Redhawk® .45 Auto / .45 Colt 6-Round Moon Clips, 3-Pack

Redhawk® .45 Auto / .45 Colt 6-Round Moon Clips, 3-Pack
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Designed for use with .45 Auto ammunition used in the Ruger® Redhawk® in .45 Auto/.45 Colt. These full moon clips are made from .032 thickness steel with stainless finish and function as a speed loader as well as to assure positive ejection. The Moon Clips have an optimized charge hole design for positive ejection over a wide range of .45 Auto ammunition. The easy to load full moon clips act as a speed loader for quick reloads. The design allows for loading and unloading without the use of a moon clip tool. Sold in a three pack.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Great at first, but short service life 1/12/2024
These moonclips are great at first, since you can easily add and remove cartridges by hand without needing a tool. However, the cutouts that allow flexibility for cartridge addition/removal without a tool means they soon lose the strength necessary to hold cartridges, at which point they are worthless.
Too fragile 10/16/2020
These do not serve as an effective speedloader imo because they are too fragile to carry in a pocket without losing cartridges and permanent deformation. If you were to wear a speedloader pouch like cops of old it might work. I have a number set aside for range only use that are too bent to hold onto cartridges reliably. These need a redesign. I dont mind if cases are hard to get in or out, my issue is when they simply fall out.
Red hawk .45auto moon clips 4/20/2020
I bought the Redhawk for it’s ability to fire my two favorite cartridges: 45 Colt and 45 auto. After a short time the 45 auto cartridges just fall out of the moon clips. New clips will cost $20.95 with shipping and eventually they will fail. So I’ll shoot 45 colt in the Redhawk exclusively and 45auto in my 1911.
- Jeff, IL
Redhawk 45 ACP moonclips 2/13/2019
I like them and use them as a speedloader. I do keep them in a pouch for easy access and protect them. I made a tool to unload them that works great. Only PROBLEM is cost. I bought a 3-pack in August 2018 for $9.99. Now in Feb 2019 , six months later, they cost $14.95. WOW - 50% increase in just six months. That is outrageous!
- Tucano Ipanema, NV
Great product! 1/20/2019
I have shot a lot of 45 Auto rounds in my Redhawk using these clips with no problems! Looking at recent reviews I laugh because obviously if you jam a clipfull in a tight pocket you are asking for problems! I knocked off 1 star because I dont actually consider them a Speed Loader as advertised because it is kind of hard to fit a clipfull into the cylinder quickly, but I dont really have a need for speed with this gun, and you can wiggle them in.
Work great for last 18 months 10/16/2018
I have had my Redhawk for about 18 months. I still have and use the original clips that came with the gun, Have bought and used many since. I use these and other brands both. Great at the range, do not need tools. My only problem is the cost.
- Hiram Maxwell, FL
Disappointed with moon clips for new Redhawk 8/23/2018
I just received my new Redhawk 45LC/45ACP today, which came with a three pack of moonclips. I took it home and loaded the moonclips for the first time, then tried to unload the first one and a piece snapped off. I haven’t even shot it yet and it falls apart. Now I have a five shot moonclip instead of six. I expected better from Ruger.
- Judi, AZ
.45 LC Ruger Moonclips 8/7/2018
These work fine in my Redhawk. Loading & unloading require tools to prevent clip bending or damage. TK Custom makes good handtools for this.
- Tom, NM
Very easy to use moonclips wish more came with the gun 4/14/2018
Definitely easier to use than 3rd party standard moonclips, they have helped me through many boxes of White box.
- Chano Gonzalez, MI
Thirty-two Thousandths of an inch 12/26/2017
They are very delicate and must be treated accordingly. A lot of things in life are like that.
Dave Davis
Paradox 10/5/2017
These moon clips are a definite paradox: at the same time they are very expensive and absolutely worthless. When loaded with 45 ACP rounds, they will not fit in my Redhawk. The cylinder will not close. Ive tried several different brands of factory ammo and several lots of my own reloads. The cylinder will not close with any of them. They are a total waste of money.
- Scott, WY
moon clips 7/12/2017
Dont know what others are doing with their moon clips but have had a bunch of these and have Not had Any problems in any way. and have used them at least a dozen times....
- Michael J., CA
Be gentle 7/7/2017
Mine came with the gun and have been cycled quite a bit, but one finally bent enough it wont hold a round. I used a case mouth at the range to straighten it, and you could see the metal weaken like plastic discolors when its twisted. Loosely carrying these in a pocket or unsupported in a bag will eventually bend them out of shape. I havent tried a dedicated pouch or holder on a belt to comment if that will work. On the plus side they are very easy to load and unload. I think Ruger needs to somehow make these really cheap so replacing them isnt an issue, or stiffen them up at the cost of ease of use. Has anyone at Ruger investigated casting nylon moon clips that would be cheap and flexible?
- John, OH
Only choice 2/20/2017
Dont last for long. Bend and break easily. However, I am thrilled to be able to shoot .45acp.
- Ryno, MI
Ruger moon clips 1/24/2017
I also am very disappointed in the quality of the moon clips. If you do not baby them they will bend and break.
- Dennis Nagel, AL
Easy to bend 7/28/2016
If you drop a fully loaded clip, or if you carry it in a tight pocket, it can bend. Then the shells wont stay in the clip while out of the cylinder. They work fine as long as you baby them.
disappointment with delicate moon clips 6/16/2016
After two or three uses, my moon clips began to break down. Extracting empties is tricky; pulling the straight out would be the ideal solution and not damage the moon clips; but if they twist a little an ear breaks off the moon clip and they dont work will without all six rounds. Ill be more cautious now; but still disappointed that they are so brittle. Love the gun
- John, NY