Modern Sporting Rifle Tactical Bag

Modern Sporting Rifle Tactical Bag
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Black tactical bag with " foam padding for the AR-556, SR-556, SR-762, SR-22 and 10/22 Takedown. Features include three Velcro straps for positioning, three interior magazine pouches, outside pouch with Velcro closing and a double strap carry handle. Bag has a red Ruger logo on both sides. Exterior dimensions 15" x 38". Interior dimensions 14" x 37-1/2".

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Problem with internal material ripping along the zipper 9/15/2021
I love the bag that came with my new rifle I was looking to purchase a new one due to The Ripping along the top the inner same were there a handle connects on the outside of the case its coming apart on the inside due to the weight??
Frank Sobczyk
Zipper broke 7/12/2020
Not a bad case but zipper blew out
Satisfied with this bag. 4/14/2019
While Ive yet to travel with it, Im quite happy with this bag. Perfect fit for the AR556 MPR, 5.56 NATO rifle. The Velcro straps hold the rifle securely. The interior pouches each hold a MFT 30 round magazine and the exterior pocket will hold several more. Exterior material seems durable. Stitching is straight and consistent. Zippers are suitably heavy-duty and lockable. The only shortcoming that I can see is the lack of a shoulder strap and attachment points for one. But I knew that before making the purchase. All in all, good quality and good value.
Interior Pouches 3/17/2018
Great bag EXCEPT the magazine shipped with my Ruger Model 8500/.223 will NOT fit in any of the 3 Interior Pouches nor will the PMag gen3 mag fit. Almost makes the bag useless
- John Burke, SC
Great bag 7/26/2017
Came with my SR762 3 years ago. Held up great. Just bought a AR556 fits perfect. Time to buy another bag lol
Nice bag, needs more magazine room. 11/16/2016
Over all a nice bag, fits well and the Velcro straps secure the rifle nicely. I wish the magazine pouches were a little bigger. You can fit one 30 round mag in each with room to spare, but not enough room for two each. All they need is maybe another quarter inch or so. I have not had any issues with the zipper that others have talked about. I must say though that I have only taken it to the range a couple of times.
Stick to selling guns 10/28/2016
Very disappointed in the low quality construction. Ive purchased several bags for my ARs over the years and this is least practical. Handles are thin and there are no pouches on the outside for mags. No place to clip a shoulder strap. You can buy a better looking and more function bag at Midway for the same or less money. The AR556 is nice though.
Disapointed!! 11/4/2015
The zipper broke the first time i took it out to the range.Not a very good product coming from ruger.
- William Johnson, KS
Nice bag.Perfect for AR556. 10/25/2015
Ruger ran a special on this rifle bag and I had just purchased a Ruger AR 556 weeks before.Love the rifle bag, fits the AR 556 perfet and has pouches inside for extra mags.Has a pouch on the outside so I can carry my SR1911 CMD to the range with it.
- Ronald Peede, TX
Awesome Bag. 9/12/2015
Came with my SR556 2 years ago. No problems. No complaints. Awesome bag.
- Corey John, WA
good bag 9/4/2015
i love my bag . it looks great. You need to open the zippers all the way ,or it will put stress on them. Do that and it will last many years. I cant tell you how much i love my Ruger AR-15 556. well built and all American what more could you want. God bless Ruger for its quality and service.
- Brian Robinson, IN
My Zipper broke also 5/5/2015
One of the zippers pulled off. The end of the zipper was raveled and the zipper pulled off the end.
David C
No issues 10/30/2014
Perfect bag, perfect price
zipper broke 9/29/2014
zipper broke within a week
- Rob Marcotte, VT