Ruger-5.7™ Optic Adapter Plate - Burris® & Vortex®

Ruger-5.7™ Optic Adapter Plate - Burris® & Vortex®
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This Optic Adapter Plate supports the use of Burris® FastFire™ and Vortex® Viper®/Venom® red dot sights on the Ruger-5.7 pistol. The plate is precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with a matte black hardcoat finish for strength and durability. Simply place the adapter plate onto slide and secure it using the two #6-32 screws provided. Tighten the screws firmly (30-50 in-lbs.) using a Torx® T-15 wrench (not included). Install the optic onto the Adapter Plate by following the sight manufacturer's mounting specifications (sight not included). The Adapter Plate is 1.700" long x .975" wide and weighs .2 ounces. This Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory is made in the USA.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Correct length screws 9/20/2022
Upon request, Vortex Optics Customer Service will provide free, correct length (shortened) screws for this Ruger 57 Burris/Vortex mount.
- Roger Vaughan, TX
Works great except the Burris FF3 screws are too long. 5/8/2022
I just purchased my 57 and of course I got my gun a couple days before I ordered my Burris Fast Fire 3. Needless to say when I received my adapter plate I realized it was like it was installed on a pendulum. Then I looked at the reviews and low and behold I found that everyone has issues with stock mounting screws being way too long. Luckily I have a fine grinding cbn wheel on my grinder and ground the screws down at least 2mm maybe more. But this option does work and as long as you keep the screws flat while grinding it won't screw up the threads. I would say that if you were to use a file you would have to clean the ground end up with a sharpening stone if you were having threading issues. But once I got past all this the plate worked exceptionally well for the price I paid for it, which wasn't on this site but this is where this review deserves to be.
- Adam Sebastian, KY
Perfect for Burris 4/12/2022
I installed this mount plate and a Burris Fastfire 3 on my new Ruger 57. Assembled the mount and sight. Disassembled and applied blue loctite. Torqued the screwa to 45 in. Lbs. (Loctite only on mount screws.) It could not have gone better.
Dremmel the screws first! 3/6/2022
The plate works fine, but the Vortex screws ARE too long (slightly). If you try to tighten them, they will strip the plate threads and scratch your slide. Just grind the screws slightly (doesn't take much) with a simple Dremmel tool (a metal nail file would probably work eventually). That'll save you the frustration (and eliminate the need to use a gunsmith) . Of course, Ruger and/or Vortex should mention this (hence the three stars).
- Matt, VA
Vortex bolts won't fit 2/2/2022
I have a Vortex Viper, and the mounting bolts you receive from Vortex are too long to mount this optic to the adapter plate. I found that #6-32 x 3/8" bolts will alleviate this issue. They are cheap and plentiful. I think it would be right for Ruger to at least mention this in the product description so the buyer can plan ahead when purchasing, at most offer them with the adapter plate. Other than that slight nuance, the product is as described and works well.
wrong length srews 11/14/2021
when the screws are cut to length, the screw threads eat up the aluminum threads in the 1/32 thick plate.
Duane Collard
Cheap 2$ aluminium junk sold at 40$ 9/17/2021
I received the mounting plate promptly. Happy to install it. After only tightening very lightly, the mounting plate hole stripped and the optic could not be secured anymore. After removing the optic I noticed the screws were too long and have made two marks on the firearm slide because of that. They were scrapping the slide underneath. Now I dont have any optic on my pistol, im 40$ poorer and the cerakote finish on my pistol slide had been compromised.. This thing is really a overpriced piece of junk aluminium.
- Mathieu Sylvestre, QC
Screw Holes instantly stripped out 9/4/2021
You would think that a $40 tiny piece of metal would hold up better. Tried to mount a vortex viper and 1 of the holes was stripped on the first install.
optic screw thread pitch 5/17/2021
I have no problem with optic plate. Could someone provide thread pitch of threads in the optic plate so the correct screw could be bought and not worry about cross thread. There is info on the provided screws that secure plate to handgun but not for threaded holes.
Correct screw 5/11/2021
I also found that the screws were to long. Can someone provide correct screw thread pitch and length? I am unable to find this info anywhere and would help out alot.
- David McNatt, MS
Screws too long 3/9/2021
The instructions for the sight clearly state that you may have to shorten the screws, so if you stopped out the holes maybe you should have let a qualified gunsmith install the sight.
Take care ! 3/3/2021
My adapter plate was installed to my Ruger 57 with the screws provided. No other screws were provided. Went on like a charm ! My Vortex Venom did provide attachment screws, but to long and thread pitch is a hair off. But they can still be screwed in, but wiggle a mouse hair. This is where you might have needed to stopped the install! Go to the hardware store, gun smith or whatever! And take a smart pill for added benefit !!
- David, KY
Flawless 2/22/2021
First time installing a red dot. Was skeptical after reading reviews, but went ahead and ordered the parts. Literally less than 5 minutes to install the plate and sight. Took me longer the get the battery cover back on the red dot than to install it on the firearm.
- Mack, ND
review for Ruger-57™ Optic Adapter Plate - Burris® & Vortex® 2/12/2021
As all the other reviews stated, the screws are to long. The one i received came with a stripped out hole from the package. Tried to mount up a Vortex Viper. The plate is not the correct size. With the lightening grooves cut in, it did not seal with the o-ring on the Viper. Also the battery compartment was exposed to elements. Poor design, poor quality,worthless.
- Wilber Beste, AK
screw problem 2/7/2021
hello just want say i heard all of you with the screws its not rugers place to give screws for optic that is up to optic people i just bought the setup for ruger 57 i contacted vortex and they told me they would ship out proper screws for free so just do research and problem will be resolved my set up took long because i could not find my tools i needed right away plate and optic fit perfect
Ruger 57 Optic adapter plate 1/17/2021
I had the same problem with the screws being to long. Maybe be the reviewers who said it he install went well actually received the correct screw. It thats the case it is a gamble. The screws I received where to long.
I didnt have a problem. 1/16/2021
Great item,Installed in 10 mins.Fits perfectly with zero installation problems. Others had a bad run and thats why there so many bad reviews?? Others need someone to do install for them?? Not sure,I had zero problems so.....
- Patrick Kelly, AB
stripped 1/16/2021
Holes stripped upon installation . Plate was not deep enough to secure the Vortex screws. Disappointing.
Perfect fit 1/14/2021
Got this for my 57 to mount a vortex venom and everything fit perfect
Ruger 57 for fun! 12/23/2020
It works well with the Vortex Viper 3 MOA but the Vortex screws are 1/16th of an inch too long and must be shortened.
- David Ramos, AZ
Ruger 57 Optic Plate Adapter 12/7/2020
Purchased this plate to mount a Burris Fastfire 3 optic on my new Ruger 57. It worked like a charm. Installation was exactly as demonstrated in the video. All accompanying hardware installed exactly as intended requiring NO modifications or unexpected trips to the hardware store. I would highly recommend this product used in conjunction with the Burris Fastfire 3 optic.
- Cory Ray, AZ
Other Reviewers are not intelligent.... 11/29/2020
Not sure what exactly is wrong with the other reviewers, but I can simply say they are WRONG. Ordered this optic plate, and mounted a Vortex Venom on my Ruger 57. Install was a breeze, no issues whatsoever with anything. Took 2 minutes max to install. Have over 3,000 rounds with the Ruger 57 + Optic Mount + Vortex Venom and have had ZERO ISSUES. Sounds like people didn’t follow directions, or plain and simple should have had a gunsmith do their installs since they clearly couldn’t handle it. Ruger 57 isn’t some $2,000 Gucci Gun. Plate was affordable, made for an affordable optic, on an affordable gun, and everything worked perfect.
Todd Brickman
Worthless 11/25/2020
The screws are to long for the plate - was able to grind the screws down to fit only to find the plate would still not fit flat into the slide. Once I mounted the sight it was loose and sloppy fitting ......all I ended up with is marks on my new pistol and a peace of junk I can’t return....
- Joe, TX
Don’t know why people complain about it. 11/25/2020
Installed it with no problems at all, my red dot installed on it with no problems at all, would recommend it to everyone. Some people just like to complain about everything.
- Ray Mapel, WY
Cheap Garbage 11/14/2020
Screws stripped out making it immediately useless. Waste of money!
- Jordan, NY
WTH 11/13/2020
Bought this plate from Ruger for the new Ruger 57 to mount the vortex Viper . Was told they wouldn’t sale something that wouldn’t work Well it don’t work like everyone else that’s tried the frickin screws are to long This is unreal I even watched some videos on how to ?? With no luck this is horrible
- Rick Galliart, KS
Junk 10/27/2020
Screws to long to mount optic, and the plate is to wide for the base of the optic even though ruger says it will fit. Tried to modify screws so they would fit and the base plate stripped out.
- Ervin Hansen, AZ
Ruger 57 optics plate 10/25/2020
I have the same problem with the optics plate. The screw on the left side fit,the right side hole seems larger in circumference,so i only have 1 screw holding my red dot on. I think ruger needs to rethink this optics mount plate & use metal and the correct size holes and screws that are not to long. I need to get another 1 but will not spend the 40$ just to have the same issues.
Poor quality 10/24/2020
Purchased two of these and stripped screw holes on both. Tried to contact Ruger via webpage after the first and didn’t get a reply. As one other review states the Vortex Viper screws are too long. Expensive part poor quality. Doesn’t work as advertised
- Herbert Glaser, MO
Garbage 10/2/2020
I put a Vortex Venom on this plate which is the optic that you are required to remove in order to replace battery. Striped out first time I took it off and tried to put back on. I’ve read other review that said theirs striped while shooting. This thing is very soft
- Jerome Wells, NC
For $40 it should at least come with screws for the optic !! 9/8/2020
Note to anyone buying this for a Vortex or Burris optic - you are going to have a HASSLE trying to mount the optic. 1> The screws that come with the optic are too long so youll have to trim them. Try that with hardened black steel or even try holding them to trim them.. lol. 2> The Viper optic which I purchased included screws - however - the thread pitch drilled on the plate did not match the thread pitch of the screws Vortex provided. Calls to Ruger came up empty - no one could tell me what the thread pitch is on the plate so I wasted an hour back and forth to hardware store rummaging their bins to find a screw that SORT OF works. I finally found some chrome screws that fit - looks really bad on a black handgun but at least my optic is secure. A little advice - when you charge us $40 for a $2 piece of aluminum , the least you could do is include five cents worth of freakin screws to allow the product you sell it for to FIT. Geesh.