Security-9® & Ruger-5.7® Hogue® Beavertail™ Grip Sleeve - Black

Security-9® & Ruger-5.7® Hogue® Beavertail™ Grip Sleeve - Black
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The Beavertail Grip Sleeve is installed by slipping it over the grip frame until it seats perfectly into position. The sleeve matches the unique contours of the polymer frame for a secure and comfortable fit. The sleeve provides a single finger groove for instinctive handling and control of the firearm. The finger groove leads into a gentle palm swell that has been carefully designed to fit naturally in the hand. The beavertail built into the grip sleeve rises high along the backstrap of the frame. This provides full rubber contact with the hand allowing a higher hand-placement on the grip without the fear of the slide biting the skin between the thumb and the trigger finger. In addition to protection and comfort, the beavertail also cushions the hand during recoil by providing better distribution of recoil forces. Fits Security-9® standard models only (does NOT fit compact models) and Ruger-5.7® pistols. Made in the USA by Hogue®.

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Ruger 57 grip install 3/10/2022
Was easy took about 5 mins and did not use there instructions sprayed a lil window cleaner in the grip got it started working it’s way on to the handgrip once I got it started making sure the window cleaner stayed wet inside of the grip then worked it down front of the grip a little bit then the back a little bit until it was seated all the way down on the handgrip where I liked it I’ve done this on every pistol I have the hogue grip on Sig m18 Glock 23 M&P 40 and a few more works everytime takes about 5 to 10 minutes every time was actually faster on my RUGER 57 to get on good luck to everyone tryn to use this product on any pistol
- Coco Turner, WA
Excellent for the Ruger 57 12/15/2021
I would define the installation as a 40 minutes of painstaking challenge... That turns out to be really worth it. Due to caliber size, the 57 has some rather awkward grip ergonomics. This upgrade makes the 57 look more serious... But after going back to the range, I can confirm that the new grip also feels more serious making the 57 handle and shoot better. I strongly recommend wearing gloves during the installation not to tear your hands. I did NOT use lubricant as per instructions... When handling or working on such a device, a slippery grip is not something that made sense to me. You should have something like a visegrip and a long but very thin screwdriver handy (to remove the make shift shoe horns when done). Also I don't think I could have pulled it off without help from my wife. So have someone ready to give a helping hand. But as mentioned, a visit to the range and you will appreciate the difference especially for the (cost) ROI.
- Mike Lorenz, QC
Perfect 57 accessory 12/2/2021
It took a little effort to get it on, but the effort was well worth it!! The grip affords me perfect grip, to maximize accuracy, makes recoil almost non existent. Im ordering another one for my other 57. The only thing better than 1 Ruger, thats 2 Ruger 57s.
how to slip it on easier 11/21/2021
i took a piece of soft ribbon, u can probably use string but may cut in more; slip it through the grip to start with, spray bottle of alcohol helped a lot and as you work the grip on use the ribbon as a puller to seat it and u can pull it around to adjust certain areas
This is what you need to know. 10/3/2021
I have installed this grip 3 times on my compact S-9. It does not fit the compact well. Your middle finger has to be small to fit between trigger guard and grip. Total length is to long for the compact, It interferes with the mag. Do not use the box to install. I did and now I have to keep the grip. The quality of this grip is great. Im going to trim the length so I can us it. This is for the full size S-9 I think or the 57.
Update 10/3/2021
15 round with adapter makes a prefect fit for the compact S-9
Worst Hogue grip I have owned. Does not feel like a Hogue. 4/15/2021
Yeah- I finally got it on after co-opting a Bulgarian Wrestling team to beat it. Of course I destroyed the plastic case it came in to make the recommended shoe horns- so now that I dont like the installed feel at all- how do I return it in unused condition in a destroyed box?
- Rob, WI
Ruger 57 Hogue grips 12/1/2020
I just got this grip for my Ruger 57. It is tough to get on, but it is a nice grip once installed. My only complaint is that the grip should be longer in order to cover the entire bottom of the 57 grip. As it is the rubber grip is short by 3/8s of an inch, so it doesnt cover the bottom end of the 57 grip
- Mike Rowley, UT