Ruger® GP100® Red Front Sight

Ruger® GP100® Red Front Sight
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This front sight for the Ruger® GP100® is made of steel and features a red ramp. Fits adjustable rear sight models only.
Does not fit GP100® Match Champion® or GP100® Standard models 1715, 1757, 1761, 1752, 1753 & 1766.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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gp100 357 6 barrel six shot model 170 front sight. 3/21/2019
You are unable to see the front sight. thinking about painting with orange or red, something that will stay where I put it.
Gary Boles
Easy install - much better sight picture 1/26/2019
Dropped one of these in my early 90s GP100. Good simple upgrade. Improved the sight picture over the black on black look of the original blade. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, there are some good Youtube videos on how to put these in.
- Rick, TX
Much Better Now 5/14/2018
Just got the new sight, took at the most 5 minutes to install and the red sight is a vast improvement over the stock Black one maybe a brighter shade of red would be an improvement but for the money an easy and needed item way to go Ruger!
DOES NOT FIT Current GP100s 12/30/2017
Ruger has gone with a dovetailed front sight for all new GP100s. This sight DOES NOT FIT the new guns. There are no options in front sights now, thanks Ruger!
Carlos Rivera
Dont waste your money! 9/13/2017
I wanted to replace the factory all black front sight on my new 6 inch GP100 revolver because my old eyes were having trouble quickly picking up any target with a black or blue bulls eye or profile. I ordered Rugers Red Front Sight replacement thinking the red color would help me more quickly pickup my target. I was very disappointed that the red insert on the sight was a dull shade of red. But that was the least of the problems. The sight is not a drop-in replacement. It requires a lot of grinding with a Dremel Tool or a small file to fit the gun . The major problem being the sight is so small and hard to handle while re-tooling it to fit the slot in the top of the barrel. I like Rugers sight mounting design, but they just dropped the ball manufacturing this sight. After grinding the sight to fit the mounting slot and shooting at the range, I decided to paint the red insert white. Great improvement! Now I can quickly acquire my target, shoot consistently tight groups and enjoy one of the best guns I have. As hind sight, pun intended, I could have painted the original sight white, saved $15 and a lot of aggravation. Ruger should clean up the manufacturing problems with this sight and offer a white insert version. In my opinion, a small profile white sight is way better than any other color.for daytime or indoor shooting. Love Ruger, but not this sight.
Better then stock!!! 8/5/2017
This sight is way better then then all black sight my GP100 came stock with. Price was GREAT and was so easy to install.
Does not fit the Match Champion 3/28/2017
If you have a GP100 Match Champion you will need the Novak sights as the 2 revolvers do not share the same front sight mounting configuration. The MC uses dovetail front sights while the GP100 uses the drop in spring pin.
- Eagle 1, MN
Does not fit 2/10/2017
I purchased this sight for a GP-100 3 BBL .44 Special. Not realizing how it mounted- The .44 does not have the push button feature to release the sight. No Go.
- John Libuszowski, IL
Excellent and easy to replace 12/11/2016
Big improvement over the black front sight that came from the factory. Very easy to replace and the usual Ruger quality.
- Jeff, ID
A necessary improvement 8/31/2015
This is a necessary improvement to any GP100, as the standard front sight leaves a lot to be desired. Installation is so simple, took all of 1 minute to do. Thank you, Ruger, for designing the GP100 with easily changed front sights
- Bill, AZ
Easy to use front sight 12/4/2014
I was looking at getting the combo rear and hiviz front sight to make it easier to aim my GP100. The black steel original front sight was next to impossible to see in the indoor range. This front sight is 1/4 the price of the combo. It was a snap to install and now my older eyes can line up the front sight even in limited light. Love it!
Excellent Choice 11/4/2014
This gives you a much better sight picture than the black factory front sight. It stands out well with the red vs disappearing against a dark target, like a black surface. I highly recommend this sight.
100% Good 10/24/2014
Easy to install, makes target acquisition much easier.
A great improvement.. 10/23/2014
A great improvement on the standard Front sight supplied with the GP100. Sighting the pistol now becomes possible with this addition.... Why the as supplied black on black and essentially useless front sight Ruger ?
- John, WA
Looks good, works well 9/14/2014
This front sight makes it much easier to form a sight picture. Nice improvement. Installation was as simple as it sounded. No adjustment needed to the part. Worth it, in my opinion.
Good product, but... 5/19/2014
I like this better than the stock sight. The only down side was needing to take a razor blade to the product to clean up the plastic from burrs.
Mike Mc