SR22® Williams Firesight Set

SR22® Williams Firesight Set
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This Firesight set for the Ruger® SR22® is adjustable for windage and elevation (click adjustable for elevation only) and replaces the factory sights. The front sight has three protective bands for greater durability and brighter sight picture. The sights are CNC machined from high grade aluminum. Made in the USA by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. Professional installation recommended.

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Excellent sights 1/4/2022
Slight difficulty putting in but they install right to left on both rear and front slide. They claim to have up/ down and right/ left 'click' adjustment but i only can figure out the up/ down. I'm shooting slightly right so I'll have to push rear sight slightly left.
- M H, CT
Does not fit 7/22/2020
I thought it was expensive but I was willing to pay it and excited to have this on my SR22. I think sights should be tight, otherwise theyre going to be moving on you; with that said, these sights do NOT fit the Ruger SR22. I understand some fitting may be needed sights on some guns, but again these sights, just are not made to fit a Ruger SR22.
Good 1/14/2018
- Katrell West, MS
Foresight doesn’t fit. 10/28/2017
This is a terrible product, do not buy! Sight does not fit, extensive grinding is required to make fit into front sight slot.
- AK, NC
Nice but not worth the expense 7/3/2017
The sights themselves light up and acquire very nicely and I rate that aspect highly. However, the difficulty of installing the sights did end up requiring me to pay the local gunshop to complete the installation thus costing me an additional $25 beyond the cost of the sights themselves. Also not pleased with the lack of windage adjustment on the rear sights even though it is advertised as being click adjustable. Apparently that only applies to elevation.
rear Sight Fell Apart 3/7/2017
The red tubes in rear sight fell out after 3rd use. Poor quality, wouldnt buy again.
Do not fit 2/8/2017
Got a set today and they do not fit, they are not machined very well. Would not ever purchase another set
Great sights! 2/6/2017
Minor fitting needed a few minutes with a file is all Nice bright sights easy to line up quickly much better than the original!
Derek Q
Love Em 1/21/2016
These sites are fantastic. A great improvement to my already great Ruger. They just light up. It takes a little bit of patients to install them but the time spent is well worth it.
They dont fit. 12/15/2015
These sights simply dont fit. You can alter them to make them fit, and maybe it will work. Overpriced junk.
- T W, ME
Great upgrade to stock sights 3/5/2015
I put these on my SR22 and there is simply no comparison. Visibility is fantastic in all but the dimmest light. Installation was a breeze. I used a punch and, out with the old, in with the new. Took me just two tries - with no equipment other than a screwdriver - to sight them in.
Sr22 sights 10/18/2014
Nice sights if you can get them to fit. Took some filing on the sights to fit. Both front and rear. Used a micrometer and the rear was .007 too wide and the front I dont remember. Would rate higher if it F I T Waiting for trijicon to produce a set. Just a comment, I have change sights on sigs, glocks and NEVER had a problem. Room for improvement
- Joe B, NY