Ruger Precision® Rifle Sorbothane® Cheek Rest Pad

Ruger Precision® Rifle Sorbothane® Cheek Rest Pad
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This Sorbothane® pad for the Ruger Precision® Rifle cheek rest enhances accuracy, comfort & consistency in all shooting positions and situations. The pad measures 3-7/8" L x 2-1/2"W x 5/16" thick in the center and tapers down each side to 1/8". It has radiused corners and is made to specifically to fit the Precision Rifle's adjustable cheek rest. It is made from 100% Sorbothane at 50 Duro and includes a 3m® adhesive backing for superior adhesion to the cheek rest. Available in black only. Made in the USA by God'A Grip.

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God' A Grip products are composed of 3 layers: the Sorbathane® top layer, a thin clear plastic liner and a 3M® adhesive craft paper backing. There is an adhesive between the Sorbathane® and the liner, and an adhesive between the liner and the brown craft paper backing. When peeling the brown craft paper off, care should be taken not to peel the clear liner off of the Sorbathane® (the brown craft paper will peel off smoothly - the clear liner stuck to the Sorbathane® will not come off easily). If the brown paper backing is not peeling off easily then you are also pulling the clear liner off. Stop… make sure you are only pulling off brown paper backing.

Carefully align God' A Grip and center it on the cheek rest. Using your thumbs, firmly push down the center, then edges, starting at one end of God' A Grip and working your way to the other end until God' A Grip is completely attached to the cheek rest. For best results, let God' A Grip set 24 hours before using.

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Nice Pad 6/4/2022
It sticks good and does provide some comfort for your cheek. I like it.....