ
NOT Good Fit for MK IV Competition 4/17/2017
I trusted Ruger when it said this holster fits the new MK IV. Turns out it is just the old MK III holster and trying to put my new MK IV in it is like me trying to fit into my 40 year old Prom Tuxido. With alot of effort I can get into it but I dont dare to try and sit down. Its going to take alot of leatherwork to make this holster work with the MK IV.