Mini-14®/Thirty® OverMolded™ Rubber Rifle Stock - Black

Mini-14®/Thirty® OverMolded™ Rubber Rifle Stock - Black
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Black OverMolded™ rubber rifle stock with recoil pad, QD stud and a Ruger Eagle medallion in the grip cap. Super strong, rigid fiberglass reinforced insert precisely fits the gun's action. This insert is then OverMolded™ with a durable but soft elastomer (rubber) which provides a non-slip, super smooth attractive finish that is durable and extremely quiet. Stock is designed for Mini-14®/Thirty® rifles with serial numbers 181-xxxxx and higher and serial numbers 580-xxxxx and higher. Made by Hogue®. For technical assistance from Hogue®, please call 800-438-4747.

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OverMolded Stock 12/22/2021
I highly recommend getting this stock. Easy to go on and really comfortable. Handles well and makes the rifle look great. One thing I would caution about this stock is that I originally had an ATI collapsible on my Mini-14. With the ATI stock the top forearm is attached with screws so it will not change over to this stock. You will have to order you a top forearm if you have the ATI collapsible stock and want to switch to this stock. Even with going through that and not finding out until after the fact I would still recommend this stock. It is well worth it.
- J.Nolan Brush, KY
Great Stock 4/10/2019
Bought this stock to replace the Choate folding stock I put on my series 181 35+ years ago. The folding stock worked fine when I was a state trooper, but I don’t need it now. Two minutes to read the instructions and three minutes to disassemble and put on the new stock. Slipped right on. Looks and shoulders GREAT. Love the full size stock feel.
- P.D. Johnston, FL
Great Fitting Stock 4/6/2019
Just got my stock to replace the Choate folding stock I put on my 181 model about 35 years ago when I was a state trooper. Two minutes to read the directions and two minutes to disassemble and put on the new stock. Love the fit and the rifle look. Shoulders and shoots great.
P.D. Johnston
Best Stock Out There 11/26/2018
This is the best stock for the Mini. Lightweight, yet rigid. Rubber overmolding and recoil pad make this stock feel great. You will not be disappointed. A high quality product manufactured by Hogue.
Some thing to know about this stock when using for 180s Serial number 6/14/2017
one key thing to keep in mind is that this stock DOES NOT require the factory stock reinforcement, screws and star washers that you need in the original or in the ramline folding stock. Simply transfer over the forearm liner, drop in the barrel, and install the trigger mechanism, no tools required. THIS is ONE AWESOME stock, Wish the above note was made known to me before I allowed it to upset me and make me think i needed to return it. Glad i saw this note on another website that a reviewer offered up, saved me some more issues. LOVE THIS STOCK, Fit like a glove once i wrapped my head around not needing the stock reinforcer or screws.
- Luis G, CA
Wish it was as plug and play as they make it sound, it is not, 6/13/2017
I have a Mini 14 ranch model in stainless, it is a 187 serial number and the sstock reinforcement clip fails to fit the cavity on the body.. According to my very knowledgeable uncle, there are different versions based on serial number groups so one needs to either ask about that specificiallywhen considering one ot these stocks.
- Luis, CA
Great for hunting 3/2/2016
The stock is great for wet and cold conditions. The material is designed to be easy to hold in all conditions. You wont have this slip in your hands in the rain or snow!
- Douglas Agee, AL
I was years late but I finally got it right. 2/29/2016
I put this on a stainless 183 series Mini-14 with a Accu-Strut. Stock is a perfect glove fit and very sturdy. I was looking for something less scary than the folding stock I had. Unexpectedly, the spirit of a M-14 has emerged. The metallic Ruger coin in the grip makes it official. It reeks of American Battle Rifle. I love this thing!
- James, NC