Ruger Mitch Rosen® Cuban Brown Belt

Ruger Mitch Rosen® Cuban Brown Belt
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Cuban brown leather belt cut on a curve providing immediate fit and comfort. Features include harness-stitched around the perimeter, solid brass buckles, stamped with the Ruger logo, belt width of 1-1/2". Belt may be used as a dress belt or holster belt. Made in the USA by Mitch RosenMade in the USA by Mitch Rosen®.

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Serious Belt! 4/7/2022
After considering this belt for several years I purchased three for myself and my sons. This is a SERIOUS belt, bull strong. It is far more comfortable than might seem possible upon first opening package. Sizing concerns are valid, so take care, but you won't be disappointed with the quality of this great belt. Will probably outlive all of us.
- John B, NE
Size it carefully 11/26/2021
Check the Mitch Rosen site for sizing instructions. If you intend to use the belt PRIMARILY as a dress belt, those size instructions should be fine for you. However, if you intend to use as a gun belt, and your holster is, like mine, very stiff leather, I would add the 2” recommended. This belt is VERY stiff leather and when used with a very heavy stiff holster it does not give you any slack. Holds up the gun/holster very well.
- Jim, MT
These belts Do run true to size 9/17/2020
I took the advice of the other reviewers on here and ordered a 44 inch belt instead of the 42 inch belt which I had measured following the directions at aaaannnnndddd... A 44 inch belt is 2 inches too long. Go to Mitch Rosens site and read his directions carefully and youll come up with the correct length. I am ordering another since the belt is every bit as excellent as the other reviewers have said. They were definitely right about that!
Mike Coward
Best Belt Ive ever Owned 5/9/2019
I bought this belt when I was wearing a 42 - so taking advice, I bought the 44 as the belts run small. Perfect fit. Ive since lost 50 lbs and am about to buy another - smaller belt.
Poor Customer Service 9/12/2018
As mentioned by others, these belts run smaller than normal. I have another belt I bought from Ruger several years ago in size 38. That belt is too long to wear normally. I called Ruger customer service and discussed this purchase with them. They recommended I buy a size 36 and told me not to worry about the postage if I had to return it. Well, as you can imagine, the 36 is too small. I called Ruger to ask about them covering the return postage and I was told they had no record of my having called since I placed the actual order online. Personally, I dont treat my clients like that. Since I did what they said to do seems they should cover the cost of returning the first belt and then sending me a replacement. Guess Im just old-fashioned.
- Barry Boswell, TX
Pay attention to size 4/27/2018
I read all of the reviews, did some investigation and decided to buy a 40 belt. I always bought 34 belts and lately I have been buying 36. When I wear Levis i am on the third or middle hole and on the regular pants I can tighten it up to the second hole. But these belts run small so do not expect to buy your normal size and have it fit. The belt is great. I wear it with dress pants and jeans. If it built solid, looks great and feels good when you have it on. I would buy the same belt in black if they made it.
Excellent Belt 1/18/2017
I purchased two of these extremely well-made belts, first a size 34 and later a size 36, which is what I should have purchased to begin with. I replaced the brass buckle on the 34 inch with a Montana Silversmith buckle and wear it often to the range. The belt is very sturdy, as well as attractive, and along with a good holster, allows for very secure OWB carry of small to large frame pistols. I highly recommend this product. The eye-catching embossed Ruger logo is a huge plus for me even though I realize that with concealed carry, it is pretty much for my eyes only.
- Larry, PA
This is an absolutely terrific belt, but pay attention to the size ... 3/26/2016
the details on the size of this are better found on the Mitch Rosen site. Aside from that, the belt is substantial, well trimmed, the brass is top rate. Buy it.
- Chuck, CT
Great Quality, a Little Snug 1/27/2016
I just received this belt via UPS and the quality is great. It is a bit snug as a previous poster mentioned. I have two dress belts, both size 42. I put both on and followed the measuring instructions on Mitch Rosens website. Both measurements came up with a 42. So, I ordered the 42 from Ruger to get the Ruger stamp. On my dress belts, both belts are worn on the tightest hole they have furthest hole from the tip, but with my Mitch Rosen belt, I am on the 2nd hole closest to the tip. The quality of the belt tells me it is very unlikely to stretch over time. If I was going to do it again, I would order a 44.
- Scott Frye, IN
Good solid piece of workmanship 1/14/2016
Love the belt and the color my only issue is sizing information so heres a tip. I wear a 32 waist pant so I ordered the 34 belt, well dont it will fit you on the last hole only without a holster on it. I will give this one to my son who can wear it and order the 36 for myself. A good way to decide may be your waist size 32+4=36 Ill know if this is a good rule of thumb when I get my next belt.
Eric R
Exceeds expectations 9/14/2015
What a great belt...cant believe there is much better out there for the price... very versatile for every occasion. Whens the black coming? Would definitely get one...
Great dual purpose belt 11/10/2014
I use this belt daily for regular wear and for my IWB holster with no complaints. The price cannot be beat. I visit here regularly hoping it would be also offered in Black as Id buy another in a heartbeat.