Ruger Mini-14® Swivels

Ruger Mini-14® Swivels
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This locking swivel set is all steel construction with premium black-oxide finish and detachable design. Made in the USA by GrovTec with a limited lifetime warranty. For technical assistance please contact GrovTec at (503) 557-4689. Warning- This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Professional installation recommended.

This product is not currently available for sale to California customers due to requirements associated with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65). For more information go to

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worked just fine 9/29/2021
Have a series 180, couldnt get a leather military style sling through the stock swivel, bought these in local gun shop, changed right out, no drilling etc.,sling fits like a glove now, guess it fits models up to a certain year? Love the product, old school rocks!
- t m, IL
swivels won’t fit 7/13/2021
Ruger supplies a set of sling swivels with rifle that are small. The swivel in the stock is easy to change. The swivel on the gas block not so much. You must pry the sling off the block and then drill out the hole to match the new swivel size. I really like Ruger firearms but sometimes they just “don’t get it”, this is one of those times.
- Gerry, NV
These are Not Mini-14 parts 9/15/2017
When I buy a part or, accessory for my Chevrolet, my Toyota, my Harley or, my Home Depot whole house fan I get a part that fits my year and model. Even though the owner’s manual or, the enclosed instructions or, even the service manual may say dealer installation or, professional installation is recommended… no cutting up, grinding, drilling, filing, modifying, of my vehicle or, fan is required. I get a direct fit part that if I so choose to I can bolt right on myself. So, when Ruger sells a swivel on Ruger’s website specifically for a Ruger Mini-14 I expect a swivel that is made to fit a Mini-14. What I do not expect to receive is the standard swivel sold everywhere else that fits a standard swivel mount found on every other rifle except the Mini-14. When I called Ruger to ask for a refund I was told that Ruger will refund the sales price but, not the shipping. Ruger shipped a product that was mis-represented as a part specifically for their Mini-14 model and, the explanation Ruger gives me is “well, it does say professional installation recommended”. Poor form Ruger! Poor form! I would give ZERO stars if that were an option.
Wm D Thompson
They Dont Fit 9/5/2017
What Ruger doesnt tell you about their Mini 14 swivels is that they dont fit the rifle.They are the same style swivel sold everywhere else for fitting standard sling swivel mounts found on every long gun except the Mini 14. Ruger also doesnt tell you in their detailed description that these are for a 1 sling and, not for a 1 1\4 sling. If you call the Manufacturer GroveTech they will give instructions on how to modify grinding & drilling your Mini 14 to fit their swivels. Mini 14 swivels my foot!
- Dave Thompson, CA