Ruger® SP101® .327 Loader

Ruger® SP101®  .327 Loader
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Fits caliber .327. Made in the USA by HKS Products.

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Not sure about these... 6/20/2019
I bought a pair of these for my SP101 in 327 FedMag. And the holes are too close together so you have to release early and wobble things to get the shells to drop in. NOT something I could do in a hurry, or would want to. BUT... They work perfectly in my 32 Colt Police Positive, so there is an upside.
- Steve, RI
Like the man said.... 12/15/2016
The previous review said it. They work like a charm. Very precise. I thought the price was very good too. I bought two and will probably pick up a couple more.
- Robert Reynolds, OH
Works Like A Charm 10/4/2014
I have used these when carrying my 327FM SP101 all the time since these were my only choice for a speed-loader. They fit and clear my Hogue Grips with ease. They slide right in and drop right off once you release the rounds into the chamber. Perfect for quick loads when you carry.
- Gary D, IN