Mark Series 50-Round Magazine Speed Loader

Mark Series 50-Round Magazine Speed Loader
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Mark-Series Ultimate Cliploader 50-Round Magazine Speed Loader. This easy-to-use ClipLoader holds 50 rounds of .22 LR ammo and quickly loads it into 10-round Mark-Series single stack pistol magazines with less effort. To operate: pour loose rounds into the hopper; slide the cover closed; gently shake the loader to align cartridges into the loading channel; then press an empty magazine into the loader to extract ammunition. This loader is a low-cost speed device that loads a 10-round magazine in as little as three seconds without thumb discomfort. Made from Lexan Polycarbonate for strength and durability. Loader is 11" long. Works with Mark II, III & IV and 22/45 magazines. DOES NOT work with SR22ģ magazines. Made In USA by McFadden Machine Co., Inc.

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Great Loader 8/7/2022
If you don't know anyone who owns one watch a you tube video, they are great! Been shooting steel plates at the Club for over 8 years now. This is the best loader available. Most of the Ruger Mark 3, Mark 4, 22/45 guys own them because once someone sees them in action, they buy it. How I explain it to a new shooter is: Open the hopper, throw in a box (50 rounds) close the hopper, shake the loader to line up the ammo in the feed ramp. Insert a magazine into the loader and shake 2 -3 times. 9 - 10 rounds load every single time. If only nine load, donít try to force the tenth as it just wonít seat it. I bring 12 magazines to the range and load all of them so that I can shoot multiple strings while others spend time hand loading, I am shooting. It takes anyone new to it 2 times to learn the shake. With 10s of thousands of rounds down range through multiple Ruger Mark 4's, Iíve added hours of free time not loading each magazine one round at a time. If you shoot a lot, with multiple magazines this is the best purchase you will ever make! Works with Mark 3-4 model magazines including the 22/45 type.
You are missing a stepÖ 2/27/2022
I have one of the original models made over 15 years ago. I too had frustrating experiences with it. Shaking up and down, left and right, adjusting the depth screw, completely taking it apart and scrubbing it, etc. Even throwing it against the wall didnít help. Then I saw one vid on Yíall Tube and guess what? Itís now flawless. Pour a box of 50/100, it doesnít matter. Grab a can of spray REM oil and give the rounds a quick shot of oil. NOW shake and ram a mag up the tube. They flow in like nothing. I get 100% consistent 9 rounds and after adjusting the depth screw a bit I now get 10 rounds every time.
Cliploader, bad name great mag loader 2/25/2022
Gravity sucks! Remember this and this loader works great. Note that there is a line on the side to indicate horizontal/level to hold it at. Hold at this level and it works great. Note also it says to lightly lube it with something like Remoil. This also is a big help. If you shoot a lot of that crappy lubed ammo you may need to clean it once that wax lube builds up in it.
no more sore thumbs 10/29/2019
this is the greatest invention since the wheel.i found it only feeds best with the ammo you set it up with. i have mine set up for thunderbolts and it feeds flawless
- Albert, OH
Maybe yours will work 9/19/2019
I have two of these purchased from different vendors. I tell ya no matter how long you fiddle around trying to adjust them, no matter how many bad names you call them, no matter which way you hold them, shake them or cuss them I can never get more than one round loaded. If I pump the rounds in sometimes it will load three. Talk about frustrating!!?? WHEW! Oh, and one round always ends up stuck by the ball bearing thing and falls out.
- Don, TN
Brilliant 8/30/2018
Works perfectly, a genius of design. Ill probably grow back fingernails.
Fast-Efficient-Thumb Saver! 7/18/2018
After loading six MkIV mags, realized my thumbs needed help. Wasnt really looking for a speed loader, but the Mark-Series Ultimate Cliploader concept was intriguing! Now that I have it, it will follow me to Every Shoot target-plinking-hunting! As designed and per my title, it performs as advertised and is simplistic but effective in loading my MkIV mags. A quick adjustment of the depth screw allows 10-rounds to enter my Ruger magazines every time...very Cool!!!
- Theo98, LA
Useless product 7/14/2018
Bought 2 of these in April and just taking time to set them up as this is the first chance Ive had to get to the range since purchase. After more than an hour adjusting and trying different ammo I can only get 1 - 3 shells to load and it jams. I just wrote customer service and hope they ok a return, otherwise I have $45 of useless product . I bought these for my 2 new Ruger Mark IV Tactical pistols
fast and easy 7/12/2018
I have this loader for my Mark II and it works very good and fast. It is a little sensitive to adjustment. Some times it loads the 10 rounds at once, but most Often you need to shake it up and down and it loads the rounds 1-4 at a time, but keep shaking it and it loads 10 rounds every time. Much quicker than loading rounds one at a time. After 6 months and well over 1,000 rounds I love it and will not go back to One at a time loading
- ktmkeith ratcliff, MT