Ruger Precision® Rimfire Extended Magazine Release - Black

Ruger Precision® Rimfire Extended Magazine Release - Black
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This Extended Magazine Release for the Ruger Precision® Rimfire Rifle makes it easy to quickly locate the release and drop magazines without fumbling, especially in timed competitions. Machined from billet aluminum with a black anodized finish. Made in the USA by TWS.

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Sloppy 9/3/2020
Sloppy fit, and sticky operation
- Kent Chedrick, PA
Horrible. Waste of my time and money. 8/29/2020
It does not fit properly. When the plunger is completely depressed, it works a little, then it lets the plunger out too far and the mag release locks up. Then you won’t be able to depress the mag release or even fit a magizine in because the plunger won’t depress. After an hour of trying to get it to work, I had to put back the factory mag release which works perfectly.
Great improvement! 11/7/2019
The Ruger extended magazine release was very easy to install. Changing magazines is much easier now. I only wish it had come with the rifle originally. Highly recommended!
- Don Perry, NY