Ruger American® Rifle - 4-Round .308 Multi-Caliber Magazine

Ruger American® Rifle - 4-Round .308 Multi-Caliber Magazine
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This 4-round, .308 Multi-Caliber Genuine Ruger® Factory Magazine is compatible with the Ruger American® Rifle. This polymer flush-fit magazine works with short-action rounds including the .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, .243 Win., and 7mm-08 Rem. Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory. Made in the USA. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Magazine is crap 10/26/2023
I'm on my fourth one. The spring is terrible will not push the next round up. Look somewhere else.
- Billy, WA
Terrible and cheap design 10/2/2023
I have A couple of these for my 7mm08 and the rounds do not sit in there very good .. to much room and move around very sloppy .. wish they made ones for each specific caliber and would make metal ones
- Matthew, NY
Need quality mags 9/25/2023
I would pay for quality metallic magazines. My life might depend on the magazines functioning someday and these are cheap pieces of junk.
- james, GA
308 American Magazine 8/14/2023
I have bought 3 replacement magazines and have issues with jamming with all 3, the spring is not strong enough to push the cartridge up into the chamber. Cant use rifle due to jamming.
- Chad Lambert, QC
.308 4 rd mag 2/12/2023
Pros: Good mag, works nicely with my American .308 Cons: plastic, feels cheap. Got 2 as a backup for the one that came with rifle. If that was Ruger's intention, success. But at $42 a piece, they should be constructed with better materials. These feel Chinese made. I just hope I get a decent amount of use out of them.
2nd cartridge hang up 1/14/2023
It's a very simple fix for the cartridge hang up. Simply grind a lead out edge in the plastic with a dremel and sanding wheel VERY VERY lightly and they work perfect. Just a slight angle is all that's needed.
- B. Woltz, PA
Multi-caliber magazine review in .308 Win. 12/26/2022
LUBE MAGAZINE FIRST BEFORE TESTING IT. Use a pin-point oiler to lube roll pin holding magazine latch and lube magazine latch spring. Work latch spring several times to work oil in. Hold down magazine follower with a pencil or other object and spray "dry film lubricant" into magazine. Be sure to lube front feed lip notch. Release follower and let dry film lube dry for 20 minutes. Then test magazine function. Last round feeding may drag on front notch of feed lip. It should chamber. Follower spring is weak near front feed lip notch. Spring should be a bit stronger for easier feeding of last round. Spring may be incorrectly installed at factory. Or is just plain weak. RUGER NEEDS TO FIX THIS ASAP! Need a Tech Tips video on how to disassemble magazine for cleaning and repairs. No information on how to disassemble magazine without breaking internal parts. NOT GOOD for Ruger or American Rifle users.
- James Sprott, MO
Good Mag for the correct rifle 10/12/2022
No issues. I think the negative reviews are from folks who did know what they needed. Feeds factory ammunition and Zoom snap caps no problem.
- Mike B., VA
Mag will not lock into rifle 10/12/2022
Bought this for my Ruger American in 308 and the latching point in the front will not catch. It is totally different from the original that came with the gun when purchased new. No idea why the latching would need to be changed.
No issues here 7/28/2022
This is the magazine that came stock in my american go wild compact 243. It pops into place easily and stays there, and cycles flawlessly. I have to assume all of these negative reviews are from people using this magazine in the wrong gun. I notice it is different from the magazine that came with my ruger american predator. Maybe people need to make more effort to buy the correct mag for the rifle theyre using. My only minor complaint with this magazine is that its slightly difficult to load. But it works perfectly, IF you use it in the correct rifle, in my experience.
More Ruger Junk 7/23/2022
The place to save money is NOT cheap magazines that don't feed. The rotary mags did work. The new model hangs up on the second cartridge every time. And I was stupid enough to buy a spare.
- Richard, GA
Does not feed consistently 7/13/2022
So I got my Ruger American Rifle chambered in .308 and ive been dissatisfied with it as a whole but this magazine is a standout issue, it will feed correctly around 80% of the time but that still leaves around 1 shot per magazine that wont feed. I have a Ruger 1022 carbine and its amazing so this is very dissapointing.
- Wyatt, NV
This is not factory replacement for Ruger American .308 5/6/2022
This magazine does not allow the round to leave the magazine without “catching” on the breech side of the magazine. A simple test is to load 4 rounds and try to push them out by hand one by one and it will catch on every round after the first round. Terrible design and should be recalled. Again, This is not factory replacement for Ruger American .308 or short action.
- Jeremy, MI
Doesn’t fit 3/21/2022
Despite being advertised for such, this magazine does not seat in a Ruger American 308 rifle. Upon calling Ruger customer service, they fail to acknowledge the issue and are declining to help. I don’t understand where I can just get magazines that are like the one the rifle came with.
- Bobby, WA
Feeding Problems 3/12/2022
Never had a problem with the rotary but can not find them anymore because they are discontinued. Bought extra new style with flat follower and likes to jam up and not feed rounds
JUNK 2/22/2022
Received American Rifle Short Action .308 magazine today 2/22/22 from First observation is it was not even a rotary type magazine like came with the rifle and like the spare mags I previously's a push up follower type!! I guess that's my bad because the web site does NOT say rotary for this one #90689, although it does for all the other Ruger American flush fit mags. Things got worse fast. At first was unable to get but three rounds in mag, then after doing that a half dozen times it suddenly took 4 rounds, although the last was very snug. Then tried cycling rounds through rifle. First try, round one fed, then two and three would not come up into feed position until I whacked the bottom of the mag with my hand, then round 4 fed. Did this three times exactly the same, then suddenly started feeding well, but that also lasted just three times. THEN on 4th feed attempt, top round nosedived into edge of chamber and jammed gun. I had to pry the round back into magazine to be able to remove mag. Tried again in case anomaly, but did exact same thing again with a new round on top. When finally got THAT round pried loose and mag out of rifle, put the mag back into blister pack, boxed it up with the filled out return form and sent it back via UPS just about 2 hours after receiving it!! I ended up with two rounds of ammo with the tips messed up and will be out 8 bucks for original order refund shipping PLUS the cost to ship it BACK. Been buying Ruger for 50 years since my first Super Single Six. Own 7 Ruger rifles and 6 handguns. NEVER had a problem with any of them, and never had a part fail. Bill Ruger must be spinning like a top in his grave with the company selling junk like this magazine now!!!!
Feeding issues 2/8/2022
Will not properly feed 4 rounds into the chamber. 6.5 creedmoors are getting caught between the bolt and the barrel frequently.
- Jeremy Zema, CA
4-Round .308 Multi-Caliber Magazine 1/3/2022
I bought 4 of these magazines and they would not feed more than 1 round without sticking I took the mags apart and removed all the mold flashing and rough edges to get the magazines to work the way they should have from Ruger
- DONALD Jolley, FL
Could not fully load..... 9/25/2021
Bought this mag at a retail gun store when I purchased my rifle in .308 caliber. When I tried to load it, the plate would not move. I sprayed the inside of the mag with some Otis brand dry lube and all the internal parts freed up and worked as advertised leaving the inside dry.... I cant recommend lube as a fix, but it worked for me
- Bruce, FL
your selling the magazine what other sporting goods are selling them 7/8/2021
I thought this is deal or something there is no saving at all.
Should be recalled 3/11/2021
These magazines are not a duplicate of the factory magazine and will not function properly. They either will not feed or they will jam. Cannot be relied on for a fast follow up shot.
- Joe Moldovan, OH
SD shooter 3/10/2021
Same problem as other customers with the mag latch breaking and bullet feeding is poor, let me know what I need to do to get a better quality magazine, first bullet no problem but 2 and 3 get stuck, it does seem the spring is worthless, I also recommend a metal mag
magazine does not fit Ruger American rifle 1/26/2021
This magazine does not fit my Ruger American 6mm
Jim Poindexter
Magazine 1/24/2021
Junk 1/12/2021
This mag holds 4 but only works with 2 rounds in it. Now I’m forced to buy a AI style conversion kit and a $40 replacement mag. Might as well sell it stock this way and charge a little more for the predator.
James Keegan
Poor fit for Ruger 243 Win 10/7/2020
I ordered two of these magazines for my Ruger 243 and could not have been more disappointed. The magazine falls out of the rifle unless I keep it pressed in with my hand. This is particularly true when chambering a round.
- Tom Owens, AZ
use quality ammo for proper functioning .... 9/6/2020
i recently bought a ruger american, read these reviews, and had some concerns. so, i got some store bought factory with new cases, and they fit in the magazine perfectly, and functioned perfectly. then, i got some re-manufactured ammo, and it was a tight fit in the magazine. and, finally, some of my handloads, which were a very tight fit indeed, and the 4th round barely went in. next, the dial calipers. measuring the case diameters of the various rounds, the store bought was smallest, the re-manufactured larger by several thousandths, and my handloads larger still. think about it.-- the additional dimensions are cumulative, and they add up, so much so that the 4th cartridge impinges on the function of the magazine. my guess is, and my suggestion if you are having difficulties, is to use fresh store bought cases, and if you resize, full length size w/ small base dies, if necessary.
john jay
My second set of Ruger magazines that do not work 8/1/2020
The lips of the original magazines spread open and let cartridges jam. This set of 308 Multi-Caliber magazines let the cartridges stick and fail to ascend high enough for the bolt to feed them. Im going to try loading them with just two cartridges and see how that works, but this is totally unacceptable. So disappointing.
- Mad Mac, TX
Ruger Quality Reputation at Risk 7/31/2020
New version of poorly designed magazine, still not meeting Ruger expectations for quality. Not sure why Ruger has opted to design such cheap magazines for quality rifles. It should be obvious by now, that the magazines for the Ruger American center fire rifles should be replaced by better design.
Disappointed! 2/13/2020
6.5 Creed came with the rotary mag. I bought this as a spare. Fully loaded the mag wont pop the cartridge up into the throat when cycling the bolt. Pull two out and itll cycle then. Guess thats better than nothing.
- Paul plumb, WA
magazine 12/9/2019
it is higher quality then the rottory mags it jst sticks when you load more then 2 bullets in it because of spring tention
Great replacement mag. 12/3/2019
I have a Ruger American 308 and this is a great replacement mag. It is a factory OEM magazine and works like the original. Bought mine at Great experience all the way around
- Jeff Burger, IA
Worthless junk 12/2/2019
Magazine kicks round out before reaching breech.
- Robert Smith, ME