SR1911® Mitch Rosen® Belt Holster, RH

SR1911® Mitch Rosen® Belt Holster, RH
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Mitch Rosen® holster for the SR1911® in Cuban brown leather with stamped Ruger logo. Holster features dual belt slots for stability as well as pulling holster close to the body. Fits up to 1.5 " belt. Made in the America. Right-handed only.

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Excellent holster!! 3/8/2023
This is my first leather holster. The hand crafting that goes into this holster is really nice. Looks and feels very durable and seems like it will last for many years. The fit is very tight (this is normal for new leather but I wasnt aware till after a little reading about them). Ordered some leather lightning and will give it a good work in after it shows up. Very comfortable, built to last, and it looks really good too!
Great Holster 9/5/2018
Ordered on Sunday, received on Thursday. This is a super holster and fits my SR1911 Commander perfectly. For me, it is not too tight and not too loose, just right. Fits snug against my waist, Im 6 foot and perfect for me. Very good for concealed carry. Thanks Ruger!
- Ray, PA
SR 1911 holster 7/3/2016
Excellent product! Very well made. Appears to be quality leather. Pleasantly surprised and holster fits pistol nicely. Pistol holds high and tight with no concern about being able to carry concealed in this owb holster. Two thumbs up on this product and I would definitely recommend this holster to anyone.
exceptional holster 2/11/2016
I bought this for my Ruger LTW Commander and it out performs many other leather holsters Ive used. And, I didnt have any fitting issues - slides in and out easily. I did put CTC lasergrips on it, which widened the grip a little but still fits like a glove and the extra grip thickness assists with retention a bit. Georgia being an open carry state Ive received several nice comments about it as well.
- Curt, GA
First and Only 7/24/2015
This holster is for my SR1911 Commander. Like stated in other reviews very snug when new. After running the gun in and out numerous times it eased up. Fit nice on the belt with a nice angle. The only holster Ill buy for this pistol
- Jim B, PA
Superb holster 6/30/2015
Purchased this holster for my SR1911 Commander and the fit and retention are outstanding! To aide in ease of removing my pistol, I wrapped the pistol body in wax paper, with the wax side out, and left it with pistol holstered for a couple of days inside my gun cabinet. I then drew and holstered pistol, still wrapped in the wax paper, numerous times to get the wax coating on inside of the holster. This worked well and it is much easier to draw from holster, yet holster still maintains its rigidity and retention capability.
- John, NY
top notch budget holster 3/4/2015
this is my favorite carry holster
Exceptional Holster! 5/23/2014
Im a retired police firearms instructor with many active years of city street duty, and I know what constitutes a good holster. I have been wearing this Mitch Rosen holster daily for two full years. It rides with exceptionally good comfort, rides high and close, conceals extremely efficiently, and keeps the gun secure and snug, despite thousands of cycles in and out. Ive never had anyone detect it, even under thin summer shirts. The leather is strong, sewing is perfectly executed, and its got a very handsome and durable finish that shows only the slightest wear where it comes in contact with my seat belt fastener, riding hundreds of miles a week.. Im 6-3, 250 lbs., and a 38 waist, so I would not necessarily attribute the comfort I experience with this size holster to a smaller individual with a smaller torso. In that case, Id heartily recommend the more compact Commander model 1911 and Mitch Rosen holster. Mitch Rosen holsters are made to be extremely snug fitting to the gun, as they should be, so that after a short break-in, they will still have solid retention, which this two-year-worn holster does, to my great satisfaction. After getting the holster, simply force the gun in and out 100 or so times, and it will be nicely broken in. Do NOT apply any oils or leather softeners, or the leather will loose its rigidity. I would recommend this holster to anyone desiring the finest workmanship and materials. Nice job, Mitch Rosen!
- Wayne, NH
Well made, will last 4/30/2014
Ive used this holster for the SR1911 for about 4 months now on and off. I found it has a very small revel even for a full sized fire arm. The only negative I find is that the pistol fits real tight and is hard to get in and out of the holster. When new, had to force in to get fully seated. Being used with more cycling, it seams to be loosening up. This is a well made product and will probably last as long as the Ruger
- Ed K, MN