Ruger Rimfire Cleaning Kit

Ruger Rimfire Cleaning Kit
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High quality rimfire cleaning kit packed in a branded, molded tool box. Kit contains the following: .22 caliber cleaning brushes; two sizes of patches; solid brass jags and slotted tips; bronze brushes; cotton swabs; heavy-duty brass cleaning rod that assembles to 23-3/4" in length. Made by the Allen Company under license from Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Great little kit 7/18/2022
Great kit. Parts fit together and patch are correct size for the jag tips. Has bore brush for .204 which is nice but doesn’t have a bore brush for a .22 cal revolver. Long rifle brush fits the bore alright but are too long to clear the forcing cone. If you try to use them you will have to reverse the brush while part of it is still in the bore and will ruin it in short order. This applies to the single six and wrangler revolvers. The rod sections are too short for the longer barrels of the RAR if you clean from the breach but will work from the muzzle as a pull through.
- Ralph Tucker, IL
it works 6/24/2022
Just received the Rim Fire cleaning kit and set to work on my 10/22. The rod was just right for the 18" barrel and did what it was designed to do, clean short and compact barrels. The .243 brush and swab will be used for my .243. I had no problem with the cleaning rod.
- John Reynolds, NM
Misleading product 3/6/2021
I just bought this exact Ruger/Allen Rimfire cleaning kit through another retailer. The fully assembled rod with attachments is too short for my Ruger 8301 rifle. The rod is not brass as listed on the box or shown in the photo. Half of the brushes, mops and jags are for .204 and .243 caliber barrels which are of no use to me. The quality of the pieces is excellent but the sum of the parts are useless for my Ruger 8301 rifle. The gun models and calibers this kit is designed for should be identified in the product description.
- Mike, NC
Could not get brass rods apart! 7/6/2018
Used to clean Ruger Mark IV but in turning the brass brush clockwise, both rods locked together and could only undo with pliers which marred the surface of rods and other end with brass brush on it dimpled around edge and cant fit back into barrel. Cant use again. Other supplies were very useful. Cant replace rods only and this cost me $50 shipped to Canada.
Amazing quality 4/27/2018
Sections add up to 26 in long, which far exceeds what I need for my new Hunter Mk 4 Model 40118. Quality tool made out of eternal brass.
- Efrain Morales, PR
Well-made, but not long enough for the 8301 American Rimfire 3/18/2017
I got this for my Ruger American Rimfire 8301, and I found that the rod is not long enough to reach the muzzle - it leaves a few inches to spare when inserted from the receiver end. That being said, the rod itself appears to be well-made, and the parts where the brass sections screw together are smooth.