SP101® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4.2" Barrel

SP101® Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4.2
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This right-handed, unlined leather holster in walnut oil is compatible with 4.20" barrels for Ruger® SP101® double-action revolvers and is made in the USA.This Ruger branded holster can be worn strong side or cross draw and fits belts up to 1.75" wide.

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Great fit for my SP101 4.2" .357! 6/7/2022
Holster's a little tight at first, but followed instructions, and snapped revolver in place. What a great holster!
- Paul Witt, SC
SP 101 Holster 7/22/2020
It took quite some time for the holster to arrive and I had almost given up as they were sold out. Glad now that I waited however because it was finally delivered and is perfect. It makes the 327 complete.
Ruger SP101 Match Champion 4.2” 1/15/2020
Bought this for an SP101 Match Champion with a 4.2” barrel in .38/.357. As other reviews state the thumb break is a tight fit at first; however, follow the instructions included with the holster and fitting will be a breeze. The holster does tilt the gun forward when on your hip but that’s my preference for carry anyway. Fit and finish exceeded expectations and the finish matches the Match Champion grips well. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a quality leather holster for your 4.2” SP101, then your search ends here.
Perfect fit 11/9/2018
Purchased for a new SP101 4 .357 mag. The oil finish is very well done. The gun fit perfectly into the holster but the thumb snap at first appeared waaayyy too short to ever possibly close the snap. But after about 1/2 hour of working it and softening the thumb break, it snapped right into place. The leather stretched very well, just as the instructions said it would. It rides very well on a good belt, nice and tight and high enough for concealed carry. Id buy another in a heartbeat. I am very pleased with this holster, and it is very well made. Should last a lifetime.
- Sam, PA
Item 50416 Triple K holster for SP 101 with a 4.2 barrel 3/8/2017
Somebody should tell the one reviewer that this holster will most certainly fit the SP 101 in .327 Federal magnum. If your revolver has the 4.2 barrel, it will fit perfectly. Even if your revolver only has a 3.18 barrel. It fits no matter the caliber.
SP101 22lr holster 12/25/2016
I received this holster as a gift recently. It fits my 22lr perfectly. The material used in the manufacture is top notch. I would recommend this holster to anyone looking at this model.
Did not fit my sp 101 327 federal 10/18/2016
ruger should make it clear this does not work with the sp 101 327 federal model.
Beautiful as the SP101! 5/16/2016
Perfect fit for the SP101 .22 revolver! Read the instructions that come with the holster. You cant go wrong!
- Wes, VA
Built like a Ruger 3/1/2016
Ive seen mixed reviews on forums but this thing is made to last!
- Mike, OH
Wonderfull Craftsmanship 8/22/2015
I had to wait a few weeks as holster was out of stock, but it was well worth the wait. The craftsmanship of this holster is excellent! It fits my SP101 in 327 Fed Mag perfectly. I really like the cross draw feature ,much easier on my ageing shoulders! My only minor complaint is the Ruger stamp is on the weak side, wish it showed up better!
- Loyd, KS
Great product 6/12/2015
Love the cross-draw feature, it brings the grip a bit lower and I find it easier on my aging right shoulder than drawing from the strong side high carry position. Construction is beefy, fit is snug and secure, with proper care it should last longer than me!
- Michael, AK
Perfect fit, rugged build 5/19/2015
This holster fits my SP101 4.2 .357 Mag revolver perfectly. However, it was very difficult to get it to go into it deeply enough to snap the retention strap the first few tries. After leaving it snapped into place for a few days, it conforms perfectly and snaps with ease. The holster is made for rugged use; the kind of use a LEO might give one with daily wear. The leather is thick and the retention thumb tab is double thick and works better than I imagined possible without a metal backer. I look forward to using this for many years.
- Dave35645, AL
Great Product 10/30/2014
At first I was worried this might be for the .22 since it isnt specified, but I got it and it fits my .357 perfect. I love this holster. You can really see the detail up close. This is a high quality product.

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