Ruger American Pistol® 9mm Luger 17-Round Magazine

Ruger American Pistol® 9mm Luger 17-Round Magazine
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Nickel-Teflon® plated, stainless steel, 17-round, 9mm magazine designed for the Ruger American Pistol®. Can be used with the Ruger American Pistol® Compact with the addition of the Ruger American Pistol® Compact 9mm Luger Magazine Adapter (#90620). It is also compatible with the PC Carbine™ with the Ruger American Pistol® magazine well insert installed. Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory made in the USA. 17-round magazines are not available in all states and locales; 10-round magazines are available where required to meet state and local regulations limiting magazine capacity.

17-round magazines are not available in all states and locales. Ruger cannot bill to or ship 17-round magazines to the following states and cities: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State, Washington DC. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Works exactly like it should! 8/30/2020
These magazines feed flawlessly. They are very well made, and materials are durable. With proper care these should last for years. The American pistol system is a brilliant work. These hold up well in dirty conditions, hot, and cold. I’ve used all types of ammo and had no problems with feeding. These do fit loose in the pistol, but in dirty hot conditions these will load easily and to me a bit of tapping is far less a worry than a weapon that doesn’t work over and over.. VERY satisfied!
- JM, AR
Unacceptable Rattle 3/9/2020
First of all I love my Rugers. I own several Ruger pistols and rifles. My extended family all love Rugers too but recently we have had several problems with new firearm purchases. I have a full size 9mm American. I have tried 5 factory Ruger magazines and they all rattle extremely loud in the magwell. I want to make clear the magazine itself does not make a noise. There is so much slop right to left and lesser degree front to back in the well that the magazine slaps the walls of the magwell when walking. The slap noise is extremely obvious to those around me. I work security at my church and I sounded like an obnoxiously loud clock when I walked the halls; one slap noise per step. I did find an easy fix for now. I super glued a small piece of 3/32 o-ring on the front of the magazine base. Just glue it on the top of the plastic base resting it against the metal magazine. Now saying that I havent actually fired it yet to make sure it feeds and extracts properly but so far no indication it wont work. Other than the slap it is a great magazine that has functioned flawlessly.
- Craig Buike, MI
Great mag 9/13/2019
This magazine can be described as a jewel. Beautiful to look at as it is and performs flawlessly. For those that were unable to load it entirely upon first try? I never had that issue. Have been able to fully load them without difficulty without the assist of a loading device.
- JJ Krumrey, KS
GREAT Magazine 8/8/2019
I purchased two to go with the two U received with my American 9mm pistol..Exceptionally well finished and do exactly what theyre supposed to do. As reported earlier, spring requires exercising be for able to load all seventeen rounds. And, the same is true for trigger pull..
American 9MM Magazine 2/15/2019
Absolutely first rate!!! 250 rounds without a single glitch!!! I have only had this sort of luck with a Browning Hi-Power.
- thomas delaney, MN
Magwell and the magazine 4/5/2018
I love the 17 round capacity of the magazine. Its well made. The only issue I am having with the magazine is when it Is inserted in the magwell it is a loose fit. There is about an 1/8 of a difference between the magazine and the magwell. Which can cause the firearm to rattle a little bit when carrying it. But overall they are great magazines, very reliable, they just need to be a tad bit wider.
James Hathaway
Nice Magazines 8/24/2017
Just received my Ruger American 9mm. Ive only shot 50 rounds down range. The magazine spring must be exercised before allowing one to load 17 rounds in it. On the first load, I only got 14 rounds in the magazine. The second magazine took 15. After loading 25 rounds in each of the magazines the first mag took 15 and the second one 16. I presume that with a little more use theyll both take 17. Also, the trigger pull was very hard and did not feel smooth for the first time firing and eased somewhat after 50 rounds. These smoothed out at the 50 round mark. Im sure this will continue to improve as I use it as much as I anticipate. Thats the reason for a score of only four stars.
- Ron, WA
Accessories youll need with this 17 round magazine 2/27/2017
Love the convenience of having a 17 round clip, I typically shoot 5 groups of 5 rounds at the range, and two clips does the trick for me. There are two items you will need They need to add this information on the guns page. Compact 9mm Luger Magazine Adapter- Item Number: 90620 This adds length to the pistols hand grip. UpLULA™ Magazine Speed Loader - Item Number: 12042 This devices makes it a breeze to load 17 rounds into the magazine and save your fingers, especially on a cold day and with gloves on.
Quality In Spades 12/26/2016
My Ruger American is magnificent. The spare magazines I purchased are no exception. They are perfect in every regard just like the pistol. The surfaces wipe clean and after hundreds of rounds and many loadings with my uplula they look like they did when they were removed from the package. Ruger has hit a grand slam with the American from A-Z. There is not a better quality magazine on the market at any price in my opinion.
- Jake, IL
Best Mag. Ever No Jam; No stove pipe, no problems, best tactical mag 2/22/2016
A while back in the Army at the range Hunter Ligget; I pulled up my gun after shooting their Beretta I used my gun; its got Pac-mire grips and feels real good sliding out of my holster, I shot 97% of all my targets while fast dropping my empty mag sliding up the full 15 round mag while with this 270th.MP unit the range-Master asked if he could Squeeze of some; I handed him A full mag then held one on the side as he pulled off the 15 found the ejection button switched hands an kept fireing HE WAS SUPRISED I COULD TELL WITH THE SMILE ON HIS FACE AN HE HIT EVERY TARGET. he asked if the sites show up in the dark; sure do! I think that the Army came up with a version quite the same in fact the idea of 45 Cal. With a 12 round with one in the pipe would be great.
- Joseph Pina, CA
Crowning Achievement 1/20/2016
A work of Art. The design and proportions are very pleasing and the feel is very special from the special finish/coating. The bevels on the metal edges and machining of the metal are exceptional and the glisten of the metal make it proud to have been made in America. I am looking forward to trying it out when I get the weapon. With all this effort I am sure WOW !!
- Edward Stack, MN

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