Moon Clip Loading Tool - Redhawk® .357 Magnum 8-Round Moon Clips

Moon Clip Loading Tool - Redhawk® .357 Magnum 8-Round Moon Clips
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The TK Custom moon clip loader makes the loading process easier and faster, it also protects the loader. When loading clips by hand, forces can be applied to the clip in a variety of the directions. This can cause the clip to bend, and a bent moon clip will cause the revolver to bind. The mandrel of the moon clip loader supports the clip, and the tool allows you to provide pressure only in the correct direction.

Using the Loading Tool is simple. One arm (the wider one) has a post (mandrel) designed to hold a moon clip. The other arm presses cartridges into the moon clip. To use the tool, simply slide the clip over the mandrel. Align one cartridge's extraction groove with an available slot on the clip, and rotate it into position adjacent to the notch on the other arm. Squeeze the two arms together and the cartridge will be pressed easily onto the clip. Insert another round, rotate the clip slightly, and repeat. The Moon Clip Loading Tool is made from of machined aluminum and finished in anodized red. The mandrel size is .669". This tool and mandrel fit the #90734 Redhawk® .357 Magnum 8-Round Moon Clips only. Made in the USA and distributed by TK™ Custom

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Excellent Tool 4 1/2 Stars 10/3/2023
No instructions in the package., otherwise 5 Stars. I figured it out fairly easily. Place moon-clip on the pivot point, hold cartridge firmly so it just touches the two peak points, push the lever firmly and the cartridge snaps right into place. Rinse and repeat (LOL). Loaded six moon-clips in less than 7 minutes.
- Richard Gillis, ME
Does not work 3/5/2020
This will not work with Ruger Factory moon clips. The machine bent mine, I contacted TK and they told me I have to remove a bur inside the clip to use on their product, Just wonder if Ruger actually tested this product before they sold it to a loyal Ruger customer.