Ruger® Rapid Deploy Front Sight

Ruger® Rapid Deploy Front Sight
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Our custom-designed Ruger® folding Front Sight seamlessly integrates on the Ruger® SR-22®, the Ruger® SR-556®, SR-762®, and other firearms with a same-plane Picatinny rail mounting system. This lightweight, polymer sight is elevation-adjustable; folds flat to make room for optics and is spring-loaded to allow for rapid deployment with the push of a button. Also Available: Ruger® Rapid Deploy Rear Sight (Part Number 90415).
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Sorry 3/11/2024
This the worst sight I have ever seen. You can turn the sight post with your finger tips . No detent. Usually don't write reviews but don't want anyone else to waste their money
Pos 8/1/2021
This has no detent to hold the post secure. Why include an adjustment tool of I can simply use my fingers to turn it? What a pos.
- Wildoe Bumbkin, WY
Great Primary Sights- not just backups. 90414 with 90415 5/26/2020
I got this along with the 90415 rear sight to use as primary sights- not backups- on my AR15. They work great, super accurate, easy to install, and super easy to adjust and zero in. It even comes with a front sight adjustment tool and easy to follow instructions for those who are new to figuring out sight adjustments. Shot 2 groups and she was zeroed- and shes held zero since. Great quality at a great price! I couldnt be more pleased!
- Phil, AZ
Big problem with this front sight 6/27/2019
Simple... no detent to hold front sight from rotating... so its rotate freely when you used it so it will not hold its position. I have this sight on my SR-22 rifle as it come with it... but these sight are useless.
- Ronald, QC
Oddly, different from the rear. 4/5/2018
The rapid deploy sights came standard on our 10/22 version AR22 style. A great idea and appreciated but what is odd to me is that while the rear sight has the left/right windage dial for a quick and easy adjustment, the front sight does not have said dial. Why? This gun was shooting 4 inches low at only 10ft right out of the box. How do I make the front elevation adjustment in the field in a half hour shooting lane? Nothing in the manual as it was clearly printed without this distributor special model in mind or prior to production. Why not the obvious no instruction needed twist dial like the rear? I would guess there is a way but looking at it and searching online still have not brought me an answer. Odd to me that it is different from the rear. Frustrating. I would give it 5 stars otherwise; rear is fine.
Handy Andy
Magpul quality for less 10/11/2017
These work very well. Flip up with a push of the button. These are great as BACK-UP iron sights for when if your optic fails unexpectedly. Some people complain that it is only a single aperture but that is all you need as a back-up sight.
Careful when tightening 10/25/2016
Had it snugged up on my rail. Went shooting and it came loose. Barely tightened a little over snug and the nut just stripped. Called Ruger for a replacement nut. They just told me to return it to the vendor, or to order a new sight from their store, since they dont have replacement parts. Didnt even offer to replace my sight with a new one. First and last time I buy a Ruger accessory, and Im a long time Ruger customer with well over 100 Rugers which have come and gone through my safe, and still have over 20.
- n childress, FL
RDF sight needs work. back to the drawing board! 7/13/2016
Front RDS has no detent to hold front sight from rotating. That being said I would like to know how to stop my sight post from changing its positionrotates out thus lowering P.O.I. had to put another front sight post on front sight just to get a little tighter fit but still it rotates under fire.You would think a detent is a normal since all front sights have them!! or some other type of locking device The overall sight is very good, but the R&D department to save a few bucks decided they could get enough people at Ruger Co to O.K. this elimination of a very very necessary part of all BUIS being made! =.VERY DISSTISIFIED I have left my email address so please feel free to send me a line on how I should fix this gross oversight by your R&D engineers.
- Dan Sluka, MI
frontsight 6/28/2015
I purchased this sight last year sometime and this year i was to replace the magpul front sight because i wanted to have a wing sight not the hg sight..this sight is a crooked sight post off hard to sight in.i used my micrometer to verify the problem.its defective.Ruger should have quality control on these accessories. i will call to get it replaced.
- john zohovetz, AZ