Ruger® Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

Ruger® Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit
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High quality handgun cleaning kit packed in branded, molded tool box. It is designed to work for most high power handguns including: .380 ACP, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, 9mm, 10mm, .40 caliber, .44 Magnum, and .45 ACP. Kit contains the following: Heavy-duty brass cleaning rod that assembles to 18-1/4" in length; brass jags, brass slotted tip and adapter; bronze bore brushes; cotton bore swabs; 20 cotton cleaning patches; muzzle guard. Made by the Allen Company under license from Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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I read the contents of the handgun cleaning kit. It shows it will clean everything from .22 to ,45ACP. You sell pistols in .480 Ruger. Why does the kit not clean those? It seems you would want to be able to clean whatever you sell. Thank and have a nice day.
Nice little kit. 9/6/2018
Great assortment of tools for my handgun. Nice storage case, and unlike other reviews, all my attachments screwed together without any issues. I wish there were some basic instructions for newbies. My only criticism would be that the threaded ends on some of the tools are a little sloppy, but its what I have come to expect from something made in China.
- Greg, AZ
What to use for 9mm pistol... 3/25/2018
So I bought this item specifically to use with my 9mm pistol. Because 9mm is said on the add and above too to work with 9mm pistols. Perhaps I’m just dumb, but no of the items in the set are labeled “9mm.” Just 40, 45, 357, etc. no 9mm? So I assume one of these other caliber tools works for 9mm as well? But since there is zero documentation on the box or inside the kit, I don’t know which to use...I mean WTF???
great kit 1/17/2018
All of the rods fit the handle, the brushes, and the felt rods. This kit is great. When it comes time to use it everything works like it should. Money well spent. I have previously used plastic rods to clean my Ruger GP100 and pieces of plastic have been sheared off the plastic rod and have caught in the ejector rod. I appreciate that this kit has all brass parts that are safer than plastic.
A great kit 3/8/2017
Its a great little kit. All the parts fit together perfectly so I dont get the negative reviews. I used it twice so far and it works great. As for the 22s the description reads for 380 and larger .
- Fred B, OH
Great little kit 2/19/2017
Not sure why all the negative reviews. Ruger description 380 cal. and up so no its not good choice for 22cal.. You can take the barrels out of semi auto handguns, , the parts fit perfectly together. Each of the brushes, Brass Jags, and bore swabs, are marked ie 357, 40 45. This is a great little kit for the money.
- Paulie, SC
Terrible Kit 2/13/2017
Not one of the rods fit the handle or the brushes or the felt rods. This kit is GD useless you pay for it when it comes time to use it nothing works like it should. A pure waste of money!!!!!
John S Smith
nice kit 1/22/2017
someone suggested that this doesnt work for .22? that may be because it is not a rim fire cleaning kit! other than the mandatory extension that makes it long and difficult to manage it is a decent cleaning kit.
One key item is missing from the kit!!!!!!! 1/14/2017
This is a great kit in a nice box. However, as mentioned by others - the parts dont connect properly. You dont need a long rod to clean a handgun. It needs a 10-32 male to 8-32 female adaptor. I bought a nice brass one from a gun supply seller on E-Bay for $5.50. Attached to the end of the handle rod and now everything works perfectly!! I can leave it on and it fits perfectly in the case attached - almost as though the case was made for it!. For about $5, Allen Co. should include this - as the kit is a terrible waste of money without it. If it was included - this would easily be a five star rating!!
Not made for handguns 12/29/2016
I agree with the first review on this kit. None of the parts fit onto the rod without the extender, making the rod 12 inches long; WAY TOO LONG for most handguns, especially for the compact guns. Plus, there appears to be a piece that does nothing useful. Also, the rods are all too fat to fit a .22 cal. The kit needs to contain a shorter rod and a rod for .22 to be effective and get a higher star rating from me. Instructions/tips for gun cleaning would also be a bonus for beginners.
Nothing seems to fit 11/25/2016
The adapter doesnt seem to fit anything. None of the cleaning Implements fit the handle without an extension rod on it making it way too long for cleaning handguns.