Rotary Magazine Assembly Tool with Pouch and Carabiner

Rotary Magazine Assembly Tool with Pouch and Carabiner
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The Rotary Magazine Assembly Tool Kit is designed to simplify maintenance on RugerŪ rotary magazines. Simple tool kit allows shooters to quickly and easily disassemble and assemble the magazine. A must have for shooters that want to keep their rotary magazines performing in top condition. Compact for easy transportation and storage. Made from glass filled nylon for durability. Kit includes a positioning post, spring tensioner and metal Allen Key. Comes in a Ruger-branded bag with carabiner to attach to your range bag. Made in the USA by TandemKross.

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Nice Tool, but it DOES NOT work for ALL Ruger Rotary Magazines 10/23/2020
Nothing against TANDEMKROSS .... this is a nice Tool .... for the right Magazines I was told by the Sales Staff at Ruger, that this Tool WILL WORK on all Ruger Rotary Magazines .... IT DOES NOT ! I bought it thinking it would assist in servicing my Deerfield Mags The 10/22 Magazine and the 77/44 or 99/44 Deerfield Magazines are assembled totally different The Spring on the 10/22 tails into the Rotor and the Nut, so this Tool will wind the Spring on the 10/22 Mags as the Tool was intended But the Spring on the 77/44 or 99/44 Deerfield tails into the Rotor and the Mag Body, so this Tool is in no way helpful to me If your Magazine has the Spring on the opposite end of the Nut, like the 77/44, 77/357 or the 99/44 Deerfield, dont buy this Tool to service those Magazines .... it WILL NOT WORK !
- Dennis Stinett, UT