SP101® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 3-1/16" Barrel

SP101® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 3-1/16
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Leather holster with tan finish for the SP101® up to a 3-1/16" barrel stamped with Ruger logo. Made in the USA by Triple K. Right-handed. This leather holster is a natural leather product. There will be variances in the color of the holster ranging from tan to a darker brown.

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Fantastic Holster 3/17/2021
Perfect fit, edges finished nicely and the stitching is tight and even. I waited on this one over some others because it covers the entire trigger guard.
Works for LCRs with 3in barrels also. 12/24/2020
Bought for my LCR in .38 . Tight to start with. Oiled up holster then wrapped lcr in wax paper. Worked lcr in and out , twisted back and forth for couple of days. Fits great now. Thumb break wouldnt snap at first but after break in works fine. Leather will darken after oiling. I prefer a darker color. Turned out great. Great purchase.
- John Overstreet, NC
A Fine Holster 12/8/2020
This holster is VERY tight.....at first. Took a good bit of work to get it snapped behind the hammer. This is NORMAL for a new leather holster. Ordered this holster on 12/3/20, arrived 5 days later. After just a few hours of leaving the .327 Fed revolver in the holster, with the strap closed, it fits like a glove. Quality appears to be exceptional for this price. Perfect for any 3-inch-barreled SP101.
- Ron S., OK
Beautiful and useless 5/18/2020
Beautiful holster and exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the thumbreak strap will not fit between the hammer spur and the frame making it worthless. Im very disappointed. Its being returned.
- Bill, AZ
Greg holster, fits perfect! 4/12/2020
Just bought mine April 2020. Great fit, thumb break snap had no issues. Easy to snap in, nice and tight secure hold. Holster is light so not bulky which I like. Exactly what I was looking for.
Fits like a glove 1/1/2020
I was apprehensive about this holster at first because of the different accounts of the strap being too tight or other fit issues. I have had no issues with this holster, and when it arrived my sp101 fit it like a glove snapping easily and fitting securely. I plan on purchasing another for my 2 inch sp101.
Fits like a glove 11/7/2019
I purchased this holster with trepidation after reading the reviews about it. But when I got it, it fit my pistol perfectly right out of the package. I didnt have to do anything to it.
Perfect fit 3/1/2019
My holster arrived, and the two snaps on the thumb break didn’t even touch, let alone fasten, with the gun in it. I spent an evening working the leather. Stretching, twisting, pulling, until it fits like a glove. Perfect!
- Steve m, MI
Outstanding! 2/25/2019
This is my second Triple K holster, the first for my Single Six. It’s perfect. At first glance, it didn’t look like the thumb break snap would ever connect. The same thing happened with my first holster. So, I startedpulling, twisting, and with a little time, it now snaps with no problem.
- Steve, MI
SP101 327 Fed Mag holster 2/18/2019
I received a SP101 327 Fed Mag revolver with the three inch barrel from my co-workers as a retirement gift. Needing a holster I found the SP101 three inch holster, followed the manufactures break-in instructions and my revolver fits and the snap works perfect. Would recommend this holster to anyone with a SP101 three inch revolver.
- Rickey G., TX
Outstanding. 2/4/2019
This is my second Triple K holster. Just like the one for my Single Six, its a perfect fit. It took a little stretching, and loosening up for the thumb break to latch. Its a perfect match for the 3 SP101. Triple K makes a quality holster.
- Steve, MI
Great Fit, Fantastic Look 3/8/2017
UPS delivered tonight, quickly found the holster to be tight, 3 hours later my SP101 .357 4.2 fits perfectly; after a little break in. Placed gun into the holster, 1 hour later remove/insert 3-4 times and tried the snap -- repeat -- will leave in the holster over night with the strap snapped... I really like the look and fit of this holster.
SP 101 Triple K Holster 9/24/2016
Purchased this item September 2016. Im 110% pleased. Fits my Ruger SP 101 like a glove. The appearance and finish are excellent.
Jim M.
SP101Triple K Holster 2/5/2016
I recived my Holster As Always Geat Product Every thing Fits Perfictly Left My Gun In Two Days Comes In And Out Easly Thanks !
- Ron, MA
SP101 HOLSTER 12/10/2015
I received my holster this morning, it fits perfectly, a bit tight like a new holster should be. I dabbed a bit of NEEDSFOOT OIL on the pressure points inside the holster, that should allow the leather to conform to my gun even better. Now this will allow me to carry my SP101 often, I usually carry my 9MM but it is a bit large for some situations.
Perfect fit and surperp quality. Exceeds my expectations. 10/23/2015
RE the review that states retainer strap does not fit ,too short---YES IT DOES FIT. Any true quality holster made from REAL leather by experienced holster makers SHOULD fit extremely tight on initial use. REAL leather holsters stretch over time and will mold to the firearm for a perfect fit over time. HELP this process by forcing the revolver into the tight fitting new holster, snap it and leave it in the holster for a few days, It will fit better upon each use after that.
- Raymond Urton, IN
snap wont snap 8/6/2015
I like Ruger products and have several, but this holsters snap does not come close--not even close--to fitting behind and/or under the hammer spur so that it can be snapped. No, its not a matter of the new leather being stiff. Its a matter of the snap strap not being long enough.
Ruger SP 101 holster 1/10/2015
I bought one of these holsters for my 327 magnum and it is an excellent product. Excellent fit with a good strong thumb break feature. The only issue I had was the extra wide belt loop. Took it to a local saddle shop and he sewed the loop to where it would fit my 1˝ inch belt, thus eliminating the looseness encountered when drawing the revolver. I would recommend this holster for anyone with the 3 inch barreled gun. And the price is very good for this quality holster.
- Satch, TX