Scoped Rifle Takedown Case

Scoped Rifle Takedown Case
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This padded nylon attaché-style case includes multiple internal, configurable, Velcro®-style mounting points for takedown rifle and carbine components. The three zippered interior pockets provide room for ammo and accessories. Two integrated "wings" provide a convenient platform for assembling and staging the firearm. The top handle makes it easy to carry the case and pull it out of a storage bin or from under/behind the seat of a vehicle. The case includes 2 D-rings to attach the included carry strap at two points to wear over one shoulder (this is not a backpack-style case). The compact size makes this a great storage option for many applications. The case is made black nylon for strength & durability. It includes an embroidered, Velcro®-style Ruger patch that can be quickly removed for discreet carry. The LC Carbine™, Ruger PC Carbine™, 10/22® Takedown, and SR-556® fit in the bag with optics attached to the firearms for easy set-up and use. The bag is 24"x 10" x 2.5". Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

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Nice case for 10/22 X-22 Backpacker Takedown 3/31/2024
Very nice and convenient case for my X-22 Backpacker Takedown build. I wish it had instructions/guide for installations of the Velcro holders.
- Winthrop Smith, NH
Great for 10/22 but not all PCCs 3/11/2024
This is a great bag for the 10/22 but not for all configurations of the PC Carbine. I attempted to fit my PCC in the bag, since it worked so well for my 10/22 (even with scope), but with a grip an optics, the PCC didn't have enough room.
Great bag for PC Carbine w/backpacker stock 1/10/2024
The gun fits very well with the proper "pockets" and Velcro tabs in their proper spot. My gun has a Holosun 510 on it and the gun stays put in the bag. I also have a couple of extra mags in the extra pockets right next to the gun.
- Gun Guy, KS
This case met my needs! 1/2/2024
I am happy that I purchased this case. However, because my rifle has a scope on the rifle and not red light on the rifle barrel it is difficult to use all of the tabs. Also, because I have a sound braker on barrel I can’t insert the barrel in the tab! I can still use it!
The Ultimate Takedown Carry Case 9/11/2023
I have three of these, two came supplied with the purchase of my 10/22 Takedown Lite and the 10/22 Charger Takedown Lite with tripod and scope. Plenty of room for mags storage and mag loader and ammo containers! I then bought an extra case solely to carry an AR pistol with accessories. A quality carry case, very adaptable to configure components/assemblies for storage and transporting.
Another 22Plinkster
Small for a. Scope rifle (take down} 6/21/2023
For mu PC-carbine i have to remove the scope and store the gun as 3 peices. Based on the name of the bag i was hoping it would fit just buy removing the barrel. If the height of the bag was only 1 inch bigger it would have fi t. This way
- David Whitlock, AZ
Awesome Case 3/12/2023
This case came with my new 10/22 takedown. It was configured for a takedown without a scope but is easily reconfigured for a scoped rifle with the industrial strength velcro tiedowns and supports. Nice storage pouches make it handy to keep all your accessories with the rifle. Schwing!!!
- Heywood Jablowme, WI
Perfect for 10/22 Charger 11/18/2020
Got this for my new 10/22 Charger pistol with small red dot scope. Just perfect! Fully customizable straps and padding and has inside storage pouches. Fits what came with the gun and all my extras, perfect.
- Michael Brown, NH
Ruger PC Carbine Case 6/19/2020
This case fits my Ruger PC carbine with the buttstock extensions installed, and the rifle broken down. The other aftermarket case I had, which was shorter, did not.
Ron L.
Perfect for Custom Charger Builds 2/22/2020
Perfect pack for my high-end custom Charger builds. Scoped Chargers fit in this bag to perfection, including McGowen and Kidd barrel versions with AR-style pistol grips and tubes. The padded inserts help stabilize the guns within the case during carry and transport. No other case fits the need like these. I wish I could share pictures. Great job, Ruger!
- Alan, OH
New Bag for my PCC 5/10/2019
Although this bag was designed for the 10/22 TD. It has now problem fitting the PCC TD with lots of room for a scope too. Only mod needed for the PCC is the Velcro barrel mount is too small for the 9mm. But seriously this case should offered with the 9mm PC Carbine TD! With the modded barrel end mount of coarse.
- Dave, BC
Ruger Scoped Rifle Takedown Case 3/29/2019
I bought the Ruger PC 9 Carbine and I needed a case for it. I looked around and found a few that might work with this Carbine. I finally desided to purchase the case and a Ruger PC Carbine sling recommended on the Ruger site. This case is perfect for a range case. I fit the Carbine and anything I may need on the firing range in this case with room to spare.. If you have the PC Carbine this case is for you.
- Bill B., NY
Not the best option for the PC Carbine 6/21/2018
This is a great case for the 10/22 Carbine, but not the best choice for the PC Carbine. The bag includes a velcro-backed muzzle pocket and a breech loop that fits the barrel of the 10/22 nicely, but not the barrel for the PCC.
- Tom Beardmore, KS
Absolutely fantastic! 5/10/2018
This bag is the most configurable bag for a takedown Ive ever seen. Even with a scope and bipod attached.
perfect discreet bag for the traveler 4/6/2018
Unlike the current bag that comes with the 10-22 Take-down, this is rather discreet. With the full back being velcro, you have options for positioning the contents. It is well padded including the sides
- Bryan, AR