Ruger SP101 Speed Loader

Ruger SP101 Speed Loader
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Speed loader for the Ruger SP101 in .357/.38 calibers. Made in the USA by 5 Star Firearms.

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It all depends on what youre used to. 7/25/2020
Many poor reviews highlight a problem with the counter-clockwise turn to release the rounds. But thats mostly because theyre used to dealing with HKS speed-loaders. The sp101 is my first revolver & I have a couple of 5-Star speed-loaders for it. They work perfectly. They feel intuitive, smooth & comfortable. But I also havent used HKS loaders before. If youve honed in your muscle memory to turn clockwise to release, its probably going to feel incredibly wonky to turn the other way. So I can understand people preferring to stay with their HKS loaders. For the same reason, Ill probably stick to 5-Star loaders. Not because HKS loaders are bad... Theyre just not what Im used to.
i prefer this because it IS counterclockwise 6/24/2020
i have found this works better for me because with the clockwise release of other brands there is a tendency to prematurely move the cylinder towards closure and with this counter clockwise motion the cylinder more naturally stays open until the cartridges are fully released and inserted...this is why they have horse racing, i suppose...
- victor julian mergard, AZ
Well made but counterintuitive and slow 8/19/2018
I have both the J1 and J2 speedloaders from 5 star. They are very high quality and machined nicely. You can also get them in different colors but that costs extra. These speedloaders tend to be sized to specific revolvers better than the ones from HKS, they also tend to fit more smoothly into the smaller revolvers. My only complaint is the rotate backwards from the HKS. Its a righty-tighty lefty-loosy sort of thing. This may make sense in theory but its awful in practice. For a right handed person like me, turning the knob clockwise is easier than turning it counter-clockwise, its simple body mechanics. 5 star has you turn the knob counter-clockwise to release the cartridges, which is counterintuitive and slows down the reloading process. Even after a few years of experience with 5 Star loaders I can still reload faster with HKS, and HKS doesnt fit the gun as nicely as 5 Star. I also just purchased my first set of Bianchi speed strips and within minutes of handling them I was able to load just as fast with those as I can with a 5 Star. With practice the speed strips will be faster than the 5 Star and the 5 Star will end up in the junk drawer.
- Aaron, MI
For leftys? 3/3/2017
Its a quality piece of kit and looks sexy, but because it turns the opposite direction from the HKS to release the cartridges, I NEVER use it.
- Johnny Clare, NV
High End Speedloader 3/30/2015
Ive used these 5-star speed loaders for a couple of years. They are a quality piece of kit. Due to their size and configuration they fit better in tight cylinder to frame clearance guns such as the SP 101 and LCR. They are twist to release loaders and turn the opposite of the HKS brand.
- Paul O., WV