New Model Single-Six® & Wrangler® Black Laminate Grips

New Model Single-Six® &  Wrangler® Black Laminate Grips
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Black laminate grips for New Model Single-Six® and Wrangler®. Includes 1 screw for assembly. This is a natural wood product, color of wood grain varies.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Perfect! 10/20/2023
I just bought these grips to replace the rosewood grips on my Single Ten. They fit perfect and are an excellent complement to my stainless ruger revolver. They are a perfect fit and look great!
- David, WY
No laminate pattern, just plain black 9/10/2023
These are indeed laminate wood, but the ones I got have no nice pattern as shown in the photo. They're flat black. I know they vary from one set to another, but no visible pattern at all? They fit my Wrangler well, though they're thicker than the original plastic ones, so are really better. I suppose I could return or exchange these for a better pattern, but rather than bother with that, I'll just pretend they're ebony!
- Bill in Webster, MI
Vastly superior to the Wrangler cheap plastic grips 7/1/2023
I snagged a Silver Wrangler on-sale just after the Super Wrangler was announced. I like most (I presume) already own a Rough Rider Combo .22LR/.22WMR so I'm content with the .22LR Wrangler. It's a nice little shooter that had it's own little quirks similar to the Rough Rider but the single biggest detractor the Wrangler has is the factory grips. They provide a good grip but when cocking the hammer they make the Wrangler sound like a cheap squirt gun or a cheap BB gun. That alone is a huge flaw. Obviously the gun in cheap and some items are cost saving methods to keep it cheap but the cheap hollow sound the factory grips make drive down the curb appeal. Fortunately Ruger gives a discount code for all new pistols owners when they register their p I pistol and the Wrangler is compatible with far better grips of the less budget friendly of their budget friendly range of Single Action Revolvers. I elected to fix the low budget feel and sound the cheap plastic grips creat by purchasing a set of their black laminate wood grips and my what a difference they make. The laminate grip texture isn't as confidence inspiring in adverse conditions. Is that a draw back? It could be if you plan to use this pistol for anything other than plinking or killing pop cans. I bought this pistol because I trust Ruger firearms. I've never had an issue with any of my Ruger'a that I did not cause. My first rifle was a 10/22 that I still shoot regularly and in the 27 years I've owned it has had 2 issues. 1 was a symptom of an aftermarket plastic stock and the other was my failure to reassemble it correctly in my youth. That aside these grips increase the feel, appearance & shooting experience. I plan to keep plinking with it and when my nephew is old enough to start teaching how to safely shoot and handle firearms it will be a great pistol for him to learn on just like my father his grandfather did with me and his mother, my sister.
- J West, MI
Great Fit 5/25/2023
The grips I received from ruger are a real beauty. They closely resemble the grips advertised. Black with a beautiful light gray grain to the wood. They really set off the looks of my fixed sights edition single six. They also fit much better than the stock, plastic grips. And being thicker gives you a better purchase. Plus quick shipping (about a week) Thanks Ruger!
Wrangler 4/24/2023
I have a solid black wrangler that looks great with the simulated ivory grips. They were expensive, but very much worth the price. It adds value to the overall worth of the firearm.
Checking in about grips. 4/1/2023
Have dual wranglers both black. 1St and second year. Ruger really made awesome grips for those revolvers. Bought the redwood model. Look great!
- jeffrey, MI
Arrived unfinished 10/31/2022
I received panels that were shaped but not fine sanded or polished. Instead of hassling a return I decided to do it myself. Used 320 grit to knock the hard edges down and 400 grit followed by 4-0 steel wool to get a nice polish. BLO gave them a beautiful lustre.
Didn’t fit 7/28/2022
Bought these this week. They looked great! But after trying to install them on my new model single six in .22 mag. The grove was not milled on the left hand side. Very disappointed for over $60 after shipping
- Daniel Smith, NC
Perfect !! 5/24/2022
This is the 2nd set of grips I've got from Ruger.Both sets fit gaps. The wood grips feel much better in the hand..and they look fantastic ! I am very pleased and highly recomend these grips from Ruger !
Steve Wehrenberg
Great Grips 5/5/2022
Just received my grips fit perfect! Great look! Makes my Wrangler complete!
Happy with my upgrade 4/16/2022
I ordered 2 sets to dress up my pair of Wranglers. Not only do they improve the looks but they feel much better than the plastic sets that came with them. They feel more like my Single Six’s now. I’m happy with my purchase.
Not as pictured 4/15/2022
The grip set I was sent is the correct number, but is so dark you cannot hardly tell it is laminate. They almost look like solid black grips, but feel like wood.
Unusable 3/8/2022
Both grips were threaded I had to send them back. That added another 8 dollars to the price and maybe more.
- Tom, OH
I was hoping for a finished product not a project!!! 1/18/2022
I just bought two sets of these. One for my single six and the other for my wrangler. Like most reviews say they are black! That's not a problem for me. My problem is that when I put them on it was like they weren't finished before they were stained!!! They looked good but when I held it in my hand there were hot spots on the edges of the grips were they have a 90% angle to the frame!!!!!! I've spent hours sanding it down one set to round them off so they don't dig into my hand!!!!!!!!! Now they feel great like they should. I ended up sanding the whole grips so I can stain them again. What a pain in the a$$ !!! Other then that they fit well. I was just expecting a finished product not a project. Ruger used to be better. Who is in charge of quality control? They might need to look for someone else.
Perfect fit, All black in color. 10/3/2021
These grips are a perfect fit and feel for the wrangler, I absolutely love how they improve the guns appearance! Just like other reviews say, they are black. Maybe in perfect lighting you can see some of the grey but dont count on it. I bought these knowing there was a good chance they would be almost all black and Im glad I did! I highly recommend buying these!
Looks can be deceiving 5/18/2021
I have 3 Wranglers of different colors. Decided to upgrade the grips on the silver colored Wrangler. Due to out of stock on 3 I wanted I settled for the black laminated set. They arrived on schedule. The fit was excellent. The black laminate effect left a lot to be desired. There are basically black. You have to have them in a well lit area to see laminate effect. If you are expecting a contrast grain from the lamination you will be disappointed. They are larger or thicker than the factory set but fit the gun perfect.
- Mike Hey, PA
Shiny black only grips 5/13/2021
Look and feel better than the original checkered black plastic grips just wish there was SOME grey in them. Ordered it for the grey in black and got just plain grey. Wish I could post pictures. Like the blueberry muffin scene in Casino a little consistency would be nice.
- Keith H, IN
Beautiful Grips 5/10/2021
Got these for my silver Wrangler and they are absolutely gorgeous. Mine are a rich black with silvery/gold grain that really stands out. The fit doesnt match the grip frame 100% perfectly but its definitely not anything that concerns me or detracts from the aesthetics of the grips. These are mass-produced and not hand fit to each gun, keep that in mind. These are notably thicker than the original plastic grips and feel great in the hand, very comfortable. My hands are medium-size and I have no trouble at all getting a solid and comfortable purchase on the gun. Overall, I am very pleased with these grips and highly recommend them.
Awesome Ruger 3/5/2021
Love my new model, just want to make it prettier
Thomas Cole
Great Grips, Just like other reviewers said, they run dark. 1/12/2021
I have a Super Blackhawk with a 5.5 barrel and these grips look great on it. They are nearly straight black with the striations in the wood grain that are barely noticeable. I imagine in full daylight theyd be more prevalent. For 50+ bucks, theyre good, but not THAT good. Fit is perfect.
- Matt, KS
Love it 10/15/2020
I just got these as a birthday gift. So far I love the color wish I could upload a picture. Easy to assemble and they feel great. If I remember, I will update the review in a couple of months.
- christopher pulido, CA
Nice Grips Especially for Silver Wrangler 9/16/2020
Grips are much better than the default factory grips that come on the Wrangler. These are a bit fatter than the factory installed, so fit my hands better. Also look great on the silver Wrangler.
- VarmintSlayer, TX
Great grips, color not accurate 7/15/2020
These grips are a great upgrade for the Wrangler, and fit my hand much better than the factory grips. They are both smooth and sturdy. The color however, is nowhere near what the picture describes, mine are clearly a light brown, with some black streaks.
Greg 6/26/2020
I ordered these grips for a Ruger Wrangler. They fit great but they are much darker than they appear on the website! They are really just black wood grips. If I had it to do again I would have ordered the cheaper Rosewood grips.
- Greg, VA
Nicer look and feel 12/30/2019
I have the black wrangler and while the factory grips feel good in the hand they do have a “cheap” look to them. These are smooth and have a little wider feel to them. These grips make the gun look really great. Now have to get a set for my single six.
- Chris Jeans, TN
The perfect grips for my #2003 12/24/2019
Wasent totally sure when I first purchased these grips on line but once they arrived and I installed them - Wow they are perfect for this model. Stupid easy to install, they fit perfectly and enhance the look of the model #2003 - 10 fold. If you have this model I would recommend you spend the cash for these grips - youll love em
- Alan Hilinski, OH
Nice option for 4 5/8and 5 1/2 Super Blackhawk 12/10/2019
The 4 5/8 and 5 1/2 Super Blackhawk have grip dimensions matching the XR3-RED frame used on the Single-Six. I put a set of these on my 5 1/2 Super Blackhawk and they fit very snugly. I would give them 5 stars if they matched the outlines of the grip frame more precisely but that is a minor cosmetic quibble. This could be a matter of variation in cast grip frame finished dimensions. They fit without a gap between the panels and the frame, which is more important and they do not wobble at all. The laminated pattern is subtle but attractive its very noticeable in blue light. Overall, they are a nice upgrade to my stainless Super Blackhawk.
- Mike, GA
Just the right accent. 11/14/2019
I have the model #2003 and after installing these grips I have to say they look perfect with the color & style of this gun. The black/gray laminate with the silver Ruger logo is the perfect accent for this revolver. The fit is very nice, no gaps or wobble, nice tight fit. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking of enhance the look of this revolver.
- Alan Hilinski, OH
Completely black in color 11/14/2019
Bought the Wrangler and these grips to go with my collection of my other Ruger black laminate firearms. Mini 14 target, 10/22 Target, 10/22 Charger. The grips I received are completely black. You can’t see any wood grains. These grips don’t match the others at all. I called and was told “colors may very and these run darker”. So much for a matching collection from the factory.
- Mr. Reed, FL
Great Upgrade for Wrangler, not a black /grey color 10/5/2019
Excellent fit, quality made. A nice upgrade for the Wrangler. Look best on the Black or Silver firearm. NOTE: the pic color is not correct, they are darker and have a purple tent. no gray. Still look good. I have a set on my Bisley and they look like the pic Black And Grey
- Al Smith, NC
Beautiful grips 8/27/2019
Fit New Model Single Six perfectly and look great with both stainless and blued frames. Ignore the review by the person who tried to fit these to a New Vaquero frame. He failed to note that the New Vaquero uses a different frame than the Single Six or Old Vaquero. His error not Rugers.
Old Scout
Nice Grips 7/4/2019
This review is for Black Laminate Grips for New Model Single-Six Item Number: 70088. I bought these mostly for looks and they do look beautiful on the gun. They have the “warmth” of natural wood and have slight color variations depending on ambient light. Pretty cool. They are also fatter than the stock black hard rubber grips, which are perfect for my medium-large hands. Just as important to me is that these grips fit perfectly on my blued Single-Six. I was worried after reading reviews on this site as well as on third party grips sites in which people had to modify the grips to make them fit properly. After a few weeks of research I came across a link on one of the Ruger Forums to an article written by Bill Hamm in 2003 and this has to be the most complete resource in the solar system. Also, on the Ruger Forum that clued me into the Hamm article a contributor, Cary Chapman of CLC Custom Grips, summarizes the three different plow style grips not Bisley or Bird’s Head with foolproof sketches. I actually used Mr. Chapman’s simple breakdown and as mentioned above, my grips fit perfectly. Here is the link to the Forum post One more consideration is that once you properly determine which frame you have, you then have the issue of fit variability in stainless models which you don’t have with blued. The difference is that the blued models are cast into an injection mold, while stainless models are cut with a CNC machine. Often there are slight variations in the stainless models. If you read the Ruger Forums you will find cases where grips will fit one stainless revolver perfectly and not another apparently identical gun. I spent much time online mining the information from the excellent sources referenced above as well as many other unreferenced sources, and I wanted to pass some of it along to the Ruger single action community. I hope you find it helpful. Happy shootin’.
- Pete, FL
Grip size 6/12/2019
Be sure of the grip size of you revolver prior to ordering. The New Vaquero and Blackhawk Flattop revolvers are built on a mid size frame and not the larger frame found on the Single Six and other Blackhawk models.
ALWAYS LIKE THE laminates 2/14/2017
Received my new set of black laminate grips today got out my gunsmithing screwdriver set and In 5 minutes had the old grips off and new ones on my New Model Single Six perfect fit and look fantastic on the blued pistol and would think they would look fantastic on a Stainless model also...
- Mike McKrill, TN
Black revolver grips 5/26/2016
My Ruger Single-Six 22mag-22LR Convertible Hunter came with a set of these. I took them off and put them on my 357/9MM convertible. Needless to say I ordered another set .These are great. They feel much better then the hard rubber, plastic grips.
- Mark, ID
Perfect Fit 2/17/2016
These grips fit perfect on my new Single-Seven. Somewhat thicker than the gunfighter grips that came standard but thats exactly what I wanted. Beautiful black and grey tones. Installed in two to three minutes with no issues.
- Charlie, AK
Nice 2/3/2016
I have a single six and old Vaquero and these grips fit and look great on both.
- Rick Jacobs, WA
beautiful grips 1/31/2016
I very rarely provide feedback for my purchases, but given the dearth of reviews for these, I thought other Blackhawk and Single Six owners might appreciate it. If you like the black laminate--which admittedly has a bit of green tint to the stain under certain light--then you cannot get a more attractive grip or better-fitting grip for the money. I have four sets if that tells you anything--on both the new Single Six and Blackhawk models.
- Ron W, OH
Grips dont fit 1/9/2016
I have a stainless new vaquero model purchased these grips to replace the rosewood that are currently on it and they do not fit at all. Serial number starts with 512-xxxx. They look like theyre Ill fit but holes do not match to stationary pins mounted on gun.