Single Action Rosewood w/o Lock

Single Action Rosewood w/o Lock
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Rosewood laminate grips for single-action revolvers without the internal lock. Fits the Ruger® New Model Single-Six®, Ruger® Wrangler®, Ruger® Single-Ten®, New Model Blackhawk®, Ruger Vaquero® (with serial numbers beginning with 50-XXXXX), New Model Super Blackhawk® with the round trigger guard and Old Army. WILL NOT FIT Ruger Vaquero® with serial numbers beginning with 510-XXXXX, Ruger New Vaquero®, Bisley™ Vaquero, Bird's Head Vaquero, 50th Anniversary Blackhawk®, Hunter models, or blued models manufactured after 2005 with XR00305 grip frame. This is a natural wood product, color of grain varies.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Hardcore 3/8/2024
I only buy Ruger. This pair of grips replaced the cheap-looking plastic grips on my 17 HMR single six perfectly.
- Steve Korthas, KS
Updated grips for Super Wrangler. 2/4/2024
Wanted a better grip for my black Super Wrangler and these look a feel outstanding. Makes a $260.00 dollar gun look much more expensive. Much better then the synthetic black ones it came with. Wish they made some in a birds head as well.
- Mike Mclaughlin, VA
very nice looking grips 1/28/2024
The fit is great,very nice grain, very fast shipping. 5 stars, l will buy again.
- john T, NC
Beautiful grips 9/16/2023
Wanted the Super Wrangler to look more like a Single Six, and now it does. The fit is perfect and the feel is much better with the thicker wood grips.
- Brett B, CA
Nice finishing touch on my dad’s revolver 9/15/2023
I thought my dad’s Parkerized Blackhawk 357 might look good with some new rosewood grips; boy, what an understatement that was! The color of the wood makes the new finish “pop”, which is ironic, because my dad was color blind! I had none of the problems installing the grips I’ve heard others mention. I can’t wait to get back out on the shooting range with it!
Highly recommended upgrade! 8/11/2023
Made my black super wrangler look awesome. Grips are fatter, and fit my hand better than the black plastic grips that came with the gun. Grips fit perfectly with no modifications needed.
wannabe cowboy
Looks great 2/2/2023
Bought grips for my bronze Ruger Wrangler.Feels great and made it look even better . Big improvement from the original grips
Very nice 1/22/2023
So when reading reviews I always read the negative reviews first because we already know what the good reviews are going to say and would like to address the two negative reviews I saw from my expedience. Ist negative review, the screw being too short. Correct the original screw is too short. That being said there is a small envelope with a longer screw. It's easy to miss and quite possible that the person did not see it and accidentally tossed it out, just saying. The 2nd negative review said they did not fit. That being said, at first I thought mine did not fit either but after messing with them and making sure the pin holes lined up first, they were a very tight fit. So much so that I could shake my gun around before putting the new screw in and they would not fall off. My reason for addressing these was because I am so happy with them they make my $200, dollar Wrangler look like a $700. gun and didn't want someone else to miss out on what in my opinion are the best looking grips out there because of a negative review on error.
Fit like a glove on my Wrangler 1/21/2023
I ordered this set for my OD green Wrangler, and they look and feel great. They fit perfectly and the wider wood grips really make a difference in the way it points and handles. I Highly recommend.
- Pete H, AZ
Wrangler rose wood handels 11/10/2022
Perfect fit .Excellent wood finish
Bill S
BEYOND A WOW 10/15/2022
Beautiful..Perfect fit..Quick ship..My Ruger Wrangler just took on a great look and feel..
Much better than original grips 8/27/2022
I never liked the black plastic grips that came on my Single Six 22LR/22 Mag Convertible. These grips look so much better on it. The fit is perfect, and they look and feel great. Delivery from Ruger was very quick. Now it matches the look of my Bisley Single Action .22 LR.
- Al, WV
EXCELLENT 6/29/2022
These fit my Vaquero perfectly. Ordered them and in less than a week, they arrived. Finish and fit are PERFECT, and at a GREAT price too.
Wrangler 4/27/2022
I ordered these grips for my Wrangler. It did take almost three weeks to receive them. I think the delays are primarily due to the lacking work force. I have always gotten excellent service from Ruger. These grips are exactly as advertised. The fit and feel is perfect. I do like the original grips but wanted the wood look. I am very satisfied with the wood grips and my Wrangler. Thank you Ruger.
- Mike M, TX
Terrific!! 4/23/2022
I ordered the Rosewood grip inserts w/o lock for my new Ruger Silver Wrangler. The fit is perfect, the feel is solid, secure and comfortable. The Rosewood grips are a little thicker than the original plastic grips giving the Wrangler a better feel and control. They are highly recommended.
- Walter, NJ
Perfect, look great 4/23/2022
Fit perfect and feels better when shooting. Larger than original. Great product
- Tim R, OH
New grips for Wrangler 4/19/2022
I was looking for new grips for my Wrangler and these are very nice. Fit and finish are excellent. Color really stands out on my black Wrangler. These were on sale for about half price which made it and easy choice!
- Curly, WA
Excellent 4/6/2022
The look, fit and feel of these grips on my wrangler is excellent and my order was received in only 6 days. Very happy.
Richer Look 3/4/2022
Great fit and finish, a bit larger than the factory black plastic grips, which now fits my hands perfectly. Also makes the gun looks like its $300 more expensive than it is.
Fit perfectly, looked great, shipped and delivered promptly, and at a good price.............thanks!!
new grips look great 2/4/2022
ordered grips on 2/1/22 got them on 2/4/22. Look great on black wrangler
- john, VA
Perfect 12/11/2021
I don't know why other people had such a problem. Order was exactly as pictured, and fit perfectly. Sure make the gun look more expensive than it was. I would sure order again.
- Bob Brown, MI
Much richer look! 11/29/2021
I bought these for my all black Wrangler to match another revolver of mine. I was hesitant to get anything but walnut, but I liked the pictures. I’m glad I chose these ones. They grips are beautiful, smooth, and thicker than the original plastic grips. They feel very nice and give my Wrangler a much richer look! Shipping was pretty quick too!
received these today to replace some fat, bulky walnut grips on a new model Blackhawk in 45 lc I purchased from a neighbor recently. these went on without any trouble. the looks and feel of these new grips are more than I expected. I am very pleased with this purchase. They came in very short order, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new set.
- michael Morrison, FL
Fits my 70s Single Six perfectly 11/19/2021
I ordered this set of grips form my 70s era Single Six. I was concerned that they may not fit well... but they fit perfectly. The character of the wood grain is beautiful. They also shipped with a grip screw I was concerned because it wasnt mentioned in the description, so they went right on & Im good to go. Overall Im very happy!
Very happy. 10/10/2021
Ordered and received in less than two weeks. And the fit was perfect, and was pleased with the color and feel. And would recommend this product. And I would buy again.
- Bob, MI
Great Upgrade 10/6/2021
These grips arrived in 23 days, fit my Wrangler perfectly, and are just like the ones pictured in the add. The grain and color of the rosewood is beautiful. They are a bit thicker than the stock plastic grips and pleasingly fill my hand. Could not be more pleased!
- Ken, TN
Hooray! Finally got them 8/16/2021
Just wanted to follow up and let Ruger and everyone know that the grips arrived. Was it worth the wait? Yes! They are rather beautiful on the Wrangler. Fatter than the plastic and feels good in your hand. Thanks to the staff at Ruger. Y’all did Cowboy up in the long run. I also ordered the holster and cartridge cowboy belt!
- Dave Jones, GA
Still waiting 8/5/2021
They look real pretty. I ordered these grips on 6/20/21. It’s now 8/5/21 and still haven’t gotten them yet. Ruger needs to cowboy up and make and ship these ASAP. I realize all this COVID crap has put everything behind, but damn! Ruger is an American firearm company and I have several so come on Ruger! Cowboy up!
- Dave Jones, GA
Great Grips! 7/11/2021
Bought them for my Wrangler, but they look really nice on my 1981 era Single Six. Bought another set foe the Wrangler.
- John Gerwin, TX
Perfect Fit on New Model Blackhawk 6/28/2021
It took all of 5 minutes to take off the old plastic grips and install these. They fit perfectly, with absolutely no problems mounting them. Improved the look of my New Model Blackhawk 100%.
- Chuck, AL
Rosewood Grips 3/11/2021
Super upgrade to Wrangler. Rosewood against the black Wrangler really looks great, big improvement
- Mike, OH
Bought for my RUGER WRANGLER 1/16/2021
I have purchased 2 sets of these grips : 1 for my Dads Wrangler and 1 for mine. Both pair fit each WRANGLER LIKE A GLOVE. The fit is perfect especially considering the WRANGLER is a less expensive gun. It just goes to show the quality RUGER BUILDS INTO their Firearms and Accessories. Also, the GRIPS take a $200 gun and make it look like an $800 gun. Yes they are beautiful. I highly recommend them. 10 out of 10.
Great grips and great service! 1/13/2021
Ordered these on 1/6/2020 to replace the black plastic grips on my Wrangler. Received them on 1/12/2020. Thats super fast shipping! The grips are fantastic quality. Fit and finish were perfect!
- Herman McCall, TX
Great addition! 12/3/2020
These grips look awesome on my new Wrangler. Perfect fit and easy to install.
Good deal at 20% off! 11/16/2020
Grips look good. I needed to flatten them a little by rubbing them against a piece of fine sandpaper on a sheet of glass. Once I did that they fit with no gaps and no movement. I wish the screw inserts were black though. For the money I am satisfied.
- Steve Z, PA
Outstanding Grips 10/16/2020
Purchased for my Wrangler Look Great Wider than the plastic grips feel great!!!! Very Happy with the purchase!!!
- R K, PA
Perfect for 40 yr old New Single Six 10/11/2020
These grips were a little darker than pictured, but still really dress up this old revolver! Grips are also a little thicker, give the pistol a real big gun feel. Mine is a .22 LR. Recommend them highly!
- Hank M., AZ
Rosewood Grips 9/20/2020
Unlike other reviewers comments about color, the grips i received were a beautiful rosewood color. They were very easy to install once I retrieved the correct screwdriver. They really improve the look and feel of the gun. I could not be happier with the purchase.
- John R, WA
Rosewood Grips 5/21/2020
The grips i received are almost black. The Ruger emblem and the grips shape are the only things that match the picture. They fit my Wrangler perfect, but I would have liked them much better if you could see the wood grain. Like I said, they are almost black. If you are expecting the grips pictured, youre going to be disappointed.
- Larry Jones, AL
Super! 4/10/2020
These wood grips are so much better than the plastic ones that were OEM on the Wrangler. I have better control shooting with these grips even tho they tend to be fatter than the plastic. Happy with the modification👍
- Fred Mertz, IN
Nice addition 4/10/2020
I put these on my wrangler, and the look is much better than the stock plastic ones. Top fit and quality. The Ruger logo is a nice touch.
Wow! 4/7/2020
WHAT a difference these grips made with my Wrangler! This now FEELS like a Single Action Army plinker! I think they fit better than the original plastic. I have FAR more control. Somewhere Custer is smiling because he knows NO can is safe 😆These grips ROCK✌
- Rex Frew, KY
Wrangler Rosewood Grips 3/4/2020
Got these to replace the plastic ones on my Wrangler. Absolutely beautiful grips and make my Wrangler look fantastic. They add a little thickness, but that just fits my hand even better.
- Jamie, NC
Great product 2/24/2020
beautiful replacement for my new Wrangler. took less than 5 mins. to install. perfect fit
Beautiful grips. 10/15/2019
Bought these to replace the cheap plastic grips that come from the factory on my new Wrangler. The fit is excellent, even better than the supplied plastic grips. The finish is beautiful, and the wood grain compliments the vintage look of the Wrangler. These grips are thicker than the originals and fill the hand nicely.
- A H, MI
Single Action Rosewood Grips w/o lock 10/9/2019
first, these grips are beautiful, but I think theyre darker than advertised.
- Ray Beasley, GA
dark grips 10/9/2019
dont get me wrong, the grips are beautiful but I think they are much darker than shown.
- Ray Beasley, GA
Wrangler Grips/Rosewood w/o lock 10/4/2019
nice grips, but way, way darker than they show
- Ray Beasley, GA
Wrangler Grips/Rosewood w/o lock 10/1/2019
way, way darker than picture shows.
Perfict fit 9/15/2019
Look great very nice
- Pete, MI
Nice grips! 9/15/2019
I bought these grips to replace the checkered black plastic grips that came on my blued steel New Model Single-six. These grips just really enhance the looks of my revolver. Fit is very nice and adds a little width which is nice for my larger hands. Well worth the money.
- Bill P, IA
Very nice grips 2/15/2019
I have a 40 y.o..357 Blackhawk with the XR3-RED frame. It took a bit of fitting but these grips look great. After doing some research, I think I may have ordered the wrong grips.
Nice grip set but a but bit too thick 11/30/2018
Installed on a blued New Model Single Six and fit, quality are good. These are a nice compliment to this revolver rather than the black plastic. But, they are thicker than the plastic grip panels equal to some S&W grips I have. Some may object to that. Gives this revolver a big gun feel.
Perfect fit 7/21/2017
Grips fit perfect and look very nice on my New Model Blackhawk! They took about 2 minutes to install. PLEASE make sure you read the description of item thoroughly to make sure you are purchasing the correct one for your firearm. I will be making another purchase from for my other Rugers.
Ruger Blackhawk grips for my 41 magnum 6.5 inch barrel 3/16/2017
bought these grips for my blackhawk manufactured in 2013 at first they would not go on the pin holes in the lower grip frame were not large enough so i got a slightly larger drill bit 11/64ths i believe took the bit and put it in a pair of vice grips and just reamed the hole out by hand then they installed perfectly wish they still used the walnut grips rosewood is pretty to
- Joe Busch, OR
Poor quality materials and fit. Returned for a refund.
Sonny & Cher
Excellent Fit !! 2/17/2017
These grips fit excellent on my model 0306 revolver. I liked the black plastic grips that came with the firearm, but these grips take it to a whole new level. Took less than 5 minutes to install, with NO modifications whatsoever. Extremely happy with the quality, fit and finish.
Huge improvement 1/8/2017
I just purchased a new New Model Ruger Blackhawk in December, 2016. The model number is 0306. Sweet gun but the stock plastic grips are just awful. Youd think it would be easy to figure out which grips to buy. Not so much. After reading the reviews here and the disclaimers in the grip product descriptions I became confused and contacted Ruger Customer support for guidance. I told the support rep what I had purchased new model 0306, 6.42 barrel, etc., and that I was having trouble determining which grip to order at He told me the grips offered on are NOT compatible with the new guns. This made no sense to me because they specifically come up when you click the 0306 accessories link on the website. I decided to do my own research. Most of it caused me to become more confused. But eventually, I found this Ruger forum link which helped light the way: Make sure to scroll all the way down to the see the illustrations. The author of this post claims that, despite the wide variety of Blackhawk frames Ruger has used over the years, there are only three types of grips. My stock plastic grips matched the XR3-RED illustration. I took a chance and ordered these rosewood grips. They fit perfectly and feel great. No sanding, reaming, or similar modifications required. The only reason I cant go 5 stars here is that I think Ruger can do a much better job of helping buyers predict Blackhawk grip compatibility. Hope this helps.
Tim C
Perfect Fit 3/22/2016
fit my Blackhawk in 45 Colt perfectly. It looks much better with wood than the plastic that came with it.
- Dave, MD
Fit perfectly 3/21/2015
Grips were a perfect fit with no woodwork necessary. Just what I needed since I was replacing an older 45 that was stolen. I only regret that Ruger stopped selling them with wooden handles and now sells them with the cheap looking and horrible feeling plastics.
- Marc, MS
Nice Grips 12/27/2014
Purchased a pair of these grips for my Blackhawk and they are much nicer than the black plastic grips that came with the revolver. I had them installed in about five minutes - perfect fit!
Great grips...After Modification 9/10/2014
I ordered these grips to replace the black plastic grips that came on my Ruger New Model Blackhawk convertible .45 Colt/.45ACP. When I tried to install them the hole in the grip panel that fits over the roll pin in the frame was off by just enough to prevent the grip from fitting. After some research I found this is a very common problem for this grip, but one that could be solved with some judicious work with a Dremel tool. So to avoid the hassle of returning them I enlarged the hole just enough for the grips to fit and am very happy with the result.
- Alan, MN
Grips for 1978 New Model Blackhawk .357 9/9/2014
Grips look great!!! Only problem for me is they seem to be a bit thicker than original. Supplied screw was same size as original, but was a bit short. Was able to squeze the grips enough for the screw to barely hold.
- oldgeezerdcl, IN
Grate Fitting Grips On New Vaquero .45 6/24/2014
These grips fit my New Vaquero .45 cal perfectly! It looks like an entirely different revolver. I would recommend these to anyone with the New Vaquero!
- Tim Olk, CA
bad grips 5/7/2014
wont fit what the say the will. wont buy anouther pair
- roger peach, TN