SR1911® Novak® Fiber Optic Front Sight - Green

SR1911® Novak® Fiber Optic Front Sight - Green
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Fiber optic front sight with high visibility allows for a quick pick up in daylight conditions. The design has a recessed front to set back the fiber for added protection and light gathering capability. Fits the SR1911®. Machined from bar stock steel. Made in America by Novak®.

Sight must be installed by a licensed gunsmith. May require hand fitting.

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Far from Drop-In Part 11/8/2022
Since Novak is producing this front sight, and since Ruger is marketing it for use on the SR1911, one would think it would be close to a drop-in part. Honestly, this sight is far from drop-in. SIGNIFICANT fitting is necessary to get this sight installed. I'm very fortunate to have access to a professional machine shop, but the typical consumer is not so lucky. This sight will work great for me, now that it's installed, but Ruger should really reconsider this part, and sell something at least a little closer to drop-in ready.
- Kelly Moffitt, AZ
Sr1911 sight 6/3/2020
Bought this for a sr1911 10mm was recommended by Ruger customer service. Sight is not very bright and was way oversized . Required an extreme amount of fitting , way more than it should. I wouldnt recommend or would I buy it again. Was disappointed with product overall.
- Robert Shea, NY
Very Pleased with the Novak Fiber Optic Front Sight for SR1911 9/13/2017
I purchased this Novak fiber optic front sight and had it professionally installed on my SR1911. For me, the front sight really pops. And the brighter the sunlight, the brighter the front sight. Acquiring the target is much easier with this increased visibility. The gunsmith installed the sight and bore sighted the pistol to assure the sight was on target. I would recommend this fiber optic front sight.
Not Bright 2/24/2017
I purchased this sight, and had it installed. I was disappointed in the lack of brightness. I have Hiviz sights from Ruger on my SP 101, my GP 100, and my Redhawk, and they are all much brighter. I would not recommend this sight.
- Gil, AZ
Not a direct replacement on the new guns! 2/15/2017
The newer model 1911s will not accept this sight without filing the rear bottom for clearance over the slide. It can be made to work but be warned if you try without the proper clearance you will damage the slide or break the sight. The newer style sight must not have any rear overhang like 90605 or 90606.
- Eric, OH
CAUTION 2/2/2017
This unit does NOT fit newer SR1911s. A capable gunsmith can make it fit inside the Novak-like base...however there is no clearance between the sight and the gun which means elevation is way out of spec. When called, Ruger told him that they recently changed the dimensions of the base, and that this product would NOT fit any SR1911 made in the last seven months.
Installing a Green Novak FO front sight SR1911 5/24/2014
I installed this FO sight on my SR1911. It is the best front sight for engagement and target alignment ever. I called Novak for some tips on how they install it.You will be amazed.
- Doug D, CT
New sights 5/12/2014
I put a new front sight on my sr 1911 /45 .i just luv it the pick is so much fast than the orginal one i just luv it and its fun to shoot again thanks Ruger
- RONNIE Jones, TX