SR9 & SR9c Fobus Paddle Holster, RH

SR9 & SR9c Fobus Paddle Holster, RH
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Fits SR9 , SR9c and 9E. Fobus paddle holsters feature passive retention that allows for rapid presentation and securely locks handgun in place. Fobus stands behind every holster with a 100% lifetime warranty for repair or replacement. Right-handed. Made by Fobus.

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Fit is way too tight. 3/30/2018
I had read the reviews before and was prepared for a tight fit but nothing like this! Ive used silicon spray and worn myself out putting my 9E in and jerking it out. I already own several Fobus holsters, but this one is a huge disappointment.
Two Years later fits My SR9c better and better. 7/3/2017
Wasnt to thrilled about it when I got it a few years ago. Just plain old ugly to me. But for lack of anything else I used it as my CC holster. It wasnt until I tried some other options that I realize how great this thing is for my SR9c. Fits like glove, gives me the three finger grip access I prefer, a little push with my thumb against the holster and Im armed. I wish they made this exact same one for my SR45. But as for my SR9c, this pistol, this holster, forever!!!
- Jeff, GA
Good holster for 9E 4/20/2017
This is a great holster for my 9E. It is comfortable and well built - I have worn it all day to get used to it around the house and driving. The gun will not fall out, even during a light jog. This holster fits tight by design. It is meant to be a rapid draw, meaning it is designed so that the gun requires a slight jerk to get it out of the holster. This allows for very rapid presentation, but still a normal feel if you are just taking it out to set on the bench. Dont let the tight reviews worry you, I really like this holster.
- Chuck, WI
Fits Perfect 4/11/2017
I was skeptical due to the other reviews I had read, but it has worked out better than I ever expected. My daughter has used it a couple of times with her SR9c and has loved the fit so much that she has now bought her own.
- Tom, WI
Like a glove 8/9/2016
I was worried about getting this because of the tight reviews. I have a 2015 sr9c and just got the holster August 2016. The gun went into the holster easy and pulled out easy. I could not shake the gun out when I turned it upside down. I was even able to pull the gun out of the holster even when it was only clipped over my briefs....dont ask. I would highly recommend this holster.
- A RM, MN
Fits, but very tight 4/15/2016
Fits my 9E, but the fit is so tight its not easy to remove the gun. Absolutely no way for a fast presentation with this holster, though the gun will darn sure sit securely and not come out on accident. Im going to give it some time to try to break in a bit, but if it remains as tight as it is Ill be returning it and getting a different holster - something this slow to clear is not what Im personally looking for.
- Dave, WI
Seems a Little Tight 11/13/2015
I like Fobus holsters and own several. This one seems a bit tight. It goes in easily, but it takes too much effort to remove it. I am trying to find a way to break it in a bit
- Mike, FL
Not quite 5/21/2015
There is no way for rapid presentation when drawing from the holster
Fit too tight at first but has loosened up over time 5/14/2015
This holster is meant to cover several different guns from different manufacturers and as such isnt specifically designed for the SR9 series. I have a 9E and an SR40, which also fits despite its slightly wider slide. That said, it does work but at first mine was much too tight around the trigger guard and it required way too much effort to remove the pistol. That has loosened up over time, but Id have preferred a good fit from the start. Many people have had a good fit out of the box but be aware that isnt always the case.
Bought for my Ruger 9E 3/29/2015
says it fits the new 9e and it does but not with a laser max laser. also even without the laser too hard to draw pistol out of it.
Does not completely cover trigger! 1/29/2015
I Ordered this for a full size SR9 to use in IDPA. When it got here I found that when fully seated the holster does NOT completely cover the trigger! This automatically disqualifies it for use in competition. Wish they has mentioned that in the website.
love it 7/7/2014
I love it well worth the money.
- william king, TN