Ruger® Rapid Deploy Rear Sight

Ruger® Rapid Deploy Rear Sight
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Our custom-designed Ruger® Rapid Deploy Rear Sight seamlessly integrates on the Ruger® SR-22® Rifle, AR-556® , SR-556®, SR-762® and other firearms with a same-plane Picatinny rail mounting system. The rear sight can be used in conjunction with most A2-height gas block/front sights. This lightweight, polymer sight is windage-adjustable; folds flat to make room for optics and is spring-loaded to allow for rapid deployment with the push of a button. Also Available: Ruger® Rapid Deploy Front Sight (Part Number 90414).
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Ruger rapid deploy rear sight 5/11/2023
This rear sight is excellent , does what Magpul sights do for less money , would buy again.
- Max Gonzalez, FL
These sights are great! 11/4/2021
I have these Ruger Rapid Deploy sights on several of my AR-15s and Ive never had any problems with quality, reliability, mounting, or zeroing. Theyre great as either primary or backup sights and the medium sized aperture works very well at both close and far distances. And obviously you should buy directly from Ruger to avoid getting counterfeit crap from Joe Bobs or wherever. These are great sights and Im glad I bought them and I highly recommend them.
- Phil J, AZ
Nice sight Junk fasteners - Surprising reaction from Ruger 4/28/2021
I bought a Front & Rear Rapid Deployment sight for a Customers 350 Legend build. He insisited on these sights. They were ordered from Joe Bobs. The Front sight NP. The Rear sight would not tighten due to a poorly formed thread on the nut 10-32. Engagement was less than 40% of thread. I called Ruger they informed me not their problem, call Joe Bobs. Joe Bobs position is since it was opened and installed they would not refund/exchange. The young lady who took my call at Ruger said these are 100% US Made. If thats the case Id find a new fastener supplier. The Customer took my advice and installed GG&G sights. You get what you pay for.
- David Hope, IN
Rear Sight Button Hex Bolt 4/13/2021
If you have the keep this rear sight on your rifle, apply some locktite to the mounting button hex bolt. It will come loose and fall out.
- Kyle, ND
SIGHT & LIGHT 12/10/2019
The face plate portion of this sight above the spring is flipped as it can get. The recess on the peep should face the shooter allowing light to flow with the direction of sight and pinpoint into the exit opening.It would even make your emblems look like they face the correct direction... Mine are reversed now and can’t wait to test them!
- Shawn Witte, FL
Good rear sight, call it BUPS backup poly sight 4/9/2018
Came standard on my Ruger AR 556. I note that some people complain about the single or small aperture. Since this is my primary sight for home defense I swapped a tritium front post and used a drill to make a ghost ring since CQC is my reason to buy a Militia Standard Rifle. I have an old Weaver K4 scope when I go hunting. I might buy a higher dollar folding rear sight but this is tight and fast.
- Jim pilot instructor, KS
rapid deploy sight on ar 556 1/19/2018
Hi guys !! The Ruger rapid deploy sight on my ar 556 is nice ,does it have different size aperatures ? no BUT !! other multi aperature sights I have on say a beretta cx4 storm , the large is a little bigger than this one and the small one is tiny. Both usefull but the ruger sight is between and usefull for me ,I figure mostly they are great for a failed optic ,and for that reason I like it . I use front sight for co-witness with a red dot,works great for me . Polymer but todays polymer stuff is pretty tough and wont bend if dropped ,good product IMO. stay safe all !!
- Frank, NJ
Needs More 12/9/2017
In search of a replacement, looking for a rear sight that provides day and night peep sights same as what military offers, also wanted the elevation adjustability on rear same as military. Im probably just use to what my old rifle in the Marines offered, what Im used to. I know my Dads rock river has a nice rear sight, wish Ruger would have incorporated something similar....
- Seth, SC
Pretty good 10/12/2017
Although it seems like a copy of the magpul flip up sights I actually like the ruger better. It snaps up quickly and strongly, and with some flip up sights it feels like they may break after 50 or so deployments, but the ruger RDRS feels well manufactured and doesnt feel cheap or flimsy. Yes, it only has one aperture but it still points and aims well, in fact I PERSONALLY find the aperture to be the perfect size, not too big that its harder to fnd the center, and not too small where it may be harder to see the front sight.
Magpul quality for less 10/11/2017
These work very well. Flip up with a push of the button. These are great as BACK-UP iron sights for when if your optic fails unexpectedly. Some people complain that it is only a single aperture but that is all you need as a back-up sight.
No Good 9/22/2017
It only has 1 aperture. What good is that going to do you! Ruger tried to copy MAGPUL but failed miserably!