Ruger Vaquero® Smooth Bonded Ivory Grips

Ruger Vaquero® Smooth Bonded Ivory Grips
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Smooth bonded simulated ivory grips with the Ruger medallion. Fits the NVB grip frame with internal lock, the Ruger New Vaquero® (with serial numbers beginning with 510-XXXXX) and the 50th Anniversary Blackhawk® only. WILL NOT FIT Ruger Vaquero® with serial numbers beginning with 50-XXXXX. One black screw included. Made in the USA by Altamont.

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Broken 2/4/2022
I had bought these for my 44 mag Blackhawk and after 30 rounds they broke inside where the two sides screw together. Very disappointed.
- Jay Elzey, AZ
Bad Grips 3/30/2021
I Purchased these grips before Christmas and they just arrived yesterday. Waited way to long to get them was the first problem. Then they broke while I was putting them on. Right out of the box. I dont even know if its worth sending them back just to have to wait three months again.
- Don, TX
handgun grilps 9/21/2020
How can find ruger grilps for my new blackhawk.I saw the grips at a gun show the grips had the ruger eagle at the bottom of the grip It was in white in color.Thank you
Little to like 11/24/2018
I bought these grips for my Ruger Vaquero 4 years ago. For the Vaquero, at least, the grips were about 1/16 too wide and created a measurable lip between the frame and the face of these grips. Also I had to keep tightening the screw that repeatedly came loose, maybe ill try lock-tite and see if itll help. They look great from afar but when you get close and/or feel them, you can tell the material is more of a cheap plastic than a more desired hard resin or bone. On top of the issues with the product itself, the shipping for these grips took around 3 months which seemed a little ridiculous, maybe its just a first world problem... I was really disappointed when I finally got these grips, they looked like they has so much potential from the photos, a lot would have to change with these grips to get any better than 2 stars on my review. CONS: Bulky, material feels mid-low quality for the price, screw keeps coming loose, shipping PROS: Looks great from a distance
- Corey The Mick, WA
2 year old 19870 grips 11/30/2015
The grips fit great and looked good but they came loose after 300+ rounds and when I tightened them, perhaps a little to tight, they broke. Not worth the money. I will install the original grips.
- Ron Stevens, AZ
Good grips 12/24/2014
Fit was perfect on my New Vaquero. The grips seem well made with a nice feel to them on the sixgun.
- Jonathan West, WY
New grips want to trade? 9/15/2014
I have a New Vaquero 45 LC with these grips. They are very nice with no dings . I would like to trade for a similar pair of the checkered Rosewood grips. My Ivory grips are flawless, yours must be also. email me at
- David, SC
Looks only. 8/15/2014
I wish it was made from Bone as opposed to plastic. Very light. Looks cool but fake in the respects of what white grips ever were on a western revolver. Does work well. NV model. I guess for me it is like a 5 star look but in reality it might be a 3 for plastic western. I went with wood.
- John Wayne, CA
Handsome grips 8/1/2014
Fit great Make revolver look great New vaquero