Marlin Catch .22 Storage Dispenser

Marlin Catch .22 Storage Dispenser
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The Catch .22 Storage Dispenser organizes ammunition in ten staggered holes for easy access while protecting cartridges from dust and dirt. It stores up to (50) .22 LR rounds, (30) .22 WMR rounds or (30) .17 HMR rounds. Detents on the sliding lid allow access to individual holes to avoid accidental dumping of additional rounds. This black plastic dispenser eliminates flimsy cardboard boxes and ensures bullets are always ready for quick reloading. NOTE: this dispenser is not a loader or designed to fit onto the magazine tube. The Catch .22 includes a belt clip and stores conveniently in a range bag, pack, vehicle, survival kit or bug out bag. The dispenser is 2" x 1.25" x 5.5" Made in the USA by Marble Arms.

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Just What I Needed 9/8/2022
This item is extremely useful to me. Just received my first one to use for .22 LR. Ordering another for use with .22 WMR. Love the solid build and belt clip for Range Bag or personal belt carry.
- The JJ, PA