Ruger® Nylon Butt-Stock Ammo Carrier

Ruger® Nylon Butt-Stock Ammo Carrier
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This Ruger Buttstock Ammo Carrier is designed to be attached to rifle stocks for quick, convenient access to additional ammo. It is constructed of 1000 denier nylon for strength and durability and equipped with elastic loops for holding nine rifle cartridges. This light weight carrier attaches to the stock with Velcro hook and loop for easy installation without damaging the stock. Includes an embroidered Ruger cloth tag. Available in black only. Made in the USA by Elite® Survival Systems.

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When you get a lemon make lemonaide 4/13/2023
At first I was very disappointed. The carrier that I received appears to have been for a left hand shooter as no one in their right mind would want to cuddle up to the ammunition just to aim the rifle. Then I decided to just cutoff the elastic strap and mount it upside down with the ammo on the back side of the stock where it belongs. Then I realized I could take it one step further and add some neoprene padding under the carrier to raise my eye level like a cheek rest on a stock. I just kept folding it until I was at a comfortable height and pulled the Velcro ends together and it works like a charm. It would have been 5 stars except I had to think how to make it work
- Dave Hawkins, NH
This thing is absolute garbage! 2/3/2023
Cheap nylon with the Ruger tag actually sewn on upside down when installed for right hand shooters. No accounting for the swivel stud that’s on every single Ruger rifle. Are we just supposed to cut a hole in it Ruger? I’d send it back, but by the time they subtracted the shipping I paid to get it here and the cost of returning it, I’d end up with about $7 back. Wow… what a piece of junk!
- Mike Williams, KS
Good USA Made, One Suggestion 11/24/2021
These carriers are good quality especially for the price. They hold .300 Win Mag cartridges very well. One suggestion is to have a two inch slot sewed in for the sling stud. Also, a very minor issue, if this is used for a right hander ammo on the right side of the stock, the Ruger label on the other side is upside down. I would skill recommend getting these.
- Ruger Guy 333, WA