Ruger American Rifle® 4-Round Magazine - Long Action

Ruger American Rifle® 4-Round Magazine - Long Action
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4 round rotary magazine for the Ruger American Rifle® long action calibers (.30-06 Sprg. and .270 Win.). Magazine fits flush with the stock and offers a smooth feed. This magazine fits stocks equipped with a removable long action magazine well assembly. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Poor design. Multiple jams. 9/16/2023
Ruger please fix this design. This magazine fails to feed without jams. You are ruining an otherwise excellent rifle.
- David Forte, MO
Won’t even load without jamming 8/27/2023
Mag is very loose just lets rounds pop straight out if you barely touch it
- Gage, MS
Garbage and can't believe I have to pay to upgrade it so it actually w 8/1/2023
This magazine and the lack of being able to feed rounds through it is garbage and Ruger should be embarrassed. And frankly they should be even more embarrassed that they have a conversion kit for the American rifle, knowing it has issues, and they still make YOU pay for it. Hate that I just had to order and pay for it to make the rifle operate correctly.
- Geoff S, WI
30-06 Springfield 6/2/2023
Terrible design. I've come to the point of not even loading the magazine and putting the bullet in one at a time. I love the gun but please fix the design
- David Ode, OR
Terrible feeding 4/9/2023
Terrible feeding issues. Even the replacement that ruger sent me doesn’t work properly. They need to update the design
- Michael, PA
Works Great! 1/28/2023
I have four of these, two long action and two short action. Some of them are seven years old and they all have worked flawlessly from day one. Great design, super lightweight and works from -0 degrees F to +100 degrees F.
- Chris, WV
very unreliable feeding 1/12/2023
The feeding is so bad that i opt to just hand load. I really wish Ruger cared enough to fix the design, which has been a known issue for many years now, apparently. Such a shame, because the rife itself is beautiful, and is precise well within 0.5 MOA. I might "upgrade" to the one shot sled if it's compatible.
- Michael, PA
Magazine is flawed 2/1/2022
Was hunting with my buddy, he almost didn't get a needed followup shot on a buck because the bolt wouldn't strip the next round. He's now looking for another rifle.
6.5 kreemore ruger American magazine 1/2/2022
It is a great magazine for a great rifle definitely recommend to get an extra on or two for your Ruger American.
August B
Ruger, this mag is huring your reputation 12/2/2021
This mag is not reliable! Will not feed reliably! I have many Rugers, but I will have a hard time buying another as long as this problem goes unaddressed. Love the rifle, hate the mag.
- Lee, CA
Do Not Buy 11/18/2021
This rotary magazine is a piece of trash. Consistently fails to load into chamber, certainly not ideal for hunting. I had to remove the mag, smack it, reload, fire and repeat this over everytime I had to fire. Seems there are some AICS upgrades that can be performed to replace this mag, but this mag is not worth purchasing.
Ruger needs to fix this problem 5/25/2021
Every Ruger rifle and pistol I have are champions, including my RPR .308 and .22! BUT, this American rotary mag is such a disappointment. Come on Ruger! Fix this!
- Joe Stephens, TX
Pooly designed magazine 4/15/2021
Our hunting group has 4 American Rifle 30.06s. There are 8 magazines between us and 3 were defective. Rounds would not pop up high enough to feed properly. Exchanged them but what a pain. One fell apart after running 4 rounds through to check it out. For $40 it should be of better quality.
Absolute junk for the price 3/24/2021
I have the ruger american 6.5 Creedmoor predator and the mags are not reliable and honestly poorly made. They would fail to feed period. I brought another mag and had the same issue. I had to get my dremel and grind away the from top portion of the Meg. The way they have it designed it would force the round straight up in a vertical position to the point the bullet would catch the top of the chamber, would not slide into the chamber. Once I filed down the top front of the magazine, I finally got it that I could rack another round and could cycle my rounds through with no problem. Now after spending 40$ you shouldnt have to spend an hr modifying the item with a dremel so it could function properly. Ruger, you got amazing firearms but they are useless if you cant cycle rounds through it, causing misfeeds. I want to buy your precision rifle in a .308 but I dont want to have to worry about modifying your shit just to know it would function properly.
- Tyler Barnhart, PA
This magazine is extremely low quality. I purchased a Ruger American rifle for my son’s 16th birthday, and when he removed the magazine for the first time, the plastic was broken and the parts fell onto the floor. Then I looked into purchasing a replacement online and I was shocked by the price. Extremely frustrating.
- Josh F, ID
Its just ok 1/3/2021
These work OK most of the time. Ruger should really change all of the American rifles to the AICS type magazines... Magpul offers them in short, long, and magnum actions. This would be a major upgrade for the rifles.
- Andrew Johnson, WA
Poor Quality Magazine 11/29/2020
The rifle is a good shooting rifle for the price, but dont skimp on the the design of the magazine. Poor design, no repeatability on feed. Ruger, please make plans to redesign this magazine and make available for purchase.
30-06 American Rifle magazine 10/22/2020
Something should be done about this poor quality magazine. I have just ordered a new one after the original in my rifle failed and started jamming or not loading after less than a total of 30 rounds
- Barney, CO
Magazines with plastic follower are junk and dont feed. 9/9/2020
I recently purchase a Ruger American Rifle in .270 cal and the magazine suppled does not feed the cartridges. Period!! The supplied magazine has a plastic follower and that may be the problem. I purchased 2 additional magazines at the same time which looked like older stocked items that had faded plastic packaging. However, they have metal followers and perform just fine and if they didnt Id be returning this rifle. WTH Ruger!
- Jim from Chino, AZ
Magazine poor quaility 4/14/2020
Magazine jams need to replaced with better one
Unreliable Magazine 11/25/2019
Tried 4 different magazines for the 30-06. Two were complete garbage and failed to feed the shells properly. The other two seemed to work, so I kept them. Took the rifle hunting and learned that the longer the rounds are in the magazine, the less reliable it becomes. Had feed issues at the end of the day during unload. Im going to sell the rifle and get something that works. Rifle is great, but the magazines suck.
Magazine issues 11/16/2019
The magazine on my 270 broke almost immediately after I purchased the rifle. It is made very poorly and cost over $40 to replace.
Made cheap. No warranty 12/24/2018
After coming in from a deer hunt I accidentally dropped this clip on the floor & guess what?...... it broke in pieces. It piss me off because I paid $40 for this clip. I always try to keep a extra clip on deck but I don’t think it’s right that these clips are so cheaply made.Ruger please cut the price on these super fragile clips or make them more durable. Thanks
- Nicholas Craig, AL
Magazine malfunction 12/20/2018
I bought a new magazine because my original mag failed to push the shell into the chamber intermittently. Same thing happened with a brand new mag loaded for the first time. Price is not the issue and I will gladly pay more for a reliable magazine.
Will not feed in cold weather 11/8/2018
Works ok in warm weather but in cold weather it will not feed, I have three rotary mags and none of them will feed in cold.A stacked mag would be the fix for the long action, it would be great if ruger would make one for the long action like they do for the Bush master. I like the rifle but the magazine is down right dangerous here in Montana {GRIZZLY COUNTRY} Please please please make a stacked long action mag.
Ruger American magazines 10/1/2018
I have four Ruger Americans; a .308, a .270, a .30-06 and a .223. I have had NO trouble with ANY of these magazines. The rotary design is a masterpiece of engineering with modern materials. If you need 30 shots to kill a deer, go buy an AR.
- Silverspruce, CO
Why are you guys paying 40$ And complaining? Overpyng = not shopping 6/14/2018
Gentlemen and Ladies, The ruger rifle is all of 500 dollars and it shoots like a dream. Polymer is light and the is ni guarabtee metal wont jam. As for paying 40$, there is new thing....e b a y or a maz on. 25-28$ 3 for 63$. Now, feel better?
Mr Koolio
R Wasel - illinois 3/4/2018
I’ve had the 270 Ruger American for three years. I have never had an issue with the magazine not functioning perfectly. I also agree that the price is high thus the 4 rating. Function has always been 5. And FYI, I have a Ruger American ranch in 223/556 that uses standard AR mags. I have three ten round, 1steel and 2 polymer. Guess which one I never use. Welcome to the 21st century. And if $39 is pricey let me know and I’ll buy your next one for you if you buy the spare for my Tikka 308 stainless. $59 and yes, it’s plastic. Amazing that Magpul can sell a ten round AR mag that’s perfect for $12. Stay hopeful on quality and price from Ruger. My 270 American had to have the original POS stock replaced because your couldn’t trim or sand away enough errors to make it free float. Their new replacement is as solid as my expensive rifle and every bit if not more accurate.
Back of 2 piece magazine broke and separated from front 1/6/2018
I wasn’t real impressed when I first saw the plastic mag, and for good reason as now the back has separated from the front. Apparently there are some ears that insert and hold the two pieces together and some of them are broke off. I hope someone will make a magazine that will hold up better on the near future. I plan to call customer service and request another one since I feel like this should be covered under warranty.
Works Great 10/21/2017
I see a lot of people complaining about how bad this magazine is..I personally have had no issues with it. At first, I was hesitant because I dont like plastic anything. However, I use 180 grain rounds in my 30-06 and they feed perfectly first time, last time, everytime. The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is because the price is quite steep for plastic. A metal option would definitely be nice, but all in all, great magazine. I say good job Ruger! just reconsider the $$ 😉
- Robert, VA
Feeding Issues 10/8/2017
Rifle is amazing. Magazine is garbage. Really wish Ruger would address these problems with a metal/single stack American Magazine for 30-06.
- John D., LA
This is a second review on this magazine. I have used this rifle for several years now and it still feeds like it should. I have read all these reviews and I think there is a possibility for this magazine to cause trouble I mean it is a plastic material. Ruger should be listening to this free feed back. The other makers sure are making a lot out of the fact that there rifles have a metal magazine. I have since bought another rifle and it is a Remington 783 it cycles kind of rough but it dose have a metal magazine. I think that Ruger makes a fine rifle and after I use this Remington a little I think it will smooth out. Ruger should listen and make a metal magazine for a reduced price for the rifles that are having a problem. As well as the current production. Cood luck all.
- John Skipper, NC
bad jamming 8/11/2017
The magazine for 30-06 American is too cheap and design is poor. If 2 rounds in mag, it jams when closing the bolt since the second round pops up. Now I have several dinged up cartridges. Service is replacing the mag. The 10-22 has better design
Clip trouble fix 6/11/2017
I had the same with my 243 American, called Roger they sent new one, works fine, took old one and check it over, found if you file a small amount of plastic at the Point were the shoulder of the shell rests it will feed just fine
Work well, but overpriced 5/29/2017
Using a 20% off promotion I bought 2 spares for my 30-06 American and they actually work better than the one the rifle came with. Specifically, they will insert into the rifle on a closed bolt when fully loaded, couldnt do that with the one it came with. Too expensive though, even with 20% off.
Please improve this product 3/28/2017
Gave it one star cause it can hold the rounds. I have the same issue that most on here wrote about. Rounds do not flow tends to stick, the rounds do not always go into the chamber. one time I had two rounds being pushed up at once. Product needs to be revised. .270 Bolt Action
- John, FL
BAD CLIP !!!!!!!!! JUNK ! 2/10/2017
Magazine Latch Broken 12/13/2016
Frist time out hunting, inserted magazine/clip in magazine well, started hunting, magazine fell out of magazine well in the snow. Upon inspecting, noticed the clip latch had broken, spring missing. Called Ruger, sending new clip in 5-7 days, response was quick, staff very friendly and professional. Fast service. The rifle is very accurate
- Arnold J Black, NY
Bought 2, work same as original. No issues. 7/15/2016
After reading other reviews I immediately loaded and cycled both. No issues at all, both as smooth as the one that came with the rifle. 4 stars because $39 is steep for for a plastic, 4 round mag, particularly when companies like Magpul can make 30+ rounders for under $20.
not a bad product..... 6/12/2016
so I have the Ruger American 30-06 and I only have the one mag that came with it. at first it was a bit hard to load, and I noticed that there were some clearances issues, nothing a little shaving with a good knife didnt fix. ive read the other reviews and well ive put 300-400 rounds now down range with this setup and havent had any issues since I did the custom trimming, I think its a good design, just poor quality material, I think it should be made of a metal construction or at least the back plate should be metal with rivets or full cross roll pins to assemble it. the reason why I am looking into purchasing another or 2 is I had left it loaded and I think the spring has weakened in it, so dont store the mag loaded! lesson learned for me and free advice for you guys!
- Jonathon A, WA
Broke after 15 rounds 4/11/2016
Plastic feed detached from spring. Ruger designers should have upped their design and spent 10 cents more and used stainless steel for inner feed workings on this clip/magazine!! Too bad... I really like gun but dont trust the magazine!!
Rob D.
love it 4/2/2016
Ive had no problem whatsoever with the magazine that came with my Ruger American 30-06. Ive been using the rifle for a year-and-a-half and its an all-around great gun!!
Kevin Kissel
Not pleased at all 1/21/2016
I cannot get the rounds to feed from this magazine. Im very reluctant to trim anything since it cant be reversed. I think an extra cost to the rifle would be far better than a soft polymer magazine with flashing all over the lips.
magazine issues for Rugar American 10/7/2015
Not impressed! Bolt actually rubs the top end of the magazine as well as shells do not load. Like the rifle but this clip is garbage.
- Bucky Howell, OR
Sticky 9/8/2015
Ive had problems with the cases 30-06 not feeding up to the receiver. They hang up in the magazine. When new, the bullets would hang up. I fixed that with a slight trim with a knife. However, the cases dont always pop up through the mag lips so for about 1 in 10 I have to use my finger to jiggle the case a bit to get it to feed.
- DickF, ID
Feeds like it should 1/21/2015
I have never had a problem with Ruger factory mags. The only thing that I think of is this mag is it is a little hard to load. But I like a stiff spring it lets me know its going to work for a long time. I dont try to load straight from the top even though they say you can. Im a little weary of plastic fatigue latter on. I havent had any problems and dont see any potencial problems.
- John, NC